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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

Like the past two days, I'll just make this post short. I have yet another long 3FY today, dedicated to Mama Bear...err, I mean, Blue Hawk. So allow me to use Adam's patented bulleted post technique:
- To comment on a comment made by takeshi takumi: Well, I'd love to tell you the meaning, but there's a reason why I typed the comment on Blue Hawk's comment in the Visayan dialect.
- The WWE SmackDown! Superstars are finally in the Philippines. I really get envious with the people in Luzon, 'coz they get to watch them live and in person while a lot of us here can't. I just hope no political rubbish would erupt like what happened in February when the WWE RAW Superstars were caught in a coup crisis.
- If things go as planned, tomorrow would be the final episode of "THREE FREAKING YEARS" as well as the BIG DAY. Any smart guys here who could guess what I'm celebrating on my next post?
- I guess I've kept my identity a secret for a very long time already. So, on my next post, I might show you a picture of who I really am, or as I call it, "unmask The Mask". So if you want The Mask to unmask The Mask, give me a Hell Yeah!
- Now, let's go to 3FY:
The Mama Bear of The Mask

Some people and characters wouldn't have existed had it not been for a certain person. Frankeinstein wouldn't have become alive had it not for Dr. Einstein. We wouldn't have know Kenshin Himura had it not been for manga artist Nobuhiro Watsuki. And all of us wouldn't exist in this world had it not been for a "miracle" that our parents performed. In the same manner, The Mask wouldn't have existed here in myOtaku had it not been for one particular lady. And that young damsel is none other than...Blue Hawk!

Now Blue Hawk is one of the most popular members here in myOtaku and has done a pretty good job maintaining her popularity. In fact, even when she was having a very long break from myOtaku, her site has never dropped from the Top 50 most popular members.

She's a certified anime addict (and may need to undergo rehab due to this addiction. Nah, just kidding!). She has all the manga books, anime DVDs, posters, magazines, and burned CDs and VCDs to prove it. There was also one time when a few of our classmates were discussing all about anime, to which she remarked, "Ah, this is music in my ears."

Her love in anime has also went to the point that she has started to talk and act like an anime character. (One time, she gave me this mock letter which proves how anime crazy she's become.) Put a similar gal like Number 5 and you'll be able to witness a real-life anime show.

Aside from anime, she also loves munching on chocolates. But despite having a huge desire for these delectable sweets, she's still very fit because of her passion in karatedo.

Currently, she's also going gaga over a Japanese actor by the name of Shun Oguri. (The star of the live-action Detective Conan show, as well as one of the cast of the live-action GTO, live-action Hana Yori Dango, and live-action Gokusen.)

She's arguably the Queen of Love Teams. She has been linked to a number of individuals, like ryosuke, evangelion, aLaStOr10515, my brother's classmate Pev, our former classmate Jozhua, and most recently, the guy known as "Charlie". You gotta wonder what spell she cast upon these young men. Tell us Jacky, WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM?

This Pharmacy major is quite a smart gal, especially when it comes to History. However, she does have little knowledge on some things that many of our colleagues know very well. One great example would be the Cellphone Prank Incident, where my supposedly little prank on Blue Hawk became one of the best pranks I've ever done in my life, thanks to her little knowledge in cellphone numbers.

Despite the crazy life that she lives, she does have her share of problems. These problems are just so sad I don't think I wanna tell it right now, especially with no consent from Blue Hawk. But to sum it up, she managed to face those problems in life and has been able to move on.

She's now the woman who supports her family, after her mom had to go work in the USA and has done a pretty good job in it. As she said in her site, "No fear of Responsibility. I AM RESPONSIBILITY!"

Now, let's go to how she became the Mama Bear of The Mask. (Heh! Don't you ever think I forgot about Mama Bear!) It was around 4-5 pm in October 18, 2003. At that time, Blue Hawk already moved to Manila to live with her father (She would come back here in Cebu a few months later). I was surfing the Net in a Net cafe that I no longer visit.

She was online via Yahoo! Messenger. She told me, "My love, my love, come with me, to a land full of milk and honey, to a land where we can enjoy each other's warm embrace. The land we call myOtaku." And so I responded, "Yes, my love. I shall join in the promised land and together we shall enjoy this paradise together within each other's tender arms."

C'mon, you didn't actually believe the whole, "My love, my love" thing, did you? The actual story went like this. She told me to register in myOtaku. I refused at first, thinking that it may end up as another one of those abandoned Net accounts. But after so much persuasion from the Bird, I finally registered in the site. And so, myOtaku's The Mask was born.

Anyway, I hope Blue Hawk and the rest of my online-offline buddies are doing well. Take care, good luck in your studies, and enjoy your life. And, uhh, don't get too crazy, okay? Or else your resident Psychology major is gonna put matters into his own hands.

That's all I can say. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

Like yesterday, I'll just make this post short. I have another long 3FY today. So allow me to use Adam's patented bulleted post technique:
- Yesterday, I made a 3FY special on all of my myO friends who weren't featured previously. I encourage all of you to click here to read it. I would've said "all of my friends" but I know damn well some of you deleted me already.
- I'm quite shocked to know that there have been 5 comments on yesterday alone. That's something I don't see everyday.
- Speaking of FMA CDs, me and my brother were able to play the episodes (Finally!). It seems Blue Hawk's CDs had some codec installers in it. However, there were several episodes which we had a hard time playing.
- Now, let's go to 3FY:

Online Buddies and Offline Buddies
Some of my online buddies here in myO are actually my real-life friends. So for today, here's a look at those online and offline buddies:

aLaStOr10515. (Real Name: Anthony)
This guy wasn't supposed to be my classmate, but due to some unexpected circumstances, we shared the class together. He's good in sports and he's quite a smart guy. He may have some weaknesses in some lessons, but he's still smart. He loves to sleep, and even went to the point that he once slept during a quarterly exam! He's also good in drums and guitar, and performed for the school on several occasions. He's one of those people who kinda belongs in the "crazy" category. (Crazy, not stupid.) He's easy-going and caring to others.
But there's one thing that my brother once pointed out, something which I thought was really amazing: He has never become angry at something. I mean it. In my 2 years with him as a classmate, there was never a moment that he showed signs of anger. If he did, he would make a joke like, "Man! My armpit is sweating!". Now, he's currently studying a Nursing course.

blitz567. (Real Name: Mark)
Of all my real-life friends in myO, he's the only one whom I never shared a class with. I've known this guy since grade school. He's smart and loves to play computer games. In high school, he considered me as his "rival" in achieving the love of Ezel. (Ehh...did I just say that?)
Now, he has transformed into a rocker. He sports a long hair and a long beard. He now loves shaking his hair and playing his guitar. He was once a Computer Science student, but shifted to Medical Technology because of all the Math stuff he has to endure in ComSci.

dEaDLy AnGeL (Real Name: Madeline)
I've known dEaDLy AnGeL since elementary. She's a friendly girl with a huge heart. She is a really good friend to a lot of people. I often call her "Madzy Wadzy" for no particular reason. Then, during the Prom, I gave her the name, "The Big Smiley Face".
She's currently studying for a Nursing course.

Ezel. (Real Name: Roselle)
I've known Ezel since grade school. She's a nice girl who was once an avid fan of the WWF (now the WWE). I even remember one time when she challenged my male classmate Edgar to a wrestling match (which never took place). She's also a fan of the Hardy Boys (the fictional detective brothers) and the Hardy Boyz (the real-life pro-wrestling brothers). She also likes calling herself with several codenames such as "Jemarah Hardy", "Ezekiel" and "Ching". She's a religious woman, and has a family that applies the quote of "The family that prays together, stays together".
She once had this crush on a young church server who's a few years older than her. (We jokingly called the little infatuation, "corrupting majors", since there's "corrupting minors") In that little infatuation of hers, I became one of her supporters, and was once contacted by the man after she contacted him using MY cellphone. Now, she has a little rivalry with Blue Hawk in their desire to achieve the love of my brother's classmate Pev. (Now, it's corrupting minors!)
But, of course, there's always one thing that many people, including myself, would remember about her. And that's the crazy "love affair" that me and Ezel had for over 5 years. (The longest in the history of crazy love team-making in my schools.) That little "affair" went as far as to having a "mock wedding" back in October 23, 2004 (That was for our Christian Life project...a project that would become useless! Darn it!). We did file a "mock annulment" shortly after, but I don't know if both parties resolved the "mock issue". For now, the "love affair" still lives on!
Ezel is currently studying for a Nursing course.

Number 5 (Real Name: Chona)
Number 5 was my classmate in high school. She's a very close friend of Blue Hawk. (and was once mistaken here in myOtaku as Blue Hawk's sister!). She's a very good artist, and one time I gave her the name, "The Doodle Noodle". She has submitted a lot of anime artworks here in theOtaku (she hasn't draw any manga though; she says it's too damn hard). She acts like an anime character, and talks like an anime character. She'd rather wear normal clothes than mini-skirts and gowns (that was proven in a party I attended a week ago, when she complained about her boobs having no bra protection.) She is sometimes teased as a tomboy, but in reality, she isn't. She's into country music and is having a crush on a few male country singers.
She is currently studying for a Nursing course, and is considering taking up a Medicine course.

ryosuke (Real Name: Kevin)
ryosuke is a half-Swiss half-Filipino dude who became my classmate in high school. We sometimes teased him as Blue Hawk's crush (which, from what I hear, started since grade school). That little teasing faded away after more men came to Blue Hawk's life.
He speaks English and understands Tagalog and Visayan (two Filipino dialects). However, it's quite a rare instance to hear him speaking those two dialects. And whenever he does, we can't help but laugh. One incident occurred during our performance of the Filipino play "Ibong Adarna" (Adarna the Bird). When he was speaking a few Filipino lines, we can't help but laugh on the play. (I have a feeling that's one of the reasons why we landed only on 3rd place).
He's smart when it comes to physical sciences (math, physics, chemistry, electronics). He even made a few inventions for Math and Science Month, such as a solar-powered car, a flame thrower using perfume, and a potato cannon.
He, along with Number 5 and Shroom Man 777, was the innovator of the "Hula-Hula Dance", a "mildly erotic" hula dance.
He left for Switzerland earlier this year, but came back here in the Philippines. He will be studying here in the Philippines beginning next semester, possibly a Computer Science course.

Shroom Man 777 (Real Name: John)
Shroom Man 777 was my classmate in high school since 2nd year. He's a good guy who's fond of those superhero and sci-fi cartoons. He's an atheist. He likes making fun of our classmate Flores and always said, "Flores is a b***h" (although no evidence actually supports this idea). Together with ryosuke and Number 5, he's one of the innovators of the "Hula-Hula Dance".
He's currently studying for a Nursing course.

Hmm...did you notice someone is missing? Well, I thought Blue Hawk deserved her own special since she's the one who led us into this joint. So, for the second to the last chapter of THREE FREAKING YEARS, we're gonna have Blue Hawk.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

I'll just make this post short, to give way to a long 3FY. Besides, today's 3FY was made just for you. So allow me to use Adam's bulleted post technique:
- Due to a few circumstances, the BIG DAY will be moved in the weekend. Maybe Saturday or Sunday.
- Last Monday, me and my classmates went over to our friend Eula's house and had a movie marathon. We watched "Sukob" (a Filipino horror movie), "House of Wax" (the creepy and sick US movie), and "Aeon Flux" (the intriguing sci-fi movie). It was fun.
- I was quite shocked to learn that Adam featured me in his site. Seems like THREE FREAKING YEARS got an unexpected exposure. By the way, the "profiling members" thing was originally done by SomeGuy, so don't credit me as the creator of the said idea. I created 3FY but not the "profiling members" thing.
- To comment on a comment made on that said post, I'm not stalking any of the people I've featured here. My mind ain't crazy enough to do that.

And now, let's go to today's 3FY:
For the Many Friends

Anybody who've tried looking at my list of friends would notice one thing: I added a lot of friends. In fact, there are about 196 of them. Some were added because I followed the law of equivalent trade (you sign my guestbook, I sign yours and add you at the same time). Some were added because their site interests me. Some were added because they're Filipinos. And others were added because they were, in fact, my real-life friends.

So for today, here's some of my thoughts on some of my friends here in myOtaku. (P.S. My classmates and real-life friends aren't included. They have a special 3FY edition waiting for them. And those peeps who were featured before aren't included here, too.):

akkaime, aya. A super-active Pinoy myOtaku member. The classmate of arlihama. Really does a lot to make her site nice.
arlihama. A Pinay! Woohoo! Anyway, arlihama here is a talented writer who has the awards to prove how good she is. She once wrote for the articles section. Once she wrote an amusing article about how anime can be useful in school life (Remember "Excuse Me?"). But if there was one thing I found admirable at arlihama, it was the way she respected her elders. This was proven when she kept on calling me kuya in her comments. (Kuya is Filipino for "big brother" or "a guy that's a bit older than you").
Atlen. Atlen's a nice gal who was really quite active during her first days in the site. One thing I remember about her was the time when she asked what emotion one particular smiley expressed (which I successfully answered). She's also the sister of PromQueen, which is nice.
banzaiinu1. Once called my site "weird but original", which is cool. He also made this amusing quote: "Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease".
belldandy ff. A Filipina girl who hasn't updated for quite some time already. She is known for this little smiley: \m/^_^\m/
Black Mage TBow. A fellow Rurouni Kenshin fan. This guy here faced some obstacles and still manages to stand strong.
Chibi Devil Me. This gal once called me "Mask-chan". Cute, huh? She's a Detective Conan fan whom I haven't got in touch with for quite a while.
Chugoku-jinko. A die-hard Detective Conan fan. She knows almost everything about the anime show and is one of those privileged individuals who get to watch a lot of DC episodes and movies, and read a lot of DC manga. She also has frequent trips to the Anime Land itself, Japan. Makes me feel a bit envious of her, but at the same time happy for her.
Clair Chanteur. A Filipina girl who lives in Manila. My "Japanese sister" since her Japanese name in that generator thingy was Reiko Fujiwara while mine was Kazuma Fujiwara.
darkvelvet. This guy once gave me a compliment on my writing style, which I really appreciate.
Elletrol. One of my friends who kinda played along as being a "customer of The Mask's Cafe". (Sips le frappucino, huh?) Once dressed like Super Mario. Makes frequent comments in the cafe. Too bad I can't repay her due to some technicality.
evangelion. A myO veteran from the land down under. He's kinda in the list of semi-retired peeps these days. He's one of Blue Hawk's good friends in the Net. There was this one time when evangelion, Blue Hawk, and my brother were chatting together in MSN. At one particular time, my brother mentioned the word "juewa" (a word he made up). As a result, evangelion pleaded us not to speak in Filipino (even though it really isn't). But that's nothing compared to the time he misunderstood one Filipino word as having the definition of "breasts".
Fuyumiko sama. She's a fan of Detective Conan, just like me. But the one thing I remember about her was her success in my defunct "Guess-Who's-The-Guy-In-My-Avatar" game back in 2004. She was the one who figured out, although unintentional, who the guy was. (The answer is Kaito Kid, by the way.)
gamez guru. One of the earlier myO members. Never did got too close with him, especially with "that incident" a few years ago. But everything's cool now.
hidden golden eye. One of my fellow Pinoy myO members. She currently has a site that, scientifically, will make you go hungry because of the red and yellow colors. We once had a chat together, which many might consider a very rare occasion, even for my real-life friends. We talked about Shaman King and fonts. She's a pretty swell gal, you know.
HikyuuTera. One of the people who were really amused and became a fan of "SUPER KENSHIN". (Anybody remember that avatar from last year?)
inuyasha153. One of my earlier friends here in myO. Dunno if he remembers it, though. He has a Filipino blood in him, so that's why we got to be friends. Glad to know he's one of those people who know anything about that kung-fu parody "Kung Pow".
jimmy kudo. A Detective Conan fan. Faced some problems in life and managed to survive from it.
K1raranek0. A fellow Pinoy myO member. I didn't have much contact with her, but she does visit on a few occassions.
lechon de leche. A fellow Pinoy whose name kinda intrigued me because it's so Filipino. Her name, by the way, is the name of a dish kinda like a roast pig. She did admit that the reason for her name is because the pig is her trademark and so that she can attract more Pinoy myO members. Too bad she doesn't update that often these days.
Magnus Lensherr. The gal who wants to take over the world! And she has spiders! Aahhh!!!! In her site, she is known to ask some questions in her posts, from easy to average to hard. One time, I solved the question on what anniversary was being celebrated on that particular day. Anyway, she is currrently enjoying life after the great things that happened to her recently. Glad to know that, Magnus.
miss april. A nice Filipina girl who's older than me and lives in Las Piņas City. Once suffered from 2nd-degree burns not too long ago. I do hope my advice on burns was a bit useful for her.
Misty Cornwell. A Filipina myO member whom I haven't talked with in myOtaku for quite a long time. I hope she's doing fine.
Night shade2. A gal who's somewhat active in school. She's a woman of few words yet still so popular.
NinjaGirlSango. One of the most active members here in myO. NGS here is a Kaito Kid fan, so we got to be friends because of it.
otaku1412. A Detective Conan and Full Metal Alchemist fan who's also Filipino-blooded. Didn't have much contact with her in recent time.
Pinoy Otaku. A Filipino-blooded myOtaku member residing in the United States. One time, he gave me some words of wisdom thru PM. I thought those words were pretty cool.
PromQueen. As The Rock might have said it, "Finally, the PromQueen has come back to myOtaku!" She's a WWE fan who's been out in myO for a while, but has finally come back.
sapphire pyro. A Detective Conan fan. But not just any DC fan. A Filipino Detective Conan fan. What more could you ask for? Back then, people like her were as rare as the panda bears. However, I never did get to have much contact with her.
Shinkiro. One of my fellow SOAPers. She was one of the people who "nudged" me to join SOAP. So if there's someone whom I credit for my SOAP membership, Shinkiro's one of them.
shoyo4. A Filipina member whom I once mistook as a classmate of arlihama and akkaime, aya. A die-hard Slam Dunk fan. Specifically, a die-hard fan of the Shoyo team in SD. Even more specifically, a die-hard Fujima fan.
snow fox. One of my earlier myO friends. Dunno if she stills knows it. She once mentioned this in my guestbook during my newbie days: "please wait until the ride comes to a complete stop and enjoy the rest of your day in myotaku land!" Now I understand she's my fellow SOAPer, but only recently did I realize she was my friend a long time ago.
Spirit792. A Filipino-blooded myO member whom I admire for her strong faith to God. May God bless you, Spirit792.
SunfallE. An old friend who also likes Detective Conan. Also my fellow SOAPer. She's a nice gal and a great theOtaku staff member.
Sw33tZ. Formerly known as Sw33tSamurai90. A Rurouni Kenshin fan. Has one of the coolest sites in myOtaku, in terms of design.
swtanimechick. This chick is quite a thoughtful gal. We may not be that close, but she was nice enough to give me an online Christmas greeting last year. Really appreciated that, swt!
Yuna2004. The self-proclaimed DX member. She's an avid WWE fan and an avid lover of Seto Kaiba. She writes original stories and fan fiction in her site, but I never did get to read it.
zedstef. A girl who's very industrious in making thousands of handmade greeting cards with origami on it. When I saw the product that she was producing, I gotta say I find it pretty cool and amazing.

Since some people didn't make it in the list above, here's my thoughts for them:
The Unmentioned. Sorry I didn't mention you in the list. But don't take it the hard way. I still appreciate the friendship you offered me. Thank you for that. I hope the friendship will still last for a long time.

And for those who, basically, removed me from their friends list, here's my thoughts for them:
The Disconnectors. Sorry if the word sounds kinda harsh, but I really had no other word in my mind aside from that. Anyway, I gotta say I'm a bit upset at how you removed me from your friends' list. But, then again, who am I to blame you? I don't visit your site that much, so it may be proper for you to remove me. But remember this: I don't believe in that principle. I'll treat anyone as a friend. That was one of the principles I made for myself since my childhood years. You'll still be in my list for a long time.

And for all of the myO friends I had in the past 3 years and for my future friends and for any other myO members concerned:
The Many Friends.Thanks for everything guys! You've made my 3 years here really cool and amazing. I hope the next years will also be like that.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

   Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

Right now, I'm listening to some episodes of Full Metal Alchemist. That's right, listening. Apparently, my computer is just too outdated that the only thing I can play in the 17 CDs of Full Metal Alchemist episodes (which me and my brother borrowed from Blue Hawk) is the audio alone. Makes me feel like I'm listening to a radio drama show of FMA. Now if only this was in English...

Anyway, yesterday was Friday the 13th. Aaahh!!! But then again, yesterday was also the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that makes yesterday a blessed day for us Catholics.

Yesterday was the final day of the 1st semester! Finally, it's semestral break! Woohoo!

Yesterday, we attended the Sweet 16 debut of my old schoolmate Jacky. The attire (supposedly) was a tuxedo. And so I did wear a tuxedo. But not an ordinary tuxedo. You see, the color of my coat and slacks (or should I say, my dad's coat and slacks) was dark blue. My long-sleeved polo (or should I say, my white Barong tagalog) was white. Plus, I have a pair of eyeglasses with me (which I actually use). Seeing this opportunity, I rushed to get a 19-peso maroon bowtie so that I would look like...yup, you guessed it, Detective Conan! (I would've bought a red bowtie, but there wasn't any available.) Too bad nobody noticed my anime-inspired attire that night, except for Number 5 (who wore a mini-skirt!).

Anyway, the party was okay. Had a little reunion with my old comrades. Got to dance with the birthday girl, since I'm one of the "16 roses". And I get a little souvenir!

The one thing that was odd at the party was the band. One time, they sang the Eagles song, "Hotel California". The chorus of the song was supposed to be sang as, "Welcome to the Hotel CA-lifornia." However, the band sang it as, "Welcome to the Hotel Ca-LI-fornia." We thought it was a mistake, but later learned they did it on purpose.

By the way, this week I've featured 2 features in "THREE FREAKING YEARS". One's for takeshi takumi, while the other's for Adam. If you wanna read it, just go at the cafe's archives.

Oh yeah, and today's title was taken from the Beatles song, "Yesterday".

Now, let's go to today's 3FY:
Remembering Old Friends
People come, people go. That saying is applicable even here in myOtaku. So for today, let's take a look at some of the great people that have left us in the past years. Wait...that's sounds kinda creepy, so let me rephrase it. Let's take a look at our old friends that have left myOtaku in the past years.

MAJR. MAJR was one of the most popular peeps here in myO. In every post, he would get more than 100 comments from different members. It was a feat that's so incredible and amazing, and a feat that's not likely to ever happen in my site. Seeing how cool his site was and the number of comments that he gets, I decided to add him as a friend. Later on he added me as well. And then, on my very first visit in his site after he added me, I learned that he was leaving! Oh man! We might have been good friends, but I guess that's not bound to happen. Anyway, I hope you're doing well, MAJR!

Philfoula. Philfoula was arguably the "hunk" in the site. I even remember Number 5 pasting his pictures in her scrapbook for Home Economics class. Anyway, Philfoula was quite a cool Canadian dude. He would share us some thoughts and once gave us a game on foreign words (a game which, thru the power of the Net, I managed to solve a bit). There was this one time when I was the only guy who responded to his post regarding him not being able to balance his myOtaku life and his real life. He thanked me for the little concern, and knowing how my comment helped him a bit made me happy. Later on, he did leave the site. But many of us still remember you, Phil! Take care now, Philippe!

Kastom. I learned about Kastom in the now-retired Articles section. He was the writer who produced the most number of articles in the site. (Count: 26) He was my fellow SOAPer, and he was also one of two members of T.W.I.T. The most memorable moment I had with him was in the promotion issue, wherein my little complaint regarding Kastom not getting promoted despite the many articles he submitted had led to his promotion a day after. I was glad he got the promotion that he really deserved, and he thanked me for it as well. Kastom's site is still available, but for now he's retired in myOtaku. His departure was partly due to the loss of the Articles section, but it was mostly because he has to focus on his studies in his university (especially since he has a scholarship to maintain). I hope you'll succeed in your university, Kastom!

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey guys! I know, it's Thursday, and your cafe manager normally doesn't post on weekdays. But I just wanna say five things today:

1. This week will be my final week in the semester, with tomorrow being my final day of exams. That means I might spend some more time here, especially during the BIG DAY.

2. On my previous post, there was some cussing going on in the comments. I'm not really too offended by it (especially since the swear word wasn't targeted at me), and I'm not going to make some formal action about it. But next time, please refrain from using any of the "swear bombs". Crap, damn, and darn are fine. But the S-bomb and the F-bomb should be avoided. If you must post it, then put some censorship signs in it. This is to make people feel comfortable when going here. Using swear words isn't a good habit.

3. Hey guys! In case you didn't know, there's a Halloween contest in theOtaku.com. You can join in 3 ways: a.) Make a Halloween fanart with one anime character dressed as another character (e.g. Naruto as Pikachu); b.) Make a scary e-card like this one; or c.) Make a scary story with your fave anime character in it.
To know more, click here.

4. Since THE BIG DAY is almost near, I've decided to make posts daily in the cafe until THE BIG DAY. This will be done to accomodate the THREE FREAKING YEARS segment.

5. Here is today's THREE FREAKING YEARS:
A Dish for Adam
myOtaku.com. A place where an otaku can be an otaku. Where they can show the world of their love and passion for anime. "Your social anime source," their slogan says. It has evolved from being a little experiment in 2003 to one of the fastest-growing online anime community today. So it just seems right that I make a feature on the man behind this amazing site. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, I give you....ADAM!

Okay, now this is the part where I stop being formal and start saying what I really wanna say. Now, Adam here is the big boss behind theOtaku.com and myOtaku.com. I mean, everyone should know that by now....right?

He once called himself "The Prince of Anime" before he gave up his throne during the birth of myO. As far as I can remember, he gave it up to give way to the otakus around the world whom he considered as "the real Princes and Princesses of myOtaku". Quite nice of Adam-san, huh? Unless if he gave way to us being princes and princesses while he becomes "The Emperor of Anime".

Aside from being the father of theO and myO, this 23-year-old New Yorker also has a job at a different company. He's also a "gym monster" and loves to drink Gatorade.

Now from informal, let's go to personal. Let me take a deep breath first.....

My general feeling on Adam is that's he's a swell guy. He gave us this super-cool site. He gives us hubs for us to see stuff related to our fave anime shows. He gives us tons of art galleries to enjoy. He gives us a sweet alternative to Quizilla with "the Guru". He gives us a nice, easy-to-learn manga tutorial (Art of Otaku). And that's just a little bit of the many things he has given us to please our otaku soul.

There were 2 incidents where he personally made me happy. The first one was back in 2005 when my article "Barbecue Sauce" was featured in the main page of theOtaku.com. (Click here to see that feature.)Back then, articles were featured not just because it was the latest submission, but also because it was really that good from Adam's point of view. As such, getting featured was really such an honor.

Then there was last April 30. It was his 23rd birthday, so I decided to give him an online birthday gift. The gift was a Top Ten list of birthday greetings for him. (This was supposed to be a contest, but since nobody joined, poor old me had to do it by himself.) To know that he was happy with the present made me happy as well. (Click here to see Adam's post about it.)

Of course, he did make me upset too. There was that promotion thing, where many artists got promotions while the ones who weren't "artistically inclined" got nothing. Seeing that the deserving ones didn't get it, I joined the protest. But everything was resolved, when he gave the writers the promotions. That incident, however, kinda made me feel kinda ashamed. Members complaining about a thing like that to Adam? Kinda odd when you look at it now. We did apologize to Adam about the situation.

But the worst was yet to come. When Adam lit the fuse on the retirement of the Articles section to give way to visual art, a protest quickly followed. Since I was a writer and a member of SOAP (the group that led the protest), I complained once again to Adam. There were some points that I wanna tell him regarding this matter but I never had the guts to tell him directly about it and were just posted in "the cafe" for only a few people to read. (If I did have the guts, maybe I forgot all about it.) Eventually, he did take out the articles. That made me so sad and also made me so disappointed at the man. I think I felt the same way Mick Foley felt back in 2001 regarding the direction the WWF/WWE was headed.

But as my Pinoy Big Brother jomz said, "We should just trust Adam." So, even though it was really hard at that point, I tried to trust him once again.

Now, I still respect Adam. Despite the events of the past, I still respect him. Even though I sometimes call him, "Mr. McAdam" (a reference to WWE's Mr. McMahon), deep down, I no longer have bad feelings for him.

In fact, when Adam had suffered from severe food poisoning, I was worried. Like what I told him before, the word "food poisoning" makes me remember of a food poisoning incident here in our country that killed many schoolkids. As such, I kinda feared the worst. (I know, I was overreacting to the whole situation.) That's why I was so relieved to know he's okay already.

Anyway, I wish Adam more power in managing myOtaku.com and theOtaku.com. Sorry for all the troubles I've given you in the past months. Take care and good luck with your book, sir.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

In my previous post, I said that life was going to be busy for your cafe manager. Boy, was I busy. Last week we had the finals exams on different subjects. There was P.E. (where we had an aerobic dance presentation as an exam), Civic Welfare (which was quite easy), English (which also served as our departmental exam), Filipino (which also served as a departmental exam), and Sociology. Sociology was the toughest of them all, since I had to take down notes on FOUR CHAPTERS of sociology lessons just so that I can have something to study. (I would've borrowed the books, but the library won't let me 'coz it's finals exam period.) Plus I had to sleep very late at Wednesday to study for the Sociology exam on Thursday, only to realize that it was moved to Saturday. Oh well. I just hope I get a good score from these tests.

This week, the agony of exams continues. Sigh.... And after that, I get to go to a birthday party. Weee!!!! The party, by the way, will be for my former schoolmate Jacqueline (the soon-to-be-16-year-old girl whom I danced with at the Prom last February). I'm told that I'll be one of the 16 men who'll give her a rose on her "Sweet 16 debut". I'm also told that the attire would be tuxedo and sandals. "Sandals?" you say. Well, I still need some confirmation about that odd outfit.

Last week I saw the trailer for the live-action Detective Conan special. (Yes, Blue Hawk. Your chocolate Shun Oguri is in here.) It was quite cool, I gotta say. Hopefully, I'll see more than just a trailer. Anyway, if you want to see the trailer, click here

Last week too, I learned Kurt Angle is going to TNA Wrestling, the second most popular wrestling promotion in the world. This was my mental reaction to this news: WHAT?!?!?!?! Last time I heard, Kurt was not feeling well and left WWE because of it. And now, he's gonna be on TNA?! Whoa! I'm totally shocked! I just hope, though, that Angle would take care of himself.

Anyway, let's go to 3FY:
The Great Commentor
Riddle me this. Riddle me that.
Whoever gets this...uhh, gets a nice pat!
This guy's name has 2 words, I tell you that.
Both names start with "tak-"; they don't start with "kat-".
If you commented in my site, you'll know who's that
He's not "Takoyaki Take-out", I'm sure of that
Yes I admit, I'm abusing the word "that"
So just tell me who it is, and it better not be "What"

Heh, this riddle sure is odd. Anyway, who do you think is the guy that I'm talking about? No clue? Well it's none other than the Bleach lover named takeshi takumi.

Of all the people I've featured here, this guy is the most mysterious of them all. Hell, I'm not even sure if he really is a guy or a gal. Thus, making a feature on him would prove to be a very tough task. That can be attributted to the fact that he doesn't have a myOtaku page. And when I tried searching for him in the Net, I always end up with no success. The only way I can assess him is thru his comments in my page.

Speaking of comments, the very reason he's featured in 3KY is his comments. When he gives out a comment, he doesn't just say "Hi" or "Cool!" like other people do. He really gives out a comment that's informative and interesting. To top that off, he does that on a regular basis. Thus, everytime I read his comment, it's like a breath of fresh air in the morning. The regular comment posting also explains why, in recent time, my posts doesn't have what I call "the egg comments" (in other words, 0 comments; the numeral zero kinda looks like an egg, doesn't it?)

Another thing I remember about him was his comparison of me and Bob Ong. the Filipino author behind a book that's written upside-down. From what I hear, Ong's a talented author. To be compared with him is flattering in my part. But then again, I still have to read his work to believe it. (Yes, takeshi takumi. You gave me one reason to buy his book.)

From the many comments that he has given in the past months, I can see that he is a very smart guy. He is a nice guy. To sum it up, he's a great guy.

I wish you the best in your life, takeshi. Take care now and I hope your life will be full of joy.

(takeshi takumi's smile after reading this entry)=> from (^.^) to
(^_______^)...hehe... Remember this little trick, takeshi?)

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

Well it's finally October. Just a couple more months and Santa Claus is coming to town. Oh, how fast time flies.

October also means three things in my school life. One is the departmental exams for the major college subjects. That'll happen this week. Then there's the finals exam, which will take place next week. And the week after the finals, I'll have my 2-week semestral break. So yeah, life's gonna be pretty busy for your cafe manager. So if I can't go to your sites that much in the upcoming weeks, then you know the reason why.

But despite the busy life, I'll still try to post some stuff here. I still have some things to do in this site before THE BIG DAY happens, if you know what I mean.

Oh, and did you notice a little change in the site? Yup, I finally changed my theme from Mick Foley to Full Metal Panic.

By the way, our Big Boss Adam isn't feeling well right now. Give him a cheer by visiting his site.

Yup, today's post is unusually short. Now, let's go to 3FY
Some Gift for SomeGuy
In terms of popularity, the guy I'm going to feature next seems to be the most popular member I've ever featured. Some call him "Shanny's Bastard". Some call him "James". As for me, I'll call him "The Nature Boy", "The Hitman", and... "My Canadian Big Brother". Ladies and gentlemen, SomeGuy!

I guess almost everybody knows who SomeGuy is. You know, the GTO-lovin', article-writin', inventory-hatin' English major dude that everyone loves. The 23-year-old guy who wants to make things gu-ree-to. Yup, that's SomeGuy.

Okay, now what makes him so special that he's featured here? I mean, if I wanted to feature popular myO members, I would have featured the likes of James, Dagger IX1, bellpickle, or hell, even the Big Boss himself Adam. Then again, maybe I should whip up a feature on the boss. (I was supposed to make a joke about Adam-san, but since he's not feeling well, I'll just have to let it pass.)

Anyway, what makes SomeGuy special? Well he may not know this (and I guess you guys might have not known it either), but if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have become what I am right now. He, alongside the likes of Jon Stewart, David Letterman, and Mick Foley, was one of the peeps that influenced me in my writing skills and the creation of "The Cafe".

Why, you ask? Well, the story came way back on June 2005, when my article on Kaito KID was posted in theOtaku. He was one of only two guys that commented on what might be the worst analysis ever written in theOtaku. He made a generally positive review on the article, which was enough to make think less on the article's very low rating. So, I went over to his site. I read his posts a bit and was kinda impressed with his talent at writing. I even enjoyed the "Random SomeGuy Trivia" segment that he used to post before. Then again, the length of the posts made it a little bit of a turn-off for me back then.

When the year was gradually ending, I went over to his site on a few more occassions. Soon, I learned to like the posts. I liked his creativity. I liked it so much that I thought to myself, "Hey, I want my site to be like that. Forget about the length of the posts. I want to express myself freely just like him. I'm gonna make my site...A CAFE!" And then, the cafe was born. Oh, and if you're wondering how I made THREE FREAKING YEARS, thank SomeGuy for it because he was the original innovator of the "myO testimonials".

And then came the promotion issue (which was mentioned here) and the articles retirement issue (which can be seen here). Those two events made me regard SomeGuy as a great writer and a great guy. Hey, maybe he should change his name to "SomeGreatGuy".

I regard SomeGuy as my superior. Hmm...that sounds a bit too bureaucratic, so let me rephrase it. Just like I regard jomz as my "Pinoy Big Brother" in the site, I regard SomeGuy as my "Canadian Big Brother" in the site, even though our relationship isn't exactly like brothers.

Anyway, I wish the best in life for SomeGuy. Do your best, enjoy your life. And while you're at it, have a wife. Hehehe! And in lieu of recent events, I hope you do get the necessary stuff for the Asian trip and that the hassle will soon be gone. Take care brother!

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

Right now, I'm still in school. Actually, by the time I'm posting this I would normally be going home already. HOWEVER, some thing happened this week. And to know what it is, let's go back to last weeek.

Remember when I told you last weekthat I tried applying for a job in the Psycholoy Convention? Well last Wednesday (I guess), they announced the peeps who were lucky enough to make it. I didn't get the emcee role (Oh well!). But, surprise surprise! I got the usher role! I didn't count how many wannabes got the usher/usherette job, but by looking them, I think they never did reach their target number of usher/usherettes. Maybe that's why they hired me.

Now, since I'm now an usher for the Convention, I have to go to a meeting within an hour from now. So that's why I'm still at school. (Actually, in a cafe near our school.)

Anyway, this week I received the results from some of my Pre-Final Exams, and took more of those crazy exams. Filipino had a really good score, English had an awesome score, Political Science had a nice score (thanks to the canned goods donation and my attendance, which gave me bonus points), Math was kinda low but still passing (thanks to damn kind-hearted me who gave his trusty calculator for his poor classmate who eventually got a super-duper high score, forcing myself to do crazy manual Math), Psychology was not too low, while Religion had a super-duper awesome score.

This week, I saw a lot of my old classmates, some from elementary and some from high school. And tomorrow, I'm going to have that kind of encounter once again, since I'm gonna be going to see Ezel and some old classmates for her late birthday bash.

Anyway, let's go to 3FY:
Anthropology 101: The Evolution of theOtaku
Okay class. Since I'm at school right now, I can't make one of those testimonials or memories that I used to write. So now, I'll just show you pictures of "THE EVOLUTION OF theOTAKU".

The screenshots were taken from "The Wayback Machine" of Archive.org. Since they're kinda old, some of the pictures didn't appear. Anyway, i hope you'll enjoy these digital fossils of theOtaku.

Here's Version 1:

Here's Version 2:

Here's Version 3:

Here's Version 4, a.k.a. Version Now. This is the version that I actually saw back in 2003, when I was a newbie in this site. This was also the time when myOtaku was born:

Here's Version 5, or the current version. It had undergone some changes as time passed, but the design is generally the same:

And I hope you enjoyed our little theOtaku archaelogy session. Soon, I might have the "Evolution of myOtaku", but that remains to be seen. Anyway, Class Dismissed!

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Before anything else, I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the first anniversary of CPI or...the Cellphone Prank Incident! This day we remember the day I tricked Blue Hawk into thinking her cellphone service provider was going to suspend her cellphone service. Hehehehe!!! Thank you for the little help, ryosuke. And thank you Blue Hawk, because you turned a small prank into the best prank I ever did in my life, thanks largely to your little knowledge of the classification of cellphone numbers. Click here to know what the hell I'm talking about.


Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

It's been almost two weeks since little old me made the latest post. Nothing much happened anyway in the week before, thus the absence of the update.

Anyway, we had our Pre-Finals this week. Psychology didn't go well (but was worthy of a passing score!), Sociology was kinda crappy, Filipino seems to have a chance at a good grade, while Political Science became one of those tests where you had that "damn, I knew I read this, but damn, I forgot it!" kind of feeling. Oh well, I just hope the grades are okay.

Speaking of grades, I received my midterm grades yesterday. My lowest was in Literature, where I got a decent 2.5. The highest was actually in Civic Welfare (1.2) but since this doesn't count in the total average, I consider my highest grade to be the 1.3 in Religion, Math, Computer, and P.E. (Yes! Surprisingly, little old unathletically-inclined me got a high score in P.E.!)

Moving on. Today, I auditioned for the Psychology Convention this upcoming November. The roles I auditioned/was screened at were the emcee role and the usher role. I think I did well in both roles, but I doubt I'd be accepted. But then again, since the total number of usher-wannabees and usherette-wannabees didn't seem to reach the target number, I think I have a big chance at being an usher.

Last Tuesday, we had the" breaking of the bread" gesture for Religion class, which was nice (and tasty). Then on Computer class, I had a PowerPoint presentation on one of the greatest comedians in history.....BUGS BUNNY! The research on Bugs Bunny kinda led me to singing some of the old Looney Tunes songs recently. Later on, I'm gonna make you sing those songs yourself

Now, let's go to 3FY

D-Generation SOAP
Are you ready? I SAID, ARE YOU READY????

Then, for the thousands of myO members, for the millions of otaku people. And just because SOAP is today's feature, baby. OOOOOOO, LET'S GET READY TO SOAP IT!!!!!!!!!!

In the world of myOtaku, where the chairman Mr. McAdam (Sorry, Adam. Just couldn't resist.) has ruled the land, there was a group that rebelled against the company owner and made noise like no single member has done before. The faction was called: SOAP.

Okay, now for the serious part of the feature. S.O.A.P. or Society of Article Producers was the only subculture in myOtaku. It composed of anime article writers whose aim was to produce great articles for theOtaku. It included some of the best article writers in myO, like Katana, Kastom, Ada Pallas, bellpickle, and SunFallE.

Not too long before I created the Top Ten trend, I was thinking of joining the group. After the birth of the first Top Ten list, SOAP made their own version of the list, which somehow encouraged me to join them. Then Shinkiro gave me some sort of invitation. After some thinking, I decided to join the group.

Sometimes I feel left behind during my stay with SOAP. My co-writers have a lot of projects going on, while I have a hard time thinking up of a single idea. They have a lot of anime shows to choose from, while my busy sked forces me to make crossovers due to the lack of focus on one show. But the experience in SOAP was kinda good, despite not being a very active member.

Then it happened. Due to the site owner's decision to focus more on visual art and let the articles section retire (a decision that's still controversial), SOAP became the Society of Otakus who are Angry and Pissed. Even though I wasn't an active SOAPer, I still joined in the battle and made a protest in this issue. The society rebelled against Adam that the title I once gave this group before had actually lived up to its name. SOAP became the D-Generation X of myOtaku.

Nevertheless, after the announcement the articles section was sent to the Internet retirement home. SOAP then moved to a community they made in LiveJournal and soon, in their own website. (The myO account is still online, but seems to be abandoned.) Some members retired from SOAP and myO after the whole articles controversy, liked ryu6fw and Kastom.

As for me, my college life has led me to kinda abandon the group. So I'm sorry SOAP. I know I didn't do much, and I believe I won't be able to do much these days. But I'm not going to abandon you people totally. If ever I will get an article done, I'll try to make sure that you people will be the first to get that piece.

Now that ends today's feature. And if you're not down it, we've got two words for ya: SOAP IT!

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

Hey there! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

This week was kinda swell in school. Last Monday, we had a group role-playing on justice and doing what's right for Civic Welfare Training class. Our story went like this: a drunkard rapes someone, people see them and tell police, police arrests rapist, and rapist punished thru due process. BUT WAIT, there's a twist. Instead of a guy raping the gal, it became---yup, you guessed it----the gal raping the guy. And you-know-who got the unwanted privilege of being the victim. So yeah, I shouted, I screamed, I moved a lot, and all that crazy/crappy acting stuff while my "rapist" torments me despite the huge difference in her gender, her height, AND her fatness/thinness. (That's how I usually do these kind of not-so-serious role plays in school. I tend to give out 120% to make the audience be entertained.) I did get a legitimate scratch from this illegitimate rape incident, but hey, I did get a high 1.2 grade for this one.

We finally had our court observation for Political Science last Thursday. I had to be absent for Sociology class though, and get a little scolding from the teacher afterwards. But hey, at least my problem in Political Science has lessened.

Yesterday was the final episode of "Full Metal Panic" in HERO. It really makes me happy to finally see the ending of this show. I wasn't able to watch the final episode before in GMA since it was so early in the morning. And speaking of Full Metal Panic, I'm thinking about having a FMP theme in the site to replace the current Mankind/Mick Foley theme.

And speaking of Mick Foley, some of you must have learned that Foley was "fired" in the WWE after Melina kicked his prunes after he joined Mr. McMahon's "Kiss My A** Club". You know, that fact kinda makes me sad. But, who knows, maybe this is part of a grand storyline in the future. Nevertheless, I hope he'll be back soon.

And speaking of WWE, The whole Mysterio-Guerrero storyline has officially really sick ever since Eddie Guerrero's widow got involved in the storyline. This is even becoming the reason why I'm getting allergic at SmackDown! Is this what Eddie really wanted? To be in storylines even after his death? Can't we just let him rest in peace? I'm not parodying The Undertaker here. Can't we just let his soul be at rest?

Almost 6 months after getting 3000 hits, my site finally got 4000 hits. So thanks for the visiting the cafe, guys.

I just realized that a lot of you guys are departing already. Just this week, I had ryu6fw, Magnus Lensherr, and Yuna2004. That's really sad to know. I wish it didn't have to happen. But if it's for the better, then so be it and may they have a good life ahead of them. Besides, they never deleted their site, so they might have a surprising comeback.

Anyway, today I'm going to watch a Filipino play entitled, "Subtext". And that's about it.

The "Pinoy Big Brother" of myOtaku
In my years here in myO, I've had a few encounters with people who, like me, are Filipino-blooded. Well, aside from Blue Hawk, Number 5, Ezel, ryosuke, and aLaStOr10515, who are all my real-life classmates in high school. Anyway, one of those Pinoy myO members in the site was jomz.

Now jomz is a regular Filipino otaku. He likes Trigun, FMA (when will FMA air in our place? WHEN?!?), and Dragonball. He's a few years older than me, so that kinda makes him Edward and me being Alphonse. (I wonder if he's also short...). He's good at computer stuff and has been one of the editors of their school's yearbook. He's an Accountancy graduate, and is aiming to pass the CPA Board Exam (Certified Public Accountant Board Exam) this coming October.

Now this guy has been in quite a long hiatus. Not too long ago, he was reported to have his last update in 11/18/03. And then a miracle came. HE UPDATED! I guess I was one of the few people who ever remembered him after that long vacation.

Another thing I remember about him was his piece of advice during the articles controversy. Hesaid that I should move on, try not to be too hard on everything, and trust Adam in what's happening in the site (something which up to this day is not too easy to do already after the events of the past). I really appreciated that comment, along with the comment that SomeGuy gave. That kinda calmed me down from the series of events and made me consider them as two of my "Big Brothers" in the site, even though our relationship isn't really that close. As such, I consider jomz as my "Pinoy Big Brother" in the site.

Anyway, I wish jomz the best in his future endeavors, and I do hope he will be able to pass the CPA Exam and not encounter the same damn problems that the Nursing Exams had recently. Do you best and strive hard, jomz. Remember: Look up for inspiration, look down for concentration, but avoid looking at the sides for your solution.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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