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Monday, January 16, 2006

hey guys.

so what's up? i visited everyone's site. Took me a while ;P anyways, not much happened this weekend, i did some more babysitting, and saterday night, i went to the movies with the lady i babysit for, and we saw "Triston and Isolde" i didn't really wanna see that one, but she invited me so i'm like sure why not, free moive :D it's was ok, but on frieday my friend and i are gonna go see the first show for "Underworld Evolution" and then the lady i babysit for invited me to see it with her and her husband.... don't know if i wanna go... i'll have to see, anyways i was gonna go see AoenFlux satuday, but i had babysitting so i wanna try and go tonight.

What about you guys? how was your weekend?
have an awesome week :D

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