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Friday, January 11, 2008

Naruto: The Epic Adventure!
Here it is!!! My biggest chapter yet! this one is full of twists and turns!


Naruto slowly awoke ontop of a hospital bed but this wasn't any hospital he has ever been in.

Naruto looked around the dark and beeping room. The beeping room of a heart monitor sounded stable. Naruto wondered who was hooked up to that thing, but there was curtain sheets on both sides of his bed. Naruto laid back in his bed and relaxed his body. He was covered in bandages from head to toe, and he wore a black hospital gown. His long black headband laid

folded on his lap. Since his head was pounding, Naruto unconsciously tied on the headband on his neck like Hinata ontop of the necklace of Tsunade's. Suddenly Naruto heard a conversation going on behind the door. It was muffled by the heart monitor and the door in the way. It

seemed to be multiple people but Naruto laid back down. Then the door slowly opened as Naruto threw the covers over him pretending to be asleep.

Jirayia flicked on the lights as Tsunade slowly shoke the "sleeping" Naruto awoke.

"Hey Naruto are you awake?" Tsunade asked.

"Yeah, where am I?"

"You are in the underground bunker we use in times of war. You're just in the hospital section." Jirayia said.

Naruto's memories came rushing back. "Where's Sasuke!"

Tsunade put her finger to her mouth to signal him to be quiet. "Shhh....they are asleep!"

Naruto had a confused look. "They?"

Jirayia and Tsunade went behind separate curtains and pulled them back. The left curtain revealed Sasuke bandaged up to his neck. Naruto looked at Sasuke. "Don't worry the jutsu was a success although he recieved a beating......i wonder why?" Jirayia said.

Naruto rubbed his head and chuckled. Naruto looked at the right side and his eyes lit up. "It

can't be! Hinata!" Naruto looked at the sleeping Hinata. "I can't believe it! She's alive!"

Naruto saw that it was her hooked up to the heart monitor.

Tsunade smiled. "The blow near the heart cause her heart to have a attack and cause a temporary coma. She's fine now." Naruto smiled from ear to ear. "But i noticed something.....I had to save four lives today."

Naruto looked around but didn't see anymore hospital beds. "What are you talking about Granny?"

Tsunade smirked. "Figured the dimwit wouldn't get it already."

Naruto got annoyed. "Spit it out already!"

Tsunade heard a knock at the door and she opened and Sakura and all the other chunins came in with flowers. "Good the more the merry! Everyone needs to hear this!"

"Stop playing around Grandma!" Naruto snarled. "Who's the fourth guy?"

Sasuke and Hinata slowly awoke to all the commotion. "What's going on here?" Sasuke asked.

Tsunade put her finger on Naruto's forehead. "Our favorite knucklehead here is going to be a dad."

Everyone had blank stares on their faces. "What!!"

Tsunade giggled and smiled. "Yep Naruto and Hinata are going to have a child together!"

Sakura got excited and hugged a completely shocked Naruto. "Congratulations Naruto! You're going to have a little Naruto running around pretty soon." Naruto fainted.

After a while, Naruto woke up to Hinata in his face. "Naruto-kun are you ok?"

"Yeah I had the weirdest dream." Naruto said.

Hinata giggled. "Nope no dream. I'm actually pregnant."

Naruto smirked and mentally kicked himself. "I'm sorry the shock of you being pregnant really

took me by surprise there. I'm actually happy for us." Hinata hugged Naruto. "Oww ow ow!"

Hinata quickly let go. "Sorry Naruto!"

"Well speaking of family, I think it's time to tell you of your own family" Jirayia said.

Naruto stood up excited. "What is it Pervy Sage! Tell me!"

"Well I was your father's sensei."

"Wow! My dad's sensei huh? Man you are really old!"

A vein appeared in Jirayia's head. "Yes I am"

Naruto frowned. "Wait......if you knew my parents why wait till now to tell me?"

"Well it was who your father were that the Village Elders will try to keep it secret from you."

Jirayia pulled out a long white sleeveless trench coat with red flames at the bottom perfectly folded and laid it down on Naruto's lap and took out a picture from his back pocket and laid it there.

Naruto picked up the picture and gasped. He looked at the trench coat and back at the picture.

"No way!" Naruto's eyes were wide with shock. He couldn't stop shaking.

Hinata grabbed Naruto and tried to get him to calm down. "Naruto-kun what's wrong?"

Naruto stopped shaking and seem to stare off into space holding the picture. Hinata took the picture from his hands and looked at it. "Oh my god!" Hinata grabbed her mouth as she fell back onto her bed.

Everyone was confused now. Sakura took the picture and looked at it with Sasuke. They both drew faces of shock and didn't say a thing. They were speechless. Kiba and Kohaki looked at the picture and they both covered each other's mouths. Neji and Tenten looked at the picture. Neji gasped as Tenten looked at the picture and looked at Naruto repeatedly multiple times. Shino and Ino looked at the picture. "Holy Cripes!!! That's Naruto's dad!" Ino blurted out. Shino fainted. Shikamaru and Temari looked at the picture and they both stared at Naruto and didn't move. Choji took the picture and looked at it with his wife Yuki. Choji choked on the barbecue he was eating and Yuki did the heimlich manuever on him.

Sakura stared at Jirayia. "Are......are.....you.....serious....he out of all people?"

Jirayia chuckled. "Yep Minato Uzumaki.......the famous fourth hokage." Jirayia put his hand on Naruto's shoulder. "I know what you are thinking and you are wrong. Your parents wanted

the best for you. They wanted you to be a great shinobi with values and honest morals and I think you do that flawlessly. Although you get the dimwittedness from your father." Jirayia laughed.

Naruto took the picture again and looked at it. It was the fourth hokage wearing the same sleeveless trench coat with a long violet haired woman holding a blonde haired baby. Naruto clenched his sheets. "Pervy Sage.......what was my mother like?"

Jirayia smiled. "The most beautiful woman ever and the smartest. She was the most pure of all the girls in the Leaf Village. She had the biggest crush on your father and the fact they were on separate teams kinda held them apart for a few years but it all worked out in the end."

Naruto sneaked a smile. Jirayia pulled out a book with the words "The Adventures of Naruto".

Naruto tilted his head and looked at it. "What is this?"

"It was supposed to be my autobiography but i didn't use my real name so I used a random name I thought of at a ramen shop one day and i let your parents read it for some constructive criticism and they loved it. I thought it was dull and boring. Minato said it was like some kind of handbook for the perfect shinobi. It was the exact same type of Leaf shinobi they wanted. One that would change the Leaf Village forever and become Hokage." Jirayia said.

Suddenly everyone remembered all those times Naruto had been a determined and willing shinobi. "One day I'm going to be Hokage! And the Village will start to respect me and treat me like I'm somebody!" Everyone smiled except Sasuke. He looked at Naruto and smirked.

"This has just gotten more interesting." He chuckled.

"Wait if you named me, that makes you my godfather right? Ahh crap! The most perverted guy in the world is my guardian!" Naruto grabbed his head. Everyone laughed. Jirayia pouted.

"But the fox....."

"Minato wanted you to be a hero and he was thinking if his son could contain the fox spirit then not only would the entire country be saved but his son's name would forever be revered as a hero. So he did the Reaper Death Seal Jutsu on you and the fox but it cost him and his wife Kushina both his lives." Jirayia really didn't like telling Naruto that. Hinata sat beside Naruto.

"I'm so sorry Naruto-kun."

"It's ok Hinata......at least I know everything now." Naruto held up his fist as everyone looked at it. Naruto opened his palm as a Rasengan in it. "So this is my father's jutsu....." Naruto chuckled.

Tsunade looked at it. "That explains how he could master it so fast."

Naruto shook his head. "Nope, it was all hard work and determination with the will to never

give up. My Nindo. My Ninja way. Just like my parents would want me to do." Naruto
dissipated the Rasengan and clenched his fist. "And don't worry.....I will be the world's greatest shinobi and become Hokage!"

Hinata hugged Naruto. "And your child will follow in your footsteps."

Naruto laughed. "Of course darling." Naruto kissed her and stroked her hair.

Everyone smiled as it seemed the nightmare was finally over. Sasuke didn't deter his look from Naruto. He had made a decision. "Naruto." Naruto looked at Sasuke. "Don't be taking that title yet.....cause I'm running for Hokage as well!" Naruto was shocked. "Don't think just because since you're the hokage's son you can just waltz right up and take it."

Naruto chuckled. "Wouldn't have it any other way, Sasuke."

Naruto and Sasuke playfully punched each other's fist but grabbed them in pain. "Oww ow ow!"

Everyone snickered and laughed at thier burning rivalry.

~End of Chapter 27~

Preview: Well six months have passed and the Village is almost rebuilt thanks the Sand and Cloud Villages. This place is booming once again! What Granny Tsunade? A match? With who? Sasuke for the title of Jonin? Of course! This will be the chance to finally prove to everyone that I'm better than Sasuke! But I have to do something first! Where's Hinata?


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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

   Adventures of NaruToken!
Writez this down! Check out my site tomorrow for the exciting history making chapter! Every one already knows whos Naruto's dad.......pretty easy to figure out but no one had the balls....(thats rite i said balls!)...to write down and explain the whole situation then post it on myotaku! Booyah! Im the first! And dont worry i checked! So no hating on me tomorrow you should have thought of it first!

Anyway......Preview time of this Saturday's Naruto episode! This pictures should give everyone an idea.

Token's funny pics of the day! I found these just laying around and I just started something for everyone!

Have a Nice Day!!!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

   Naruto: The Epic Adventure!


Multiple Shadow clones attacked Orochimaru in Sasuke's body. Orochimaru activated the Sharingan and as the pupil wheels spin, Orochimaru made his move into the huge crowd of Narutos. Slashing and swinging the katana around taking out clones left and right as he kept running and running through the tough crowd. He finally set his eyes on the one Naruto outta the crowd. Orochimaru stabbed that Naruto in the heart and twisted the katana for added punishment.

Orochimaru smirks. "I know which one is the real you thanks to the Sharingan!"

Naruto throws up blood and smirks as well. "Don't get too happy asshole!" Naruto poofs away.

Orochimaru is startled. "A clone! He perfectly channeled his chakra and made perfect clones so i couldn't tell which one was the real one!"

Five clones slide and kick Orochimaru into the air chanting "NA-RU-TO!" More clones jump up and kick Orochimaru further and further up into the air. "2K!" Finally the real Naruto pops up and gathers up a ton of strength and kicks Orochimaru back to the ground. "UZUMAKI BARRAGE!" Orochimaru crashes head first into the ground. Naruto lands on his feet and smiles.

Orochimaru starts to twitch and the Heaven curse mark starts to spread over. Orochimaru stands up and moves his neck to get the kinks out. "Is that the best you can do? Pathetic!" Orochimaru laughs. Naruto gets mad and orders his clones to attack Orochimaru head on. Clones came from left and right and up above and completely surrounded Orochimaru and repeatedly stabbed Orochimaru with kunai but something was wrong. As soon as the clones attacked Orochimaru covered himself in an electrical aura. "Chidori Shield!" The sound of birds filled the air as a large shield of electricity and chakra was exerted from his body and destroyed any clone who was in proximity of its destruction. Naruto's clone army was cut down dramatically till only a few were left standing.

"Crap! He took out most of my clones without even trying! Now what!" Naruto stood in a stand off with Orochimaru as he and the last of his clones tried to form a plan. The wind blew leaves everywhere and one landed on Naruto's cheek. Naruto took the leaf off of his face and held it in his right palm. The wind blew away that leaf and Naruto saw the old tattoo in his palm. Jirayia once drew a tattoo of a swirl to help Naruto contain the power of the Rasengan but Naruto used a leaf symbol instead. "Wind.....Rasengan...." Naruto looked at the Hokage mountain faces especially the fourth hokage. "You should know how to drop a hint don't you?" Naruto ordered his clones near him as he put up his right hand outward. Two clones began to use chakra to take the natural chakra from the wind and channel it into the rasengan and using the wind to spin it around and form a shuriken with a rasengan sphere in the middle.

Orochimaru was puzzled. "What does this boy have up his sleeve?"

Naruto grunted and clenched his teeth trying to contain the chakra. "Focus! Focus! Focus!" Suddenly the sphere glowed a sky blue light. "Yes!" The clones poofed away as soon as their job was done.

Orochimaru sensed that this was no ordinary attack. "This power! It's amazing!" Orochimaru used Sasuke's curse mark to transform into the level 2 state. Orochimaru put the katana back into its sheath and made a series of hand signs then held both of his hands out into a cup as a large Chidori appeared the side of a basketball. Orochimaru yelled a battle cry as black lightning coarsed from the Chidori.

Naruto let the fox start to take over as a red chakra outline appeared over Naruto's entire body resembling a fox with two tails.

Tsunade and Kakashi watched the power of these two indivduals reach its breaking point. Kakashi continued skimming through the scroll and finally found the body separation jutsu. Kakashi tried to signal Naruto to get his attention but it was useless. Naruto jumped up high into the air as did Orochimaru as he sprouted two freakish wings as well. Both was going for a head on collision. Both cocked their most powerful attacks back and struck at each other.



The attacks collided as powerful shockwaves rippled throughout the entire village. Debris flew everywhere as electricity and chakra rippled away from the attacks' stalemate. The Rasen Shuriken spun in a circle in blazing speed as the Heaven curse mark powered Chidori cackled louder and louder. Naruto and Orochimaru looked at each other with pure hatred in their eyes. The sheer willpower to never give up or give in pushed their attacks further to the edge. The limit that it could go. The attacks were so powerful that it couldn't contain the stalemate any longer as it imploded on them blowing them away in two different directions into countless buildings completely destroying them.

Tsunade and Kakashi shielded themselves from flying debris from the implosion. Once it subsided Tsunade and Kakashi looked at each other.

"I'll search for Naruto and you go find Orochimaru and get Sasuke's body back......" Tsunade frowned. "I just hope that they are still alive. Kakashi followed orders and left to find Orochimaru. Tsunade healed the hole in Hinata's chest and checked her pulse once again. Tsunade felt a bump and warmth from Hinata's cold body. "Oh thank goodness you're alive. No need to thank me." Tsunade was being real sarcastic. "Let's go find your boyfriend." Tsunade started to dash away but heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Lady Tsunade!" A girl's voice yelled.

"Is that....." Tsunade turned around and saw two recognizable figures. "Shizune! Sakura!"

The two stopped right beside her. "Tsunade! What's going on? We saw a flash of light and a explosion in the sky then next I noticed half of the village is missing. What the hell happened?"

"It's a long story...but Sakura I need you to go help Kakashi on the east side." Sakura was confused but she nodded and left in the opposite direction. "Shizune I need you to help me find Naruto." Tsunade dashed away with Hinata on her back and Shizune followed.

Later they found Naruto bleeding profusely from cuts and gashes all over his body in a large concave crater. Shizune picked him up but had some trouble. "God he's heavy!" Shizune lugged him on her shoulder.

"What did you expect? He can't be the little hyperactive kid forever." Tsunade said as she laughed at Shizune's discomfort. "Come on Let's get these two to a safe place." Tsunade and Shizune dashed away.

Meanwhile Sakura caught up with Kakashi and they found Sasuke in the same condition. "Sakura read the scroll." Sakura read the scroll's instructions as Kakashi followed the hand signs perfectly. Suddenly his hands became transparent and Kakashi put his hands into Sasuke's inner being and ripped out Orochimaru. Orochimaru was covered in slime and coughed up blood.

"It's the end of the line for you Orochimaru!" Kakashi stated.

Orochimaru coughed up more blood. "I don't think so." Orochimaru coughed again.

"Yeah it is. Your body can't sustain anymore without a new host to fill its place and now you're all washed up. It's over!" Kakashi said.

Kabuto dived out of nowhere and kicked Sakura in the head and sweep kicked Kakashi grabbing Orochimaru and running away. "Sorry I was late my lord but I was doing as you told me to stay out of your way until things looked bleak."

Orochimaru had a coughing fit. "No it's ok Kabuto. I underestimated that fox brat yet again. But I respect his resilence.....he beat me straight up....no holds barred and no holding back even though I was using his best friend for a host body."

"Yes my lord....that Naruto Uzumaki is a strong one but the leaf village is completely destroyed beyond belief. They can't possibly protect themselves now." Kabuto explained.

"I care not about the leaf village anymore.....I want that Naruto Uzumaki's head on a pike!" Orochimaru had another coughing fit.

"Do not worry Lord Orochimaru....just rest now." Kabuto reasurred Orochimaru.

"Thank you Kabuto. Your loyalty knows no bounds." Orochimaru passed out on Kabuto's back as they successfully escaped the Leaf Village to live for another day.

~End of Chapter 25~

Stay tuned for the next chapter as soon i post it. Please comment and leave what you think of it.

Preview of the next chapter:

Naruto: I whup Orochimaru's ass and he goes running with the tail between his legs. I knew he couldn't handle the Leaf Village's greatest shinobi of all time! Well Hinata and all my other friends are all ok. I'm just glad this nightmare is over! Huh? What Pervy Sage? You have something to show me? It's about my parents! What do you know about my mom and dad! Tell me! Tell me now! You perverted sage!


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Naruto: The Epic Adventure!
Before i post my next chapter i like to give a shout out to my girlfriend stormy. Shes getting better and i post this picture to celebrate that.

the reason i love this pairing so much is because it reminds me of me and stormy's real life relationship. I'm the dimwitted yet caring and loyal Naruto Uzumaki! She's the Shy yet strong and determined Hinata Hyuga! She's so sweet to me and now i dedicate this post to her! Get better sweetie!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Naruto: The Epic Adventure!

Jirayia was the first to attack but Naruto ducked the kick and backflipped away. Tsunade then came and threw a punch to Naruto's midsection. Naruto jumped and flipped over Tsunade's head in pure agility. Orochimaru in Sasuke's body attacked with Sasuke's katana. Naruto took a kunai knife and barely blocked it. The katana bore down on the small kunai. Orochimaru's strength was immmeasurable thanks to the young body of Sasuke, he forced Naruto to one knee. Orochimaru then smirked as an electrical aura surrounded the katana and it completely slicing the kunai in half and hitting Naruto in the cheek and abdomen. Naruto backed away and checked the cuts on his cheek and chest. They werent deep but painful.

"Was that the Chidori?" Naruto analyzed that aura. "Orochimaru used Sasuke's Chidori technique to strengthen his katana tenfold. As if this couldn't be any easier!" Naruto said sarcastically.

Jirayia bit his thumb and as it bled he flashed a fast combination of hand signs and slapped the ground. Black markings appeared and from it poofed a large toad with armor. The toad took a deep breath as its gut enlarged. Jirayia flashed more hand signs and his cheeks puffed up and he spat out a glob of black stuff. The toad spat out a fireball behind it.

Naruto's eyes widen in surprisal. "Oil! Fire! Equals bomb!" Naruto quickly jumped outta the way of the two colliding attacks as they exploded and took out a whole city block. Jirayia smirked at the damage thinking Naruto was dead but Naruto was up above him with Rasengan in hand. "Ok if you won't listen to reason, I'll pound you back to normal! Rasengan!" Just before the Rasengan hit Jirayia in the face, Tsunade grabbed Naruto and slammed him into the ground with all her strength. Naruto crashed into the ground and spat out globs of blood. His body was unresponsive no matter how hard he tried.

Orochimaru jumped up and was about to deliever the final blow to end Naruto's life. "Now die!!!"

Naruto closed his eyes. It was the end of the line for him. His life flashed before his eyes then darkness as Orochimaru struck. But Naruto didn't feel a thing. He patted his body to find the sword in his chest but it wasn't there but there was blood alright. Naruto opened his eyes deeply confused only to find a horrible event had taken place. "No!!!"

Hinata had jumped in the way of Orochimaru's blade as it went through her chest. Blood dripped out of the wound. Hinata threw up blood.

Orochimaru frowned deeply disappointed he didn't kill Naruto. "Stupid girl." Orochimaru pulled the blade out. Hinata squirmed at it and grabbed the hole in her chest. "I'm sorry did that hurt?" Orochimaru laughed as he backed away.

Hinata fell motionless into Naruto's arms. Hinata coughed up blood and look into Naruto's eyes. Tears flowed down Naruto's face. "Hinata.....why?"

Hinata coughed up blood again. "I did it to protect you......I didn't have enough time to do the rotation technique....it seemed hopeless but my body just moved...." Hinata used her hand to wipe Naruto's tears away and smiled. "Don't cry Naruto-kun. I believe you can be hokage one day cause.......I......I love...love" Hinata couldn't finish her sentence as she drifted off and her head tilted to the side eyes closed.

Naruto held and hugged Hinata closed to him and cried. "Hinata! No! Don't die! Don't die! I need you! I love you! Just please don't die on me!" Naruto deeply sobbed as tears hit Hinata's leaf headband wrapped around her neck. Memories of her and him clouded his mind. He couldn't believe she was really gone.

Orochimaru smirked. "Aww don't worry Naruto you will join her soon."

Naruto bowed his head and put Hinata's motionless body on the ground. "Shut up..."

Orochimaru got mad. "What did you say to me!"

Naruto's tears fell on Hinata's headband as red charka emitted a red aura around him. "I said....Shut the fuck up!!!!!" Naruto roared as soundwaves broke windows and crack buildings. Orochimaru watched the sheer power of Naruto as his wounds healed, his claws grew sharp, his fangs reached his chin, his hair grew fuzzy and unkept, his whiskers grew thicker and more beastlike, the demon fox eyes appeared with hatred in their stare. "I'm gonna kill you! I hope you like Hell cause thats where im sending you! You kill Hinata and ended her chance to fulfill her lifelong dream to change the way she was on the inside, to prove to everyone she was a faboulous shinobi but now she can't do that!!" Naruto got down on all fours and growled.

Kakashi appeared with the scroll in hand and watched in horror. "Oh no! Naruto finally lost it! I hope the seal holds up! or we are all in deep trouble!" Kakashi jumped down beside Naruto. "Calm down Naruto." Kakashi put his hand on Naruto's shoulder but Naruto smacked it away. Kakashi was shocked. "I'm sorry about Hinata but things like this happen all the time.......I'll lost a good friend too a long time ago."

Naruto blew up on Kakashi. "Spare me the fucking lecture! She's dead and all I care about is killing Orochimaru!"

Tsunade charged Naruto head on. Naruto ripped off the necklace Tsunade gave him 5 years ago and held it up. Tsunade stopped and stared at it. "Do you remember this Granny?" Tsunade grabbed her hand in pain. "I won this from you years ago." Jirayia then charged as well. Naruto held out his left hand and made a Rasengan. "Do you both remember this? The Rasengan!" Jirayia stopped and fell to his knees and clutched his head. "Try to remember me!" They were both fighting the effects of Orochimaru's brainwashing jutsu. "Please tell you remember......Grandma Tsunade! Pervy Sage!" Their own little nicknames hit them in the head as they both regained their senses.

"What's going on kid?" Jirayia asked.

"Yeah where are we?" Tsunade asked.

Naruto pointed to Orochimaru in Sasuke's body. "Him!"

They both looked and then everything came rushing back. "Now I remember....that snake Orochimaru!" Tsunade snarled. Tsunade then noticed Hinata's laying body. "Oh no! what happened here?" Tsunade ran and crouched besides Hinata's body and checked for a pulse.

Naruto began to tear up again. "It's no use Grandma.....she's gone......and now I'm going to kill Orochimaru once and for all!" Naruto put up his hand sign. "Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!" A million clones appeared surrounding Orochimaru in a huge circle. They were everywhere! Orochimaru looked around at the numerous transformed Naruto clones.

Tsunade took two fingers and placed it on Hinata's wrist and notices something. "Naruto wait!" Tsunade yelled towards Naruto but he didn't hear her cry as he was surrounded by clones as well.

Kakashi quickly opened the scroll and looked for the separation jutsu. Jirayia ran off to make sure all the surviving villagers were ok and safe as he would let them to the underground bunker.

Orochimaru looked at all the clones and smirked. "It doesn't matter how many you have! You are still dead!" Orochimaru activated the Sharingan and stood in a battle position with the katana.

Naruto and the clones stood in all fours and prepared to strike. "Like I said.....I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Naruto and his million clones said in a demonic voice. 20 clones jumped up and attacked Orochimaru head on. Only the death of Orochimaru could satisfy Naruto's thirst for blood. Hinata was etched into his mind........She was going to be avenged one way or another.

~end of chapter 24~

stay tuned to this site for the next exciting chapter!


*and for those who dont know the Rasen Shuriken attack thats the attack below*

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Adventures of NaruToken!
todays not a good day for Naruto everyone. He has to start off the new year 2008 today on his show fighting his best friend Sasuke on national television. And im making him fight Sasuke in my story today as well. Hes in a sour mood. *walks over to Naruto in the corner* Hey man it will be ok.

Naruto: Come on Token, you seen all the episodes in Japanese! You know whats going to happen! *sulks*

Token: Well we will keep it a secret and let the nice Naruto fans find out for themselves ok? Naruto?

Naruto: Whatever. *turns around and slumps in corner*

Token: Come on man! it will all be alright. I mean we have work to do.

Naruto: Fine. *gets up and walks to set* Im ready now Token lets just get over with before the show comes on.

Token: ok ill be rite there! *turns to everyone* he will be ok everyone. dont worry about him ^_^ just watch the show today and wish Naruto luck ok! ill post the story later today. Peace! I'm out!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

   Adventures of NaruToken!
Hey i guess my day was ok. The first day back was weird. I didn't feel like i was into it. I felt completely confused and misguided. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I must be on a male period or something....O_O....

Stormy couldn't come back to school and she won't come tomorrow. But i am happy to know shes slowly progressing and getting better. I want to thank Frownz, Unique and Loser for keeping my head together when things look bleak.

I wonder if im forgetting something.....*thinks*......*rubs chin* hmmm....what is it?........*light bulb on top of head* oh yeah! Naruto get in here!

Naruto: *Naruto walks in* Yeah Token?

Token: Did you even check the weather out there! Its freezing balls out there!

Naruto: Yeah no kidding! Hinata made me a hot cup of hot chocolate! *drinks hot chocolate*

Token: Where's mine?

Naruto: O_O..........uhhh......*looks at cup*

Token: ............................

Naruto: Sorry Token. I'm drinking it....

Token: That's ok Naruto *pulls out bowl of ramen*

Naruto: Where did you get that!

Token: Hinata made us ramen and i guess i'm kinda eating yours! *laughs and walks away*

Naruto: Grr! I'll get you back one day Token! That's not funny!

Token: Whatever you say Naruto! *eats ramen* Just be ready for chapter 24 tomorrow! *closes bedroom door*

Naruto: *sighs* No respect for the future hokage. No respect at all. *looks up and reads post* O_O Did that post just say Token had a male period? Anywoo.................Frownz! I'm sorry about the window. >_< it was all token's fault! Anyway I will personally fix it tomorrow! I promise! with Token's gift card that he uses for emergencies only ^_^

Token: I heard my name Naruto!

Naruto: Oh nothing Token! *whispers* I told you I would get you back. Muhahahahahahahah...*cough cough* I need a cough drop.....*walks away*

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Naruto: The Epic Adventure!

Hinata and Neji ran inside the once heavily guarded Anbu Black Ops Headquarters. Kakashi knew about it because he was a former Black Ops member himself for the Village Hidden in the Rain. It was adbandoned because all the Black Ops ninja were out defending the village so Orochimaru's brainwashed minions decided to set up camp here. Hinata and Neji took a left down the hall. Hinata made a hand sign. "Byakugan!" Hinata's x-ray vision zoomed ahead till she found familiar chakras hanging by chains. "I found Guy-sensei and the others Neji!"

"Great! Now look for anyone else." Neji ordered.

Hinata looked around and found Lee, Tenten and Sakura standing zombie like guarding the prisoners. "I found Lee, Tenten and Sakura. They seem to be under Orochimaru's contol."

"Oh great! Now what? How are we to save the Jonin without getting into a confrontation with our friends?" Neji asked.

Hinata thought it out. "I think I know how. Let's use the full extent of our clan's abilties."

Neji couldn't believe what he just heard. "Are you kidding! We could kill them!"

"No trust me it will work! We use that move my father taught you." Hinata argued back.

Neji's eyes widen. "You want to do that technique? but if we miss by an inch we instantly kill them!"

"Have faith Neji! Just like Naruto-kun." Hinata said with a sense of determination.

Neji looked into her eyes and saw that she was serious. Neji closed his eyes and smirked. "Naruto you still have better eyes than me. Ok Hinata we will do it."

Hinata and Neji walked up the prison room door. They silently peered through it and scanned the room. Once they surveyed the room they put their hands together in similar hands signs. The veins around their eyes bulged as their pupils grew wider. "Byakugan!" Time seemed to slow down as they stepped through the guarded prison. Sakura attacked first and Hinata dodged the punch and took two fingers to specifically hit chakra points in Sakura's body. Tenten appeared out of nowhere and attacked Neji from behind. Thanks to the 360 degree vision of the Byakugan, Neji saw it coming and attacked Tenten's chakra point in her left collarbone and she felt unconscious in Neji's arms. Neji placed Tenten on the ground and prepared to take on Lee but he was gone. Suddenly he popped up in front of Neji and punched him in the gut and kicked him in the chest. Neji fell to the ground and noticed that Lee's bandages were unwrapped halfway on his arms.

"Oh man! he opened the first gate already! I better make this quick!" Neji ran towards Lee and got into a scuffle with as the two traded blows.

Hinata saw this and took the opportunity to finish it. She jumped and flipped over the two and landed behind Lee and poked his chakra point in the upper right abdomen. Lee fell to his knees. Neji watched the effort Lee put up as he got back up.

"It's the Lotus! He can switch chakra points in any part of his body! Keep attacking!" Neji yelled. Lee threw a kick at Neji but Neji caught it and poked his shin. Hinata poked the neck chakra point. Lee fell down again and struggled to move. Neji walked up to Lee. "I'm sorry we had to do it Lee." Lee struggled to his feet and held out his hand in his trademark position. Neji remember that unconsciousness at the chunin exams when Lee lost to Gaara but even though he was unconscious his soul and spirit wouldn't give up. Lee fell backwards passed out. Hinata ran and grabbed the keys and unlocked the door and unlocked the chains on the Jonin.

"Ok we save you guys but I have something I must do to prove myself." Hinata said.

"Wait Hinata! It's too dangerous!" Neji said.

"I don't care! I'm going to help Naruto-kun!" Hinata argued.

Neji saw that determined stare again. "But I promised Naruto I would protect...."

"I'm fine." Hinata said. "But if i want to be a great shinobi, I won't run away! And I will never give up! That's my nindo! My ninja way!"

Neji could have sworn he just saw Naruto. But it was Hinata. The once timid and weak ninja acted like a strong warrior. Naruto had changed her alot. Kurenai saw the spirit that was alive in Hinata and smiled.

"Ok Hinata. Go! Go help Naruto." Neji said. "Just promise me you will be careful."

"Thanks Neji!" Hinata hugged Neji and ran but stopped at the door. "And note this I leave our friends in your care not as a order from the heir of the Hyuga clan but as a fellow ninja of the Leaf Village. When Naruto becomes Hokage and I take the throne, we will change the ways of the Hyuga clan." Hinata smiled and ran away.

Neji smirked. "Naruto.....you still have better eyes than I.......you save alot of people from the darkness." Neji turned around and tended to the Jonin and unconscious Chunin.

Meanwhile Naruto fought valiantly against Kabuto and Kabuto was on the edge of exhaustion. Kabuto panting losing more and more chakra.

"Man! Naruto has gotten better than I thought. Time for plan B." Kabuto thought as he ran upstairs to the Hokage office.

"Hey! Get back here!" Naruto ran after him but was stopped by Kakashi.

"Wait! Naruto! Do you have the scroll?" Kakashi asked.

"Yep! I got the right one like you asked Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto said happy it was the real Kakashi.

"Good! Let's take out Orochimaru for good!" Kakashi and Naruto ran upstairs and barged in the room.

Naruto looked at the two figures standing in front of the desk. "Granny Tsunade! Pervy Sage! Boy am i glad to see you guys!" Naruto noticed they were standing zombie like. "What's wrong you two?" Naruto held his hand in concern but Kakashi stopped him.

"It's too late. Orochimaru got to them." Kakashi said.

Naruto couldn't believe it. The Hokage office chair turned around and Orochimaru in Sasuke's body was in it. "Sasuke? What's going on here?"

Sasuke began to laugh. Naruto was really worried now.

"There is no Sasuke here. Only Orochimaru!" Sasuke said in Orochimaru's voice.

Naruto's eyes widen in surprisal. The words of Kimimaro rang in his head. "Immortality doesn't mean your flesh lives on as is....before the body decays another is needed as a vessel for the soul." Naruto got real angry.

"Calm down Naruto! Remember the plan!" Kakashi reminded Naruto.

"You two can't beat me! Naruto doesn't have the guts to kill me knowing his best friend's life is at stake!" Orochimaru stated.

Naruto frowned. He was right. "Curse you Orochimaru!"

Orochimaru smirked. "You're lucky Naruto. You get to witness the return of the world's greatest Shinobi team. The Great Sannin firsthand!" Orochimaru stood up and snapped his fingers. Jirayia charged and punched at Naruto. Naruto blocked the punch but Tsunade came and attacked as well from Naruto's blind spot. Naruto turned around but it was too late. Her blow sent him crashing through the window halfway across the Village. He crashed on the ground.

"Naruto!" Kakashi grabbed and protected the scroll as he escaped after the scuffle and went to find Naruto.

Orochimaru laughed an evil laugh. "I will not be deny this time! I AM GOD NOW!!!!"

"Yes Lord Orochimaru." Tsunade said bowing down as did Jirayia.

"Thanks you two. Let's go finish this brat once and for all!" Orochimaru ordered as they zipped away.

Naruto stood up from the ground throwing up blood. "Man Grandma knows how to throw a punch!" Naruto wiped the blood away from his lips and clutched his left arm it wasn't broken but in pain. His jacket ripped from the impact so he tied the sleeves around his waist. He had blood on his dirty white t-shirt. His face and arms had cuts that bled slowly. "How am i supposed to fight Orochimaru now?" Naruto was trying to catch his breath.

Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jirayia loomed closer to Naruto as the wind blew. Naruto's necklace he won from Tsunade laid on the ground. Naruto looked at it. "It must have fell off when i came crashing down." Naruto put it back on and tighten his headband. "Ok Orochimaru! It's time to end this!"

"I solely agree Naruto. It's time to end this and you!" Orochimaru shouted and the Sannin charged Naruto and pounced.

Naruto prepared himself with full intention to die in this battle. He was going to prove himself today as he put a defensive position. He was going to need a miracle to save him. He had no choice but to fight now.

~end of chapter~

stay tuned for Chapter 24


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Adventures of NaruToken!
Token: Hey everyone im back now. I hope Naruto has been a good boy. *looks around house* seems pretty clean. I wonder where he is? *looks around* Naruto! Hey roommate! where are you!

Naruto: *walks out of bathroom looking a mess* Hey youre back token!

Token: OMG! what happened to you?

Naruto: Kiba threw three parties in a row. One for New Years Eve another for New Years day and one just for the heck of it. Im bushed and very sick.

Token: Im sorry man. I understand. Kiba does throw some crazy ass parties.

Naruto: You have been gone for half a wk now! Is stormy ok? *Naruto grabs Token*

Token: >_< dude! you reek of throw up and beer! go take a shower!

Naruto: O_O oops! sorry! *runs to shower*

Token: *yells* if you must know shes fine for now. Hopefully she will get better.

Naruto: Thats great! *yells from shower* *screams*

Token: Whats wrong!

Naruto: Damn Kiba! He wrote penis lover on my forehead! He must have did it when i passed out. I never noticed it because i had on my headband! I'll kill him!

Token: LMAO!!!!!!!

Naruto: Its not funny!

Token: *holds gut cause it hurts from laughin*

Naruto: *growls* just do your damn post already!

Token: *slowly stops laughin* ok ok ill get to work on my story right now..........penis lover! *laughs even harder*

Naruto: DAMN YOU ALL!!!!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Naruto: The Epic Adventure!
NARUTO: *wakes up with hangover* ohhh.....my..head.....that was some party last night....Kiba sure knows how to throw a party......*falls out of couch* oww! *looks at shirt* Ewww! someone threw up on my shirt! *looks around* man! im still at Kiba's house and so is everyone else. *pulls lamp shade off of Jirayia's head* everyone must be knocked out. *steps quietly over to computer desk* crap! Tokens not back yet. I promised Token. *presses button on Kiba's laptop* ok its turning on. *blank screen* why isnt it working! *gets angry* i need an aspirin or something. *slaps self* Come on Naruto! Get your head in the game! *presses On button on Kiba's laptop. it turns on to the main screen* ok im in finally! *looks at screen and covers eyes* eww! Kiba! i didnt know you look at that stuff! anyway must do token's story today. *go to myotaku site and begins typing* man this is alot of work! *Sasuke and Sakura lay in each others arm passed out. Hinata slumped over in corner. Akamaru rolled over on the table. Kiba passed out in the kitchen with a funnel in his mouth and beer cans everywhere. Jirayia and Tsunade passed out beside each other. Shino passed out face first on table. Ino is throwing up in the bathroom. Neji passed out with the word penis written on his chin. Kiba did that. Tenten surrounded by a mountain of beer cans passed out. Pretty much everyone was shit-faced.* ok give me a sec. *Naruto grabs head in pain* i will post the next chapter later today after this hangover clears and this mess is cleaned up. Until then Im going to go buy some pills for everyone. Ok peace! and Believe it! *throws up on Kiba's laptop* Oh Crap! Just hurry back Token!
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