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Sunday, June 4, 2006

   Hellou dudes!x}
Hey everyone!I've been planning to write here almost every day,but then I forget it or my bro's at the computer(as usual)...But now I have time to up-date a little,'cause I'm downloading a game at the same time.^.^ It's "Maple Story".Anyone ever plyed it?I've only seen pictures,but I got interested and wanna try it out.^.^ only 20% and 25 minutes to download...-.- Anyways,I downloaded some Fan Art to my portfolio,you can check them out,if you want to.But I'm gonna update that Ice Pixie picture as soon as I get to toutch with my friend that can do some background to it.^.^ Hope you like 'em!^.^


As always,I don't have that much to tell.I'm going to see M:I:III tonight,'cause my dad booked up the tickets to the whole family yesterday.First I wanted to go see it,but now I'm having doubts about it...But there's no turning back now.Let's just hope it's not too boring for me...T.T Oh yeah!THANK YOU EVERYONE!<3I've got 500 hits!YaY!^.^ I'm gonna draw something for a whole 500,but we'll see later.^.^ And I have one problem,btw...I have 1 unread PM,but it doesn't show up in the mail box,so I can't read it!T.T It's really annoying,'cause it shows that it's there,unread,but I can't read it!>.<


Anyone else who's on summer holiday?Well I am!W00t!^.^ But I'm kinda sad...I won't see my crush anymore,'cause he's one year older than me,so he won't be in our school anymore.*Sniff!* Not fair...!x.X But now I think I gotta go up-date in Quizilla,too,so SAYONARA!^.^

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