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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey there guys. Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

Well, this week was a fun week, since it's the Foundation Week in our college. A lot of fun things happened. Here's a summary of what went down this week:

SUNDAY - Attended a mass at the other campus. Saw Mama Be...I mean, Blue Hawk together with a guy named Xavier. (Xavier---X-Men---Charles Xavier---Charles---Papa Bear?!? Could it be?!) Spend some time watching the Carolinian Idol contest (the campus version of "American Idol"). Left the contest early to visit my classmate Beth's dormitory since it's "Open House Day" in her dorm.
MONDAY - 23rd Death Anniversary of Ninoy Aquino, a Filipino leader who fought against the dictator Marcos and died for the Filipino people. (Makes me remember Blue Hawk's sister: "Mommy, we won't have classes on Aug. 21 because Ninoy Aquino died.") Attended the opening ceremonies of the Intramurals, but left the venue since it was so full of people.
TUESDAY - "Stay-At-Home" Day. Baked a Choco-Banana Cake together with my mom.
WEDNESDAY - Attended a criminal case hearing for Political Science class, but was dissatisfied with the hearing. Watched a basketball game.
THURSDAY - Practice and distribution of costumes for the field demonstration in the PE Festival. Had to walk under the heavy rain and cross a road that turned into a "river" while trying to go get my costume.
FRIDAY - The most eventful day in the week! Went to court to attend another hearing for Pol. Sci class, only to find out that there's no court hearings since the fiscals are out attending a convention. Joined some of my classmates to visit my classmate Eula's home, then had free lunch there. Watched "Dark Water" together with them. Documented a basketball game for Filipino class. Treated my classmate Mikko for spaghetti and Coke. (Oh, the power of coupons!!) Bought some burgers for my family, since they have this "Buy 1 Take 1" promo in the store. Gave one-half of a burger to Mikko.
SATURDAY - PE Festival. Saw Number 5 and Blue Hawk. Performed the Malaysian Dance with fellow PE classmates. Danced to the tune of "We Are Family" for the finale. Documented the event for English class.

Tomorrow, it will be the Family Day for my bro's high school. I'm pondering on whether I'll go there or not, considering all the stuff I need to do.

Now, for 3KY
Cookin' a Nice Day
I guess the most popular thing in this site could be found at the beginning and at the end of every post. Yup, it's nothing more than the opening and ending quotes.

Okay, I admit, they're not really original creations. Yes, the two quotes have something to do with WWE. And yes, "HAVE A NICE DAY!" was taken from Mick Foley's famous catchphrase, while the Cookin' line was based on the quote that The Rock cooked up. But the history of how it became part of this site is a very odd story.

July 19, 2004. Three days after my "Public Apology" post that was addressed to Blue Hawk, after me and Number 5 did something that kinda pissed the bird a lot. (Whoops! That sentence sounded kinda odd.) In this post, I talked about how happy I was to learn that BH forgave me. (And thankfully, she didn't actually continue her plan of changing my site theme to a girly pink theme as part of my penace.) Anyway, at the end of the post came the line that would forever change the face of sports-entertainment...err, I mean, the face of my site: " HAVE A NICE DAY!" So I guess I owe Blue Hawk some gratitude for the birth of my first signature quote. But I think I also owe my brother some gratitude for this one, because he was the one who used to use this quote in his testimonials and posts before using "Sankyuu" instead.

The Cookin' line is another odd story. On May 24, 2006, I was thinking of a sentence to connect "Hey there guys!" at the beginning of my post. Then from somewhere inside my gray matter, an odd idea popped out. "Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?" Even I was wondering why I typed that. Later on, it would be modified to "Can you read what The Mask is postin'?" since I'm not The Rock, the most electrifying superstar in the WWE. I'm The Mask, the most electrically-charged particle in myOtaku. (Hah! Beat that, Rocko!) But since the Postin' line didn't sound as catchy as the Cookin' line, I decided to turn my opening line to the current version.

That's all I can say. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hey there guys. Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'

Today we had a practice for our dance presentation in the PE festival. The venue was at another campus, and in this campus most of my old high school classmates study here. So...yeah, you know where this is going. I had a little reunion with my old classmates including the fanart legend Number 5 and, yes, Mama Bear...err, I mean, Blue Hawk! Number 5 changed her hairstyle, by the way. (Why didn't you tell us, Na-Cho? WHY??!!??) As for Mama....I mean Blue Hawk, she was still doing well. Although I was expecting Papa Bear to be with her. Hehehe....

And now, to comment on the previous comments:
PromQueen: Hey nice to hear from you again, PQ! Long time no talk.
jomz: Glad to know you liked the segment. And did I mention you might actually be featured in this segment?
shoyo4: Man, that must be hard. Memorizing all those Asian countries and coloring them in the map. We had something like that in Political Science. Anyway, at least there's a lot of time to rest, right?

And that's about it. Now for 3FY!
Battered, Bruised, Bullied, Broken-Hearted. Yet Still Standing Strong.
In my 3 years here in myO, I had some friends who are wrestling fans. The first ones were the now-retired members wrestlemaniac408 and The Hurricane. (Retired, because their last posts were like 2-3 years ago.) Then I had PromQueen, who has recently updated her blog after a few months of inactivity. Then there's the "DX member" Yuna2004, who seems to have some wacky thing going on with Mama Bear...err, I mean, Blue Hawk. But for some reason, the one that shines above the rest is a 16-year-old guy that goes by the name yuske starwind.

Now yuske here is not your typical pro-wrestling fan. While others would prefer the wrestling moves and storylines from Mr. McMahon's empire, this guy prefers the amazing Puroresu or Japanese pro-wrestling. In fact, he would rather work as a wrestler in Japan than a wrestler in America.

Speaking of wrestler, the other thing that made him outshine the other wrestling otakus is the fact that he's not just a pro-wrestling otaku... he IS a pro-wrestler! He won some championships in some small wrestling promotions, as well as in karate. Boy, he sure is a tough kid. Sometimes I get curious on how this guy fights during a typical pro-wrestling match. When the time comes that I become a wrestling manager (yeah, like that would happen), I guess I would choose to manage this guy. Just imagine: "Weighing in at around 160 pounds, from Levittown, Pennsylvania, being accompanied by The Mask, YUSKE STARWIND!"

The sad thing about this guy is his school life. Although he is a tough wrestling dude, he is still a victim of constant bullying. Even more painful is the fact that his school actually thinks that there's no bullying in their school, while this guy is the living proof of student abuse. Another sad thing about this guy was his separation with his girlfriend, although I don't want to talk much about it because he might be hurt once again.

But despite all the things he has gone through, he is still here standing strong. That's something that I found admirable. So yuske, I salute you for that.

Another thing about this guy that I remember was the way he dealt with the death of some wrestlers, particularly the late great Eddie Guerrero. Of all the people who commented on my post during that mournful day, it was his comment that made me feel that I was not alone here in myO in feeling much pain during Eddie's death. He was one of the few members in myO who acknowledged Eddie's contribution to the wrestling world.

Now, with school life coming back to yuske soon, I would like to wish him well and that he would no longer have to go through a lot of ridicule and pain in his school. Stay strong, my friend, and always have faith.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

Well this week was fine. I received some of my midterm results. The results for Religion and Psychology were pretty good. Political Science was a bit low but I still managed to pass. I also took two midterms this week; one is for Sociology (which is the hardest of them all) and Math.

Now the Math midterm had an interesting story behind it. You see, we were required to bring a calculator for the test, or else we don't get to answer the midterm. Since I forgot my calculator, I sought for help to my female classmates. One of them decided to call one of her "contacts" for help. The "contacts" agreed to let me borrow their calculator, and she told me to meet them at a certain cafeteria. And as proof that I was the one who asked for the calculator, I asked for my classmate's signature. Instead, she gave me her "amazing picture". When I presented my photographic "proof of assistance" to them, the "contacts" were laughing so hard.

Next week, we'll be having our Foundation Week. It's a celebration that can be described by two nice words: NO CLASSES! Only problem is that some of my classes required us to document some of the events, but that's okay. Oh, and I'm gonna be observing a live court case sometime next week for a Political Science project. Oh well...

Starting today and in the next 2 months, "TODAY'S SPECIAL" will be temporarily replaced by a new segment called "THREE FREAKIN' YEARS". This idea, which was inspired from The Daily Show's "TEN F***ING YEARS" and the "friends testimonials" that some members are doing recently, will feature myO stuff that gave color to the past 3 years. Could be about my time here in myO, your time here in myO, the peeps here in myO, or just myO in general.

"Why I'm doing this?" you ask. Look at your left and you will find your answer, young grasshopper.

So, to begin this little thing I created:

The Damn Comment of the Damn G-Guy
2003. I was still a 13-year-old newbie in myOtaku. I made my first post, which was a short one-sentence post welcoming visitors to my site. (Yeah, this was long before this 16-year-old Psycho...logy student was into typing damn long posts.) Then I received my first-ever comment. But unlike a lot of you whose first comments was getting welcomed by the members, my first-ever comment was somewhat the opposite. That comment which came from a member I'll call "the G-guy" told me that my site sucks.

I was a bit mad when he gave me that comment. I was still a newbie in the site. Hell, I was still a newbie into the whole blogging thing. And he had the nerve to make that comment?! At that time, I somewhat had the feeling of leaving this site because of this damn impolite comment. (Yes. Long before the whole...oh boy, I'm saying it again...articles issue in theOtaku, I already had a plan of leaving myOtaku.) But being the 13-year-old kid back then, I decided to let it go and just enjoy the brighter side of the site.

I never did report the management about it, and I think I never will. It's pointless anyway 'coz he rarely updates his site. Besides, I'm guessing the management did something about it since the comment's no longer there last time I checked it. Plus, I'm not really much of a complainer and would rather leave these people alone. Anyway, I already forgave the dude for his misdeed.

Maybe I owe this guy some gratitude. You see, that negative comment kinda motivated me to renovate the site so that no one can ever say that it sucks. (Although the earlier renovation was actually done by a certain "bird" here in myO. But that's gonna be for a later post.)

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

I was thinking on what to post for today when suddenly it happens. My brother was watching anime on our new Changhong TV. (Never heard of the brand? I don't blame you, 'coz this one's a cheap brand.)Suddenly, a voice conversation popped out from nowhere. It's as if our new TV has a built-in "wiretap" machine. I can understand a telephone or a modem as a "wiretapping" machine, but a TV?

The conversation talked about installing an antenna somewhere near our place. And I'm damn sure this wasn't part of the script for the anime (which was "Barom One") because the language used was way different. I'm guessing this is because of the illegal cable connection, which is a bit rampant here. But then again, I was never an electronics expert. Still, it makes me wonder why a cheap TV brand like Changhong would get something like that.

Anyway, my graduation DVD finally played till the end. I was able to view my valedictory speech and...well, it wasn't as good as I expected. Oh well...

Aside from the graduation itself, I also saw the slideshow of activities in our school. I was laughing so hard when I saw a close-up picture of my brother smiling during my "mock wedding" for Religion class. Now this would be something for his friends at Friendster, because for some odd reason he rarely smiles in his photos. Maybe I should devise a plot to show this picture in his Friendster account to let them see this odd moment. That would be great. Hahaha...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

On other stuff...yesterday, I had a practice for our dance presentation for the Foundation Week. This week, I'll be having my midterms for Math, Sociology, and Civic Welfare. Then next week, our university's gonna have the Foundation Week! (No classes for a week!! Weee!!!) And that's about it.

Other Self: Hey, Mask, how 'bout the Articles stuff?

Wait! I've got an "other self"?! Anyway, I guess I've irritated you guys long enough with posts regarding this whole article controversy. Sorry for the irritating comments. The whole thing's a thing of the past now. I'm moving on, and I feel much better. Can't let a thing like that affect me forever, can I?
Here's a nice quote from "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation":
Greg: All work and no play makes Greg a dull boy.
Grissom: All play and no work makes Greg an unemployed boy.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

This week we had our midterms. Literature was tough but okay, Psychology and Religion were just fine, while Computer was generally easy (although I can't really guarantee a perfect score). The ones that really drove me crazy were Filipino and Political Science. For Filipino, it was simply because we thought it was only gonna cover the history of the national language (in the end, it covered all our lessons starting from day 1). Actually, Filipino would still be fine despite that little problem, but there was just one vital part in the test which I really failed to study even during the pre-midterms. For Political Science, let's just say I studied but my studying wasn't good enough. (Makes me remember of this line from the song "Just Once": I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough.) I really hope my grade will be a good one. I don't care how small it is, as long as it's a good one.

Today I visited my old high school. Had a little chat with some of my friends and teachers there. Too bad none of my former comrades were there.

Speaking of high school, yesterday I got my DVD of my high school graduation. It looked good from the start, but as time passed it started to show signs of defects. Even more annoying is that these defects appeared even before the graduation proper started. *sigh*

The Articles section in theOtaku.com has officially retired, with 15 final articles posted in the Net as a bye-bye gift. It's really sad to see this thing go away. Like I said before, this was the place where I started to make some noise in theOtaku world. I remember the time I submitted to the site my first article, which was about anime tourist spots. Then came my erroneous Detective Conan article on how the characters got their names. The spotlight finally came when my first humor article, "Barbecue Sauce!" became a hit and got featured in theOtaku.com main page by Adam. After the success in "Barbecue Sauce!" came the failure in my analysis on Kaito Kid. On December 2005, I introduced the "Anime Christmas Carols" and did well. Then last April, I started the "Top Ten trend" after submitting an anime version of Letterman's Top Ten list. Because of the success in the Top Ten list, I decided to do another one of the lists, and although it gave me less votes it also gave me my highest rating. And now, it's time to bid this thing goodbye.

Oh well, that's life. After the rants from last week, I've learned to accept this fact.

This was taken from a text message forwarded to me by my classmate (P.S. This was edited to make it easier to understand):
A biologist, a chemist, and a physicist went to visit the beach for the first time. They were all amazed.
"I wonder how much is the pressure beneath the ocean surface," the physicist said. So he dived into the water to find out. But he never returned.
"Behold!" exclaimed the biologist. "The ocean must possess so many life forms below." So he dived into the water but never returned.
The chemist took his pen and paper and wrote down: "The physicist and biologist are both soluble in water."

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

First things first. Yesterday, I made a statement regarding the retirement of the articles section. I apologize if some of you felt uneasy with my statement, but that was how I felt then. Like the other writers here, I'm still not happy with what's happening. But as jomz pointed out in his site, I'll try to do what one myOtaku member did: trust Adam.

As for my full retirement in myOtaku, I'm thinking about erasing that thing away from my imaginary blackboard. College may be giving me a hassle, my otaku side may be fading slowly, and the articles section may be going bye-bye soon, but that doesn't mean I can't be a good myOtaku member. I'd like to thank SomeGuy and jomz for letting me realize that. Anyway, if you wanna read my previous post, click here.

Moving on. This week was okay for me in college. There was the bible enthronement (where, like I said before, I had to buy a new bible since the old one got lost), the collage book for our English midterms, and the free 3-in-1 coffee in school which was available for yesterday only (And to think it was raining damn hard yesterday. What timing!). But the thing I liked about this week was when me and my group got a 1.0 (the highest grade in college) for our song presentation in Religion class. The songs we sang were a couple of song spoofs with lyrics related to our topic (Buddhism and Islam). What others see as an amusing piece of crap is also the only one that, as our instructor said, "gave justice to the assigned topics". Oh, and the composer of the two songs was you-know-who.

Next week, it's gonna be Midterm week. Crappy. They say that the results will be sent to the parents through mail or phone, so even if we keep the results as a secret to our parents, that secret will be useless anyway. Double crappy. Hopefully, I can get a good grade, especially in Literature (where I recently got zero in a test, thanks to my collage for English), Religious Education, Sociology, and Psychology.

Hmm...it's really starting to rain hard again here. Makes me think of those songs about rain. You know, "Rhythm of the Rain", "Crying in the Rain", "It's Gonna Rain". Actually I kinda like rainy days because it's so cool. Sitting down, enjoying the indoors, or better yet spend some time in a cafe (which I'm planning to do later in my life). But that doesn't mean I would go "Whoopee!" whenever floods come in, the lightning cuts off our power supply and our Net connection, and I would get fever and colds due to the droplets of rain.

Anyway, let's go over to TODAY'S SPECIAL.
After weeks of written specials, here's a video to make things a bit different. This is a crossover anime video with the Monday Night RAW theme song as its background song. Being both an anime and WWE fan, watching this clip kinda amused me. Plus this video was created by a Filipino, which makes me even happier. Anyway, here it goes:

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, August 4, 2006

I may be late to comment in the latest issue to hit theOtaku, but I think I really need to say something about it. I know it's not as intelligible as other comments, but I just want to speak out.

Just months ago, I was partially involved in the whole promotion issue where many theO artists got promoted to higher ranks while a hundred theO writers (who also contribute a lot to the site) were left as it is. I decided to do a somewhat violent reaction (well, maybe not that violent) to Adam himself after learning that some of the legends of the Article world (one, a popular veteran member and the other, the most active article writer who's also a fellow SOAPer) were affected by this little conflict. Together with a lot of other comments from other peeps, the writers eventually got their promotions (kinda like a people power...no...comment power!). I thought that I would never have to face this kind of politics ever again. I wanted to move on as a myOtaku member, a theOtaku article writer, and a future SOAPer. But as my Political Science said, "We can never run away from politics, because it is a way of life."

Last Sunday while I was surfing the Net, I learned that theOtaku.com will be taking off the Articles section. When I learned about this, I was a bit upset. During the pre-article era, I really envied Number 5 (who's also my classmate) because she can be successful in the world of fanart, while I only got 40% for my fairly decent drawing of Detective Conan. I envied Blue Hawk (my classmate who helped gave birth to myOtaku's The Mask) because she has Photoshop to make her greetings, while I'm stuck to Paint. When the articles section was born two years ago, I felt this was my place to shine. I did well in my first article, and then became successful in humor articles. To learn that the whole articles section would be retiring made me sad because it was my place to make a mark in theOtaku.com and in the online anime world.

No offense to artists, but somehow I didn't like the way visual art is being promoted in theOtaku. Sure, some of these works are actually good, especially Number 5's doodles and the original Naruto fan manga. But to have theOtaku.com focus on artists is really...well, it just doesn't feel right to me. I mean, this is theOtaku.com, right? Otakus in this part of the Web refers to anime fans, right? If you're focusing only on the artistically inclined anime fans, then it doesn't really live to the spirit of being the otaku. The site, I believe, should focus on both the artists and the writers, because together they comprise "the Otakus". Unless, of course, if the Otaku in theOtaku.com is referring to those who are fans of viewing and making visual anime art.

But then, I'm also trying to consider Adam's point. If you're the owner of a site that needs a lot of money for maintenance, you wouldn't want to use up your resources on a section that gets less than 1% of the topic, would you? You would want to save resources. Besides, he is going to give writers a new place in myOtaku.com to express the passion for anime.

But, like SomeGuy pointed out in a comment in Adam's site, I want this passion to be part of theOtaku.com, not myOtaku.com. Our ideas for our articles are just as good as the fanarts. Also, we need to see "the toys" for the writers.

Now, I'm having some questions in my head. When Adam was changing the gaming site to an anime site, was the gaming site still named theOtaku.com? Why follow the likes of deviantART? Will we, the writers, be demoted after our promotion two months ago? And, by giving a lot of exposure to artists, is the site still worthy to be called theOtaku.com?

This issue has come to the point where I'm starting to reconsider about my full retirement in myOtaku.com. I need to focus on college, I'm starting to lose my otaku side, and now the articles section is gonna be gone. Everything is starting to be a bit confusing for me. Joining Philfoula and MAJR in the myOtaku alumni is now popping up in my head. Will I be leaving the site that I have been a part of for nearly 3 years remains to be seen.

I realized that myOtaku.com was celebrating its 3rd anniversary days ago. But with this issue popping out in the same manner that a failed coup attempt in the Philippines popped out in the 20th anniversary of the successful 1986 People Power Revolution led me in a not-so-good mood to celebrate. Maybe I'm just overreactiing to the whole thing.

I guess I may have either confused you, bored you, angered you, irritated you due to my not-so-critical thinking, enlightened you, made you happy, or made you mind go blank. So I'll just end this post with, sadly, no TODAY'S SPECIAL. Hopefully, my next post won't be as serious and as damn long as this one.

That's all I can say. Gotta get some sleep. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hey there guys! Can ya smell what The Mask is cookin'?

This week was fine. Last night, I attended a musical entitled, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!" for our English class. I've heard some good comments about the musical, so I thought this would be a good one. And, well, it really was good. Really, really good. It made me laugh in more than one occassion. Some of them almost made me cry, but maybe that was just me being a bit sentimental. I enjoyed listening to some of the music and a few of the tunes are still stuck in my head.

This week did have its share of problems. The biggest of which is my Bible getting lost. You see, last Thursday I was using my Bible for Religion class. After the class ended, I left the room and forgot to bring my Bible with me. Later on, I realized that the holy book was missing. So I decided to return to the room the next day. When I went there, it was gone. *cries* I had that thing for around 4 years and it was actually my first bible. Guess I have to buy another Bible, especially with our Bible Enthronement being so near. Oh man!

This week too, a shopping center in our place that goes by the name "Plaza Fair" went down in flames. Now this makes me quite sad since that store was a part of my childhood memories. When I was a kid, my mom would take me and my brother there and we would buy some stuff while I dreamed of buying some of their sweet delights and the postcards that they sold there. (I'll explain the whole postcard thing soon.) My mom even told me about how I cried a lot before just to convince her to buy me the then-popular Brick Game at the Fairmart (the old name of Plaza Fair). And now, it's gone in smoke, and has joined the Gazini Plaza, and the White Gold Inc. in my list of "childhood memories places" that were engulfed by flames. Why do they have to go in flames?

This week, I just learned that myOtaku.com's turning 3 in a matter of days. Whoa! Time sure is fast. Right now, I'm trying to think up of a special gift for the myO peeps. Maybe a Top 10 list, just like what I did during Adam's birthday. But then again, I'm a busy Psychology freshmen, and I don't think I can have enough time to do that.

And that...wait a minute! How come I'm not starting this paragraph with "This week"?! Anyway, that wraps up this week. Now to TODAY'S SPECIAL.
This quote was something I came up with while trying to help my classmate answer a Business Math test without telling her the answer:
"Whatever happens to one TV network will affect the other TV network."
(Intended Meaning: If there are discrepancies in the bank statement, you either add or subtract it in the checkbook balance, and vice-versa.)

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Hey there guys! Do you smell what The Mask is cookin'?

Today turned out well. We were dismissed early today, since my Math teacher is in a sick leave while my Civic Welfare instructor had a 2-day seminar to attend. I was planning on visiting my old high school, but alas my parents asked me to go grocery shopping instead. Too bad, 'coz I would later learn that the "self-professed-previous-wife-of-The Mask-who-would-separate-from-him-over-Kakashi" was there in the old high school. (You know damn well what I'm talking about, Blue Hawk.)

Pre-midterms went out well. I didn't have the best grade, but it was good enough. However, I'm starting to worry about my essay-type Sociology exam right now, since I was 60% prepared for it. Hope I got a good grade.

This week, I composed new songs for Religion class. This time, the songs are about Buddhism and Islam. But since we haven't performed it yet, I decided to keep this a secret to non-associates. Nevertheless, I gotta say that these original songs (well, half-original, since the music was just "borrowed") never fail to amuse us and make us chuckle, no matter how serious or educational the message may be. In fact, I bet those Nursery Rhyme jingles from two weeks ago amused you too despite the deep meaning behind it.

The Lebanon-Israel seems to be such a big issue in our country, especially with Filipinos in the Middle East beng affected by the conflict. I really hope things will be settled soon and that peace will still rule in the end.

No progress in my articles right now. Ideas just keep popping but I barely get to write even a sentence.

Yesterday while I was in the bathroom and, as Mick Foley would say it, trying to "squeeze some Snow", I finished reading Foley's autobiography, "Have A Nice Day!". Quite an awkward way to finish reading one of my favorite books. But then again, Foley himself had some great bathroom moments....and I don't mean that, you perv!

Anyway, the book was great. Really great. It made me laugh, it almost led me to tears, and it actually let me feel like I was Foley myself. And like I said, this book has cemented itself in my limited list of my fave books. If I had a book club like Oprah, I would really recommend this book, even if you're no wrestling fan.

Since I'm talking about "Have A Nice Day!" right now, TODAY'S SPECIAL will be a funny excerpt from the book. Don't worry, takeshi takumi. Your proverb will be featured soon. Now, the excerpt:

I had not only guarded the summer before, but worked at Arthur's Take Out in the winter. Arthur's Take Out was the brainchild of club owner Arthur Grower, who paid me and my buddy Rob Betcher minimum wage to cook and deliver broasted (a combination of broiling and roasting---but it looked like fried) chicken out of the freezing snack bar. There was no heat in the place, so we would have to throw water on the stove and do calisthenics to keep warm while we waited for the phone that seemed to never ring.

As a result, we had lots of free time in the snack bar, and I had taken to whittling objects out of potatoes and then broasting them. One night, Danny Zucker, who would later go on to manage me in the Dude Love movies, called in an order, and I set out whittling my best potato penis complete with potato testicles that we attached to the starchy shaft through the miracle of toothpicks.

I set out with two orders in my car, and after dropping off the first, headed over to the Zucker residence to unveil my unique sculpture. "You're going to love this, Zuck," I promised, as Dannnny opened the box to reveal a normal order of fries. Oops. I never did find out if Mrs. Smith on lower Sheep Pasture Lane enjoyed her meal.

That's all I can say. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Hey there guys! Can ya smell what The Mask is cookin'?

Finally, my pre-midterm exams are over. Well...partly over. I still have English, Sociology, and Business Math (although the Math test is not exactly a pre-midterm test). But what the heck, at least I only have a few exams to worry about.

Of all the exams, the Political Science exam was the most amusing of them all. Not really because I knew the answers (in fact, I'm regretting a lot on the fact that I failed to study the important notes in my notebook). But it's actually because of the bonus question that our instructor gave.

The bonus question, which was worth 10 points, went like this: "WRITE ANYTHING after Test IV". Now, since it said, "write anything", I planned to write my partially-unoriginal signature quote (which, after nearly a year of using it at the end of my posts, you must have known it already). But then, I thought, "Something fishy's going on here. Why is there much emphasis on WRITE ANYTHING?" Thinking that this is one of those trick questions that have caused many students to get low points in exams, I decided to write "ANYTHING" instead. Later on, my classmates told me that the instructor told them that the answer was, in fact, "ANYTHING"! I was happy about my decision, but my classmates were quite pissed by the "trick question".

Answering the exams wouldn't have been much of a burden for me had it not been for my cold. The constant dripping of my mucus kept on distracting my concentration and the constant wiping of my dripping mucus used up a significant amount of my time. Sure hope it won't occur in the next big exams.

Now on the world of anime. I was surfing the Net yesterday because I had some researching and, besides, I was bored. Since I was bored, I decided to drop by at Wikipedia and see the new info they've put on various subjects. When I reached the Detective Conan article, I was shocked to read this little info:

The latest in the series of its franchise is a live-action TV drama which is poised to be aired in autumn 2006. It would act as a prequel of the current storyline, starring Shun Oguri as Shinichi Kudo, Tomoko Kurokawa as Ran Mouri, and Takanori Jinnai as Kogoro Mouri. (More information here, in Japanese).

And to think not too long ago, the thought of having a live-action DC was stuck in my head. I sure hope I can get a chance to watch it, and I sure it won't become one of those crappy anime-based live-action shows.

Anyway, let's go to TODAY'S SPECIAL:
Here's another proverb I learned from Literature class:
If what you sow is wind, a storm is what you reap.
(Meaning: If you don't do anything, you'll get problems.)

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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