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Monday, July 23, 2007

Too much enthusiasm? *shot*

So, I decided to do a little overhaul to my site content again. As much as I love Kaori Yuki and her work, I can't stick with it forever as I love so many other things.

So what's new around here:
- New avatar
- A favorite quote at the top of the page as an introduction.
- And I finally registered on imeem so I could share my music with whoever visits. Please play my selections and enjoy =)

I finally started watching Full Metal Panic! last night. I know it's been up under what DVDs I'm watching for a couple of weeks already, but I suffered a bit of a burn-out, as well as getting caught up talking to people almost every night in some fashion (IRC and Skype mostly). Good thing I'm enjoying it, since my plan is still to watch all three FMP! series in order, back to back (to back).

In other news, I suppose I better come out and say this now, as it's fast approaching...

Saturday the 28th is my birthday o_O Another year gone by, and I'll be turning 26. I can feel it already, cresting that hill on the way down the mad free-fall toward the big 3-0... Holy crap where has the time gone!! ><

Well, until the next update

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Musical Interlude
It's just one of those days. Nothing much going on, nothing to say, except you feel the itch to post.

Today is my grandma's birthday. She's 89... I can only hope I'm in fairly good condition when I reach that age =P

And now, down to business. I love music. It's one of my great passions/obsessions. If I'm at home, I almost always have music playing on my computer. I've developed a growing love and appreciation of bands whose style harken back to the 70s, drawing on influences of Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Yes (back before they became pop bands).

Only bands from England and Europe (predominantly Sweden) ever get this formula right. I know there are American bands out there on the radio and TV that like to put on the pretense of retro, but they can't hold a candle to groups who are the real deal.

And so I leave you with a short but sweet video I recently found. These guys are amazing, and I must get their new album. Here is Black Bonzo with "Revelation Song". Enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A bit of a change and an OC (Original Character)
So as you can see, I went around tweaking the background colors on my site. I was getting fed up with plain white anyway.

Nothing much new has happened, but I kind of felt like updating, so I've decided to put up the basic description/information on an original Bleach character I've been working on.

Many thanks to my friend division-ten, without whom I wouldn't have been able to do much of anything. I provided the specs, and from there she helped me with the Japanese...

NAME: Kaishisei Aomatsu

DESCRIPTION: 5'11", with shoulder length brown hair tied back in a ponytail, and hazel eyes.

ZANPAKUTO: Shiseiko (Child of Life & Death). The hilt wrapping is white, and the handguard is in the shape of a cross, with an oval band connecting the points. The spirit is in the form of a young woman in a flowing white gown.

SHIKAI: Command, "Tama o karitoru" (Reap the field of souls). The sword is replaced with a 6 ft. pole; at the top is a scythe blade, and the bottom end is a glaive. It has two abilities: 1) Fire waves of spirit energy from the scythe and concentrated blasts from the glaive, 2) Both ends can be projected toward enemies, remaining connected to the pole by bands of spirit energy.

BANKAI: Ryuuko Shiseiko (Mighty Rivaling Life & Death Child). The spirit is in the form of an "angel" the size of a house, wielding a much larger version of the shikai.

BACKGROUND: After going through the shinigami academy, Kai was accepted to the 13th Division, and rose to the rank of 4th Seat. He knew of Aizen's plans, but was ambushed by a horde of hollows. While everyone in Soul Society believed he was dead, Kai had survived and was rescued by Yoruichi. He spent the next 50 years living secretly in Karakura, using his "death" to his advantage as he trained under Urahara.

Along the way, Kai gained Vaizard powers. He is the strongest of all the current Vaizard, and they continue to goad him into becoming their leader, but he wants nothing to do with them.

When Rukia was taken back to Soul Society, Kai joined Ichigo's rescue mission, though his real purpose for returning was to expose and stop Aizen.

Later, Kai chose to return to Soul Society and was reinstated in the shinigami ranks. With support from Ukitake and Kyoraku, due to his power and knowledge of Aizen, he was given the position of new 5th Division Captain.


So, that's basically it (though there is a lot of IT there). I'm really hoping to iron out some time-line, plot, and character relationship details in the near future and actually get down to the real work of writing this story.

I've got a few more character ideas, which will mean some more instensive Japanese translation from division-ten (I'm glad she's so willing to help).

So expect this at a fanfiction site near you. At some point...

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Friday, July 13, 2007

As weeks go, this one wasn't so bad
I managed to get out a lot more this week, which is always a good thing.

I'm hoping to make it to the next manga club meeting next week, since I haven't been to the last two. And because the club meets once a month, missing it twice in a row means a long time since I was last there. I let them know I'm still alive at least. I hear that the FIT (Florida Institute of Technology) anime club will be taking over running our little group, since our original organizer can't always make it. Let's hope this will bring in a bit more structure to the whole thing.

We're supposed to have a bunch more relatives drop by at the end of next week for my grandma's birthday, so it may get a tad more hectic around here then usual. And since my birthday is just a week after hers, we'll probably have a joint party, since by the time mine rolls around everyone with either have left or be leaving.

Just stepped out to the mailbox and saw that my new order of CDs arrived! Well, two of the three I ordered were shipped. I haven't gotten anything in my email saying why the third CD is delayed. Out of stock? Most likely, but who knows. At least I have the Limited (European) Edition of Within Temptation's new album, "The Heart of Everything". It cost me $23, but it's worth the price since the US edition won't be out for another couple of weeks and won't have any bonus stuff on it.

I'm trying to pull together all my ideas for an epic Bleach story (or series of stories) that I've had in mind, revolving around an original character of mine. I'm having some problems ironing out the finer details, and I'd prefer to deal with now than start writing and run headlong into a corner. I'm consulting with a friend who's writing her own Bleach story that I am editing for her, so hopefully between the two of us we can sort things out.

Hm, and I've neglected to eat all day. Damn computer takes up all of my attention. For all it's convenience, technology has it's addicting downsides. So it's off to scavange some grub for me.


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Friday, July 6, 2007

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain...
It's good for relieving the drought conditions around here, but when you're a person who doesn't get out much in the first place, when the rain seems to conspire in keeping you indoors when you actually want to go out... I'm getting rather sick of it.

I could always drive my dad's truck so I won't have to deal with leaky windshields, but I'd still have to walk in the rain to get in an out of places. So I'm going to give it another go tomorrow and hopefully get out this time. There are a few CDs and concert DVDs out that I want to see if I can locate.

My folks aren't getting in til very late tonight. I guess they didn't get as early a start back as they were hoping for.

Right now, it's 50 minutes EST until Season 3 of DOCTOR WHO starts on SciFi Channel. Yes, I just downloaded the entire season as it aired first in the UK, but hey I'm a junkie for the show. If anyone who reads this ever has nothing to do on a Friday night from now until September, I encourage you to try watching it. After tonight's special premier, it'll be on every Friday at 9 PM (EST).

Finished Trinity Blood about an hour ago, and I really enjoyed it. There were a few moments of frustration, but that always happens if you really get into something and become emotionally invested in what's happening on the screen. I don't really get why a lot of people seem to think it was a waste of time.

That's about it for now. Aybesinnia!

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

RAIN?!! Gack...
So for the past few days, every afternoon it would get dark and there'd be a lot of thunder, but it wouldn't rain until later at night.

So of course, the one day I have to go out, it's pouring down all day. When I tried getting back out to my car after my doctor appointment, the wind decided to gust about 30-40 MPH, and I was absolutely drenched. Not to mention there is still a perpetual leak in my windshield, so I get a constant drip INSIDE THE CAR whenever it's out in the rain.

Now I'm back home, drying my clothes and just relaxing for the rest of the day. I'll go make some hot tea and a hot lunch, and catch up on more Trinity Blood. I'm about halfway through the series now, where I stopped watching when it was on TV.

I went in to my regular doctor today to catch him up on everything that's happened (and hasn't happened) concerning my throat problems. He's now referred me to a pulmonologist (specialist in airway and lungs). Only problem is, specialists are hard to get this time of year because doctors tend to take vacations, so I won't even get in to see him until September... 2 whole months from now. Ugh...

My parents will return from their trip late on Friday, and now they'll be bringing my great-aunt (grandma's sister) back with them. I love when she comes to visit, we get along really well and always have plenty to talk about. Plus my aunt from Texas is flying in on Saturday for her regular summer visit. So it should be really busy around here again very soon.

Anything else... I'm currently addicted to the song "24" by Jem (no, not the 80's cartoon character Jem. That would be horrifying). I'd forgotten how good this song was. If you haven't heard it, go check it out.

And I think when I'm done with Trinity Blood, I'll take the plunge on my Full Metal Panic plan: watching FMP, Fumoffu, & 2nd Raid all the way through.


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Sunday, July 1, 2007

End of another week
We finally recorded that podcast pilot on Thursday night, after so many false starts. It was very haphazard though, there wasn't really a plan of action. And on Skype, it all sounded kind of... choppy. But at least it's done, and it was still fun to participate. If this podcast of theirs gets off the ground, I look forward to being on again in the future if they ever want me for any more guest commentating.

The new season of Doctor Who finished over in the UK today. A very nice finale, much better than the past couple of seasons. The only downside is Freema Agyeman (who plays Martha Jones) is only going to be a guest star in Season 4. She was such a good character >< Oh well, at least she isn't gone for good.

Hopefully this year's Christmas Special will be better than the last two. The way they set it up at the end of the finale was attention-grabbing: the TARDIS is flying along as usual, and suddenly the bow of the Titanic (yes, the ship that ran into the iceberg and sank, that Titanic) just crashes right through the wall. What??? o_O So now it's a wait til December 25, and the next episode "Voyage Of The Damned".

And since Dooctor Who starts here in America on SciFi Channel this Friday, June 6, at 8 PM, I encourage you all to watch ^^

I just started downloading a new anime today, Romeo x Juliet. It looks beautiful (as expected from a Gonzo series) and I can tell I'm going to enjoy it a lot. And I'm completely addicted to the opening theme (I'm listening to it on loop right now). I just wish I could get the full song, instead of just the TV-length version.

If anyone wants some good anime OST to listen to, I recommend:

"Break The Cocoon" by Yoriko (Speed Grapher 2nd Ending)

"Born" by Miwako Okuda (Le Chevalier D'eon Opening)

"Madoromi no Rinne" by Eri Kawai (Utawarerumono Ending)

"You Raise Me Up" by Lena Park (Romeo x Juliet OP)

"Yoake Umarekuru Shojo" by Yoko Takahashi (Shakugan no Shana ED #1)

All are wonderfull songs.

That's all for now. Going to watch the first DVD of Higurashi tonight, then move on to Trinity Blood. Anime, ho!


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On my own for a week and a half
So, Mom and Dad left today to go visit relatives. I haven't been on one of these trips in the last couple of years. Even if I didn't have my throat problems right now, someone would have to stay behind and keep an eye on grandma.

So for the next week and a half, it's just me putzing around the house. Well, and the cat. As much as I enjoy the quiet and solitude, I do get a little crazy with no one else around. The big plus side is unhindered access to the nice, large TV in the living room. I won't have to do all my anime watching late at night on my own TV, so I can get through shows faster than a disc a night. This is a good thing since I still have about 18 complete shows I either haven't watched yet, or never made it all the way through the first time.

Sometime this evening I'll be involved in recording the pilot episode of a podcast about Asian drama series, the brainchild of two ladies I've come to know through Anime Pulse. One of them made a deal with me, that if I watched the Taiwanese drama Hana Kimi, she'd watch Doctor Who =P

So I've been watching it, and then they asked me to participate in this recording, where I will be the male perspective on Hana Kimi. Trust me, it's a show very focused on teen girls, so it is a bit of an odd thing for me to be watching, but it's not so bad when you get used to it.

It's terribly late now, or terribly early depending on your perspective. So I think I'll go start on the next anime to watch, then listen to some music til I pass out.


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Sunday, June 24, 2007

A bit of a rant
Ugh! I shudder to think what state this house will be in when I finally move out.

Living in Florida means we have to deal with a constant flow of ants and other insects getting into the place. Our particular problem are those tiny sugar ants, then ones that are always attracted to any food lying around.

My mom often leaves her plates and bowls just sitting around, she hardly ever washes them off in the sink.

My dad is just as bad, leaving empty glasses sitting around, or worse, smoothie bottles. Or he'll just toss them in the sink. They go in the recylce bin, for crying out loud!! >< When I was in college, I would always have a fit when I came hom for the weekends, because he would use my computer during the week and leave popsicle sticks in my room. I had such a huge ant problem for years o_O

I'm constantly going around after them, fixing these problems, washing off dishes, and throwing things away in their proper place. I predict that when I'm no longer around to do this, this house will become an ant paradise.

Blah... anyway, not sure what to do with the rest of my day. Trying to save the $20 in my pocket for more anime this week, so I don't think I'll go much of anywhere. I may just continue to sit around and catch up on things I need to watch, like Claymore and Hana Kimi.

I've really been enjoying Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. I'm lucky I got the whole series for $13 in that online sale, especially when I did; it looks like ADV is no longer producing copies. If you're ever lucky enough to find it, I highly recommend the show, especially if you're a cyberpunk fan.

That's all for now. Aybesinnia!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

What next???
The "Doctor Who" Report: Ep. 12 "The Sound Of Drums"

Last week's cliffhanger paled in comparison to this week's. 6 Billion Toclafane (little alien robot spheres) descending on Earth, decimating the entire planet and slaughtering millions of people... Really gives you the shivers o_O

I honestly don't know how they're going to pull this one out of the fire this time. And truth be told, they may not. I wouldn't think they'd go for it (always thinking of TV budget constraints), but next season may very well see humanity enslaved and Earth as the center of a new empire, ruled over by the Master.

And we still don't know exactly what the Toclafane are. And I'm afraid of what the answer might be...

In other news =P I actually felt pretty decent today (been that way for a couple of days at least), and I was able to get out and about for a little while again.

No sign of my uncle today, even though he said he'd come here to take a look at me: he's an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), and has a theory as to what may be messed up in my throat. Unfortunately, he's on-call a lot, and is a workaholic anyway, so when he says he's going to show up... we know better than to count on him.

I hope he does make the effort though. If he's got any ideas, I'm more than eager to hear them.

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