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Hey im a black guy (just thought you wanted to know) and im the greatest person you would ever see!As you can see by my avatar Im a huge NaruxHina fan.They are my two most favorite characters in the whole show!Im more of an author than an artist as you can see in my post im currently working on a Naruto fanfic check the archives if you want to catch up with the storyline. My best friends Ima_loser_baby and uniquesideeffect they are my senseis! check them out!. i hope you become my friend and ill be sure to check your site as well and vote on everyones stuff. and pay my girlfriend SailorStormy a visit shes the sweetest girl ever i dont know what i would do without her......speaking of which ill post as much as i can for all my fans and more....Happy January of 2008! *eats cake*

Monday, January 14, 2008

Token's funny pics of the day!
Hiya everyone its me Token! Sorry I havent posted in a while but me and Naruto have exams this wk. We have to prepare for them so I probably wont be able to comment and/or post anything in this busy week but i will try! And that's a promise! ^_^

Anyway me and my roommate Naruto have started a lil sumthing for ourselves and that's choosing two funny anime related pictures! and we have a chart for it too follow the chart or else! O_O

Mondays--Naruto pix
Tuesdays--Bleach pix
Wednesdays--Deathnote pix
Thursdays--One piece pix
Fridays--Otaku choice *meaning a poll will be held on Thursday for a pic on Friday*
Saturday--Best of the week! *whichever day has the most comments those pics will be reposted with a bonus pic from that category*
Sunday--..............*sleep sleep*

You get the idea already so without further ado me and Naruto have selectly chose two pics. Hope you love them as much as we did. ^_^

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