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Monday, May 28, 2007

Here's a quick update on my life. This week I'll be at my college to enroll myself for 2nd year. I'm still gonna be a Psychology major.

And about the survey, well I have to admit that I am not yet finished with the tallying. Partly because of the excitement I had in the elections a few weeks ago. And partly because I still have to consider on whether one answer is similar to another and all that stuff (just like the "Goku" problem I mentioned a few weeks ago).

By the way, I just found out this little piece of myOtaku history. This week in 2006, there was this thing I call the myO title promotion thing. You know, the event where many artists got promotions while writers (a.k.a. "not artistically-inclined people") had a slow promotion. And the time where writers protested this to the Big Boss about this, which was lead by SomeGuy?

Still remember those days? Here's a link to my post regarding the incident:

It's a good thing we moved on from that event, huh?

Before I go, I just want to ask this question: Do you still want me to show the results of my survey?

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey guys! Like I said, I just had this condition that I'd like to call "the election hangover". I've had this thing since the 2001 elections, when certain things in the country got me interested in elections. Then again, it might have come from a long time ago, when I imagined a "mock election" and made Olive Oyl as the president of Cartoon Land.

I guess elections are one of my passions in life. There's that feeling of excitement and anxiety every time you see the unofficial results (and the way it actually matches the official results in more than one occassion). Sometimes, I even want to be part of the election coverage. That's why there are times that I regret not volunteering for C-CIMPEL when I had the chance. (C-CIMPEL is an organization in our province tasked to make the unofficial counts)

As for the unofficial results, I have to say that I don't really like it that much. Three people that I don't exactly like (Villar, Cayetano, Aquino) made it in the Top 12 Senatoriables. On the good side, nine people I like or don't hate that much (Legarda, Escudero, Lacson, Pangilinan, Arroyo, Angara, Recto, Zubiri, Trillanes) made it in the list.

As for my survey, well I didn't do much progress because of the elections. Hopefully, I can finish it soon.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tomorrow, our country (the Philippines) will be having its midterm elections. More than 40 million voters will decide the fate of the country by writing in their ballots the people whom they want to put in power
..... and too bad I'm not one of those people. WAAAHHH!

Well, I'm still 17, and people here in the Philippines must be least 18 years old in order to vote. Can you imagine, JUST ONE YEAR BEHIND?!?!?!?!

But don't think I ain't concerned about this election. After seeing the surveys made by different organizations, I'm somehow getting anxious at the polls. (Especially since 2-3 men I don't really like keep on making it in the damn survey!) That's why I'm doing some encouraging of my own thru Friendster.

My friends might have noticed that I posted some "VOTE WISELY" bulletins in Friendster. Well, that's the least I can do to help make this election clean and fruitful.

I would've given out the people whom I wanted to win as senators, but since campaigning is banned these days, I guess I'll have to cancel that.

Anyway, about my ANIME SURVEY... well, I'm almost finished. Had some problems tallying some categories, but I think I can manage.

I also learned that theOtaku.com had their own survey. (And damn, I never got to take it!) So, I gotta ask: Was it fun? What were the questions?

Anyway, to end this post, let me just say this to my fellow Filipino otakus who'll vote tomorrow:
"MGA BOTANTE! Nagawa niyong bumoto sa PBB, sa StarStruck, sa PDA. Kaya, bumoto kayo sa Mayo 14! Dahil hindi lang kapalaran ng iba ang tinatakda nito. Pati kapalaran mo. VOTE WISELY!!!"

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hey there guys! I'm quite happy right now, since I finally got enough responses for my survey.

As you may recall (or not), my target number of responses was 110. And as of May 1, 2007, I have received a total of 132 responses. That means one thing: I'M FINISHED!

However, I've decided to keep the survey open for people who still wants to take it. So go ahead and take the survey now, people, while you have the chance. After which, I'm gonna close the survey within the next few days.

I've also started tallying the responses. Thru the power of Microsoft Excel, tallying the results became less tiring for me.

Speaking of results, I have to admit that I was kinda shocked to know that 53% of the respondents didn't know what AnimeFF is. That doesn't even include the other people who gave out unrelated answers for the sake of answering. This was one of 2007's most controversial scandals in the theOtaku community, and a lot of members had no idea about it? Then again, maybe it's for the better.

And another thing. Several people answered "Goku" in the question about strong anime characters. This is causing me some problems because "Goku" is a character in at least three shows: Dragonball Z, Saiyuki, and Monkey Typhoon. And when it comes to strength, all of them are pretty strong. And even if you say "Son Goku", it's still confusing since both DBZ and Saiyuki have those names. "Sasuke" is fine, but not "Goku". That's one reason why you have to be a bit specific.

Anyway, I think I'll go back to tallying the results. And then, I'll get the newest responses that might have been e-mailed to me (if my connection permits me). And then, do some research for some confusing answers. Hopefully, I can finish all of this before May ends.

That's all I can say. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, April 27, 2007

First, the survey.

According to my statistics, I've already contacted around 190 people already. And the total number of respondents (including those who were informed thru my blog) are now 68. That means I have exceeded one-half of my target number of respondents, which is 110.

Hopefully, I can reach the target number by the second week of May so that I can move on to the tallying of the results. And since some people didn't really make any specific answers (or made some wrong spellings in their answers), I might also have to do some research for the tallying.

Now, to clear things up before something bad happens, let me just say these things:
FIRST: The survey is an independent project. When I said that the results will be used in theOtaku.com, OtakuBoards.com or in myOtaku.com, I meant that I will be using the results in the said websites. I didn't mean the staff of the websites.
SECOND: The reason I used "we" in my provate messages is because I normally use "we" in things like this. Actually, I meant "I", but sometimes the word "I" sounds quite lonely to me.
THIRD: I am in no way related to the staff of this site or to Jim Carrey. Besides, I'm not the only one who uses a cartoon-inspired or movie-inspired name in this website.

I hope you all understand.

Like I said, there's already 68 responses. That leaves me only 42 more responses to go. So I'm really looking forward to it.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Well, since I'm more focused on the survey now, short posts will now be more frequent these days in my site.

I'm now taking a little break from sending those PMs to random myOtaku members for my survey. Right now, around 100 people have been informed about this survey. And out of 100 people, only 31 people have responded to the said survey.

The recent turn-out of the survey means one thing: there's still more work to be done. My goal is to get approximately 120 responses. Hopefully, this will be over by the second week of May.

I've contacted someone about the full details of this survey so that I can get his/her thoughts (Heh! Now you'll never know if he/she was a boy/girl). Right now, I'm still waiting for his/her response. If things don't go as planned, I'll switch to Plan B.

Anyway, enough about the survey. Let's just go revive the segment that has truly been part of The Mask's Cafe for years.

Yes, TODAY'S SPECIAL is back. For today, here's a funny clip from the cartoon, "Freakazoid".

By the way, if you want to take the survey, click the pic below.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

As time goes on, my posts seem to get shorter and shorter. I would have also used the word "duller" but c'mon, it's not that dull...right?

Right now, I'm sending more PMs to some random myOtaku members for my ANIME SURVEY. I'll keep on doing this until I get around 100-200 responses to the survey.

As of today, I've already sent PMs to around 30-40 people and only got 15-20 responses. Some won't take the survey just because they don't want to and some because of PC security reasons. Which is understandable. But do bear in mind that I'm not the kind of guy who makes computer nightmares to people, because I believe it's unethical and, besides, I don't even know how.

On other stuff, thanks to all the people who stopped by and greeted me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY last April 12. It really meant a lot.

Speaking of my birthday, the day was quite simpler than last year. We went to church and had pizza-ice cream-noodles for dinner. That's about it. I would have loved it if I received a birthday gift, but apparently I don't want any object right now. Anything except the success of my survey.

By the way, if you'd like to take the survey, just click on the picture below.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey there guys! How's everything going? Once again, I'll make another short post.

Right now, I'm sending PMs to random people regarding an ANIME SURVEY that I want them to take. And since it's tiring sending the message one by one, I decided to post the message here. So, here it goes:

Hey there! Sorry if we're bothering you right now! Just would like to request you to answer the ANIME SURVEY we prepared for you. Trust us, it's gonna be fun. The results of the survey shall be used for information and/or entertainment purposes in this site.

Anyway here's the link:


So I hope you guys could spend some time to take the survey. This survey will be used for something special that I hope the whole theOtaku family will enjoy.

Want some hints? Well let's see..hmm....oh, I forgot! I already gave the hint! If you know what it is...

I'll still give some PMs, especially for those who don't visit my site.

Anyway, tomorrow's my birthday and, uhhh...yeah, tomorrow's my birthday so....I'll be turning 17 tomorrow so....(Heh! Cheap plug once again)

Anyway, that's all I gotta say. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hey there guys! Can you still smell what The Mask is cookin'?

1. Yes, guys and gals. The "10-post" style is back! And back with...uhh...vengeance..no...uhh...back with posts?!

2. My first year in college is finally over! And finally, it's time to cut that ribbon and welcome the summer vacation. Time for me to rest and relax from all the work in college.

3. Finals were this week. Gotta say that they were okay. Maybe because only some of the subjects actually held on-the-spot exams. The other subjects had projects and take-home exams instead.

4. Sleeping for only a short period of time is dangerous to one's health. That's why I hope to sleep more this vacation, especially since I once spent only around 2 hours for sleep just to finish my projects.

5. Top 5 animes to watch this summer: Detective Conan, Knock Out/Hajime No Ippo, Beck (Mongolian Chop Squad), Peacemaker Kurogane, Negima!

6. When the impeachment trial against then-Philippine President Estrada, plus EDSA 2 and the 2001 elections, I started to get interested in politics. When the damn controversy regarding the cheating that took place in the 2004 Philippine Election, I started to hate politics. And when I was very much involved in the university-wide elections this year, I have to say that political-lovin' (or, at least, the election-lovin') Mask is back in the house.

7. The Chairman and a Branch Commissioner for the university's Commission of Elections (COMELEC) told me that I will be the Chairman for COMELEC next year, even though I'm still so young. Part of me wants to accept it because I feel that I need to make some necessary changes in the election system of the school, specifically making the elections computerized. But part of me tells me to say "NO" because being Chairman may be hazardous to my studies and my mental health.

8. I doubt that I'll get the position of COMELEC Chairman next year. The current administration of the Student Council are mostly from the STAND party. And somehow, I feel that the party (or, at least, their top leaders) hates my guts a lot because of the problem in the uniform exemption and in the grand rally (PM me if you want the details). Besides, since the President is an Engineering student, I think he'll select someone from that college. And I happen to know just the man who might be chosen by the Council.

9. Uhh...political Mask seems to be too expressive in 6, 7, and 8. Don't worry, I'll try to moderate political Mask. By the way, if you're a Filipino, try answering the survey below.

10. Okay, political Mask is now back in the closet. The anime-lovin' and wrestling-lovin' has now been brought out. And I have the feeling political Mask will cause my comments to be zero.

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

I'm so tired right now. So tired that I'm not posting my post the way I normally post.

We just finished our job of counting and canvassing the ballots for the SSC Elections in our university. Majority of the seats went to the kinda-activist party STAND. Only a few went to the kinda-neutral party SPP and the kinda-unlikely independent candidates. One party didn't gain a single seat: that was the kinda-pitiful TINGOG CAROLINIAN (Carolinian Voice).

After all those months of working to help make an orderly election (which generally looked that way), it's finally over. Part of me is sad about that fact. But part of me is happy, 'coz now I get to have some rest after the scoldings, the running, and the overnight (and almost sleepless) job of counting the ballots. I just hope that no more complaints will come so that we can really get some rest.

And now that Detective Conan is back on GMA 7 weekdays at 10am, I may already find some time to watch one of my favorite anime shows in an eatery near our school. (Heh! Cheap plug!)

Anyway, that's all for today. Really too tired to say some more stuff. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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