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Welcome to my site, feel free to look around.
By the way i'm sorry, i was working on this blog for hours and then everything went wrong so i'm using this until i can get a better one. I will also be working on my button. I'll try and get them done as soon as i can, but please be patient, thank you.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hey guys.

hey, how are you guys doing? well i'm having a little problem, myo is soooo slow, and sometimes i have to open the page like 10 times and it still won't work. I'm really sorry, i stopped by everyones site today, but some either wouldn't open or the comment page just wouldn't work. I'm sooo sorry, but i've been having this trouble for like 2 days now.... anyways hope you guys have an awesome weekend.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

hey Guys

hey guys, long time no see. So sorry about this it's been like a month, but i've been soo busy. well now i'm in chem so i can't stay ling, but i promise i'll be back more often, but i'm behind in my classes too.
so sorry, i'll get to a few sites today, but i'll stop by more often from now on.
Hope you guys had a good weekend.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hey guys.

sorry it's been so long, but i've been sooo busy. But i think this weekend will be better. Well, what have ou guys been up to. I tried to get to some sites, but i barely got any time at all. i also started the new semester, i only changed 2 classes, now i have swimming and driving ed. oh, and i got my permit yesterday :D so now i can drive if i have a person 21 years or older with me in the car.
...oh! and yesterday night i went to Labomba, it's this dance, it was soooo much fun, but i'm exhausted and very soar... i learned the salsa, the merengae (sp) and another one i don't know the name of. as well as a few variations of each. It was sooo cool, and this guys danced with me, he was one of the people teaching, and he was dancing sooo fast, but he taught me so many turns and stuff. It was fun.
Well sorry for this long post, but i haven't talked to you guys in sooo long.
Anyways hope you guys have an awesome weekend.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

hey guys.

so what's up? i visited everyone's site. Took me a while ;P anyways, not much happened this weekend, i did some more babysitting, and saterday night, i went to the movies with the lady i babysit for, and we saw "Triston and Isolde" i didn't really wanna see that one, but she invited me so i'm like sure why not, free moive :D it's was ok, but on frieday my friend and i are gonna go see the first show for "Underworld Evolution" and then the lady i babysit for invited me to see it with her and her husband.... don't know if i wanna go... i'll have to see, anyways i was gonna go see AoenFlux satuday, but i had babysitting so i wanna try and go tonight.

What about you guys? how was your weekend?
have an awesome week :D

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

hey guys.

how is everyone :D finally, it's the weekend so i can visit your sites :D but i'm at my mom's work, and we're leaving soon, so i'm gonna visit all the sites i can and then i'l go to the library and visit the rest :D
well hope all of you had a good week, mine was ok, and a little slow. By the way i think i'm gonna go see AeonFlux this weekend!! and ext weekend my friend and i are gonna go see underworld revolution :D so cool. I also wanna see Blood Rayne but my mom doesn't want me to see it alone, and no one will do with me, because it's rated R.
Do you guys have any planes for the weekend?

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