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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

   Massive Update
Question mark mood= tired, bored, hand hurts, lazy, kind of hungry.

Thanks for the comment, Kelsey. It was so long ago that I'm pretty sure the questions have somewhat been answered. :)

Well, it's been over a month. I'm sooo bored right now I thought I'd update here. I got back in the States the 19th. It was about 1:30. I didn't go to sleep until 5:30, so I was up for 55hrs straight. The 18th lasted 48hrs for me. Since I don't sleep on planes I watched a lot of movies. Too bad my first taste of America was LA. I hate that place.

I've kept my promise of on dA and started updated the saga. I hit a small snag because after months, I drew a picture. I started drawing it on Thanksgiving and recently finished it up. Scanned it, line art, and now I'm starting to color. Since I'm technically on hiatus for Otaku until I watch the new FMA in English I won't submit it there unless a challenge pops up. Here's what I have so far. I had to give some thought to what the country's flag looked like to get Kuri's color. Here's the first draft of the flag. I'm still waiting to hear from two others on it, three if Cas is allowed to look at it. Kuri used to always be dressed in the dojo colors, but sinc that's what Koji's going to be dressed in I wanted the country colors. Here's a fan picture of Kuri in the dojo colors done by Ace.

And now I will tell you what happened to me in New Zealand!
Copied from dA, too lazy to re-write.
I told you last time that this post would contain a story about the most interesting thing that happened to me while I was away. Let me start from the beginning:

There were four of us; me, B, J, and M. We were staying in a small town in New Zealand with plans to hike the redwoods. So, we wake up and take a hike. We come to a clearing and in the clearing there is a flying saucer. Ammused, B, J, and M go forward to get pictures. I hang back because...well, it's a flying saucer in the middle of the woods. Soon, I notice a woman exit the flying saucer and start circling around to find my group. I go forward and she invites the four of us in. We go in and she starts telling us about how you can see all of New Zealand in there. It'll be like going there. Having no money, we decline. Then one of the girls asks if she knew where Mt. Doom from the Lord of the Rings movie was. She says she can show us in the saucer. Again, we decline. She tells us Mt. Doom is in the Horourou(?) range. We go back to the caravan, I find it on the map, and we leave.

There is only one road through the range, 32. It's a very big, main road, so when we got into the range we were very surprised to see the road was small, narrow, and gravel. M is driving and we keep climbing up higher and higher on this twisted mountain road. The ipod is playing, people are talking, and then it starts raining. I start getting a bad feeling about the whole thing. It gets darker, and soon we crash.

Now, when we crashed a suitcase flew forward and hit B. She moves it and turns off the ipod. M keeps apologizing. J asks if everyone is okay. I look out my window. There is a tree, a thin tree, on my door. Then nothing. We were sideways dangling off a cliff. I calmly tell them we need to get out of the car. M says okay, and opens her door. She climbs out. J climbs over the seats and climbs out. I sit there for a second but B isn't coming forward. I look in the back and she's putting her shoes on. I tell her that we need to get out of the car. She says okay and continues to put on her shoes. More urgently, I tell her we are dangling off a cliff. She quickly climbs out. As I'm climbing out I grab my pocketbook (passport and cash), Lockon (my ipod), and Aerrow (flash drive). We stand there, pouring rain, and stare at the caravan.

A car going in the direction we came stops. They tell us they'll tell someone in the next town and drive off. The next town is 2hrs away. Another car going the same way pulls over. They say the same thing and drive off. A truck going that way pulls over and offers to take us to a phone. We accept so he goes to turn around. The nearest phone is an hour from us. It was decided that I'd sit in the front with him. The truck comes back and we climb in. I immediately spot bullets in the ashtray. M, B, and J then spot them and start freaking out a bit. I shrug it off since I recognize them as bullets used to hunt deer. J asks why he was up in the woods, he says to hunt deer. We tell him the quest for Mt. Doom. He tells us Mt. Tarenki(?), Mt. Doom, is on the other side of the island. I curse the flying saucer lady. He hears me so we tell him the full story. He then tells everyone we meet from that point on.

We call the tow truck from a camp ground and go back to our caravan. Eventually, a cop comes and our driver tells him about the flying saucer. After his fun, he leaves us with the cop. We gave him a great story. We sit in the cop car and watch the tow truck pull out the caravan. The cop offers to take us to the camp grounds or to his house for the night. He goes to talk to the tow boy. M immediately says she wants to stay with the cop because it's free. She, J, and B all go on and on about how we can trust him because he's a cop. I don't trust him, but we go stay with him anyway. His house happens to be the police station.

M and B get a little drunk since he kept giving them wine. I stayed up and waited until he left before going to sleep. Slept soundly by a warm fire, and in the morning the cop took us hiking before driving us an hour away to the garage. We find out the tow driver lied to insurance and told them we slid into a little ditch. No damage to the caravan, no payment, so we drove off to continue our time in New Zealand. This may've just become the new weirdest day of my life.

And what was that country song I was ignoring that was playing when we crashed? It was titled "Mud on the Tires". Now I have another reason to dislike country music.

I have my classes for next semester. 3 BIO, 2 with labs, and CHEM II with a lab. I go from 8-14:45 on T and R. Lab M and F, but nothing W. This summer I might take a class or two. I'll have to work, I'm going to have to work during the semester too. And I'm going to try for an internship working with the African Painted Dogs. So...yeah, full plate. I'm also moving out...again, so I need to make 800-900$ a month at least. 300$ a month for my horse, 400$ for rent, and the rest for food and gas. I got to eat, the cat has to eat. My sister is living with me for a semester, so that'll help with payments, but it's also adding to them since she's adopting Iris, my favorite barn cat. Pets have to pay rent too. It's so stupid. Juno doesn't work. How's she supposed to pay 25$ a month? Since we're only allowed two pets I can't get a puppy. I'm pretty bummed about that.

I'm not sure how long this is or if it makes much sense. I'm out of it. I woke up at 14:00. It's all dark and snowy here, but since I haven't been up too long I feel disorientated. I'm going to go drink some tea or something.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

   Sydney, Blue Mountains, Field Trip, Halloween
Question mark mood= tired, bored.

Thanks for the comment, Kelsey. My ear doesn't bother me unless I lay on it now. I'm glad for that.

It's been so long since I've been here. Well, I guess with me only submitting to a challege here or there, never looking at Otaku, it makes some sense. So much has happened since my last post, enough to give my post an actual title.

We as a group went to Sydney. The first night I promptly ran off on my own. I do that. I saw so much of the city, more than the groups. I later had to direct people to places. I ate takeyaki everyday. So good. Friday I went and saw Cosi fan tutte at the Opera House. Here's a picture of me going towards the doors for my opera. It's my dA ID.

As a group we then traveled by train to the Blue Mountains. So beautiful. I absolutely love train rides. We hiked a lot, but then the weather turned. Sitting in the hostle it was, and I had so much fun doing that. I started a Sims game on my friend's game. Pretty fun. Haven't played since we got back, but I do love my character.

My Wildlife class took a 16hr trip to Boarder Ranges. I had fun, despite the leeches. I saw some wild wallabies and a couple koalas. Of course I also caught a python. I've never not caught a python durning that class. And I almost caught two deadly snakes. And an echidna climbed between my legs. Good trip.

Then came Halloween, my big holiday. They don't celebrate Halloween over here, so we Americans threw an awesome party at my cabin. All but three of us dressed up. Lots of cards going around. We had a rough game of musical chairs, and a game of pin the moustach on the creeper. Everyone drank absinth. It was a pretty sweet night. I read Poe's The Raven out-loud. Here's my costume. I'm a Don.

Pretty quick post. I'm leaving for another field trip tomorrow. I get back the day after. Then I have a dinner, then pack, and then I'll be off to New Zealand for 9 days.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Question mark mood= tired, bored, lazy, ect.

It's been a while since I posted here. Wow, last post I was in Tasmania. That seems like forever ago. Thank you for the comment, Kelsey. Yes, devils like Tasmanian devils. I love the little things dearly. Cabs are just very expensive and the refuge was outside the city. Cabby was a nice enough guy. I called him really early to take me to the airport.

I leave for Sydney next week. I'm pretty excited for it. I'm going to go see a Mozart opera at the Sydney Opera House. My ticket cost me a good bit, but it'll be worth it. I finally get to wear my navy blue dress. Yays. This will be another solo adventure. Not the Sydney part, the opera part.

I finaly saw an echidna. Spikey little thing. I got the feeding pattern pretty good, so I'll see about getting a picture. I saw scarab beetles. Pretty. There's a picture over on my dA if you're interested.

Oh, and I found out that while I was in Tasmania Migaloo, the white humpback, passed up here. So I missed him. Darn it! I'll have to come back next migration...if I have cash.

Yesterday I took a roommie walk with my two roommates in the woods. Saw a swamp wallaby. Pretty little girl. I got pretty close, ironically using a method for getting close to lions, but my one roommate scared her accidently. She's a journilist major so it's not her fault.

And my final note, I got an earring. I now have one piercing. It's on my sinister side, or left, cartilage. It hurts and leaks a bit. Picture of it in my journal on dA. I'm too lazy to do any links right now.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

I saw devils. I pet a koala. I pet wallabies. I pet kangaroos. I saw quoll. I pet a baby wombat. I saw wallay joeys in the pouchs. I saw an albino wallaby whit a regular joey in her pouch.

Bad news, I forgot my camera in my apartment. I was so disappointed. I'm going to glue the thing to my forehead so I don't forget it. Oh, and the cab cost me 100$. I have 60$ left. Yikes.

I'm sorry I don't get around to commenting. I have trouble keeping track of updates without the blue highlight. And since I'm 14hrs ahead of most of you I don't often see that blue line.

Okay, that's my post from Tasmania. I better go eat and find an ATM that'll take American debit cards.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Question mark mood= tired, sick, annoyed.

Thanks for the comments, Talim and Bobby. I don't have much time since I'm supposed to be doing a paper. Stupid papers.

Well, I'm sick so I've been sleeping in, meaning I even missed class yesterday to sleep. Today I woke up to a massive dust storm. And news that there was an earthquake. Wow, so much at once. The sky is an orangish color. In Sydney it's red. So much dust in the house you can taste/smell it. My eyes burn a bit.

Alright, I'll do a real post when I'm not up against a deadline. So probably next week when I'm in Tasmania...if I get internet at my apartment.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Question mark mood= tired, happy, annoyed, still hungry.

Really fast post. It's 21:11 here. I'm tired. I got a picture of the bird:

Giant Gray Bird by ~Bella-Dean on deviantART
This is a young bird, but very large. I forget what he's called. Nasty little thing, he can take off toes and fingers with that beak.

And here is a sign posted outside the labs at Southern Cross University:

Aussie Signs by ~Bella-Dean on deviantART
All the Aussie signs are so blunt. It's hilarious.

Thank you Kelsey and Bobby for the comments. That party was horrible, I mostly went because the group I was going to walk home with ditched me at the pub. And then I decided to keep an eye on my group since all of them had been drinking before the party. I'll go diving, just not now. My instructor is so nice too. He's willing to take me on a solo dive in the best conditions possible. But no, I'll wait and go with you guys. It'd be more fun.

Here's a picture of me with a snake that had been crawling around in my shirt. And yes, I was wearing the shirt at the time:

Snake in my Shirt by ~Bella-Dean on deviantART

There was a market today and a dog followed a girl home. So right now we have a camp dog because we tried and failed to find the owners:

Camp Dog by ~Bella-Dean on deviantART

And a shot of the ocean. For some reason I can't get the picture embedded.

And that's all. I'm going to sleep because I have class tomorrow, which would be your Sunday night.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Question mark mood= tired, hungry, relief.

Thanks for the comment, Bobby. I remember fragments of it. I'm just too tired to actual bring it back up to read it.

Well, I went to an after party. It was terrible. I didn't even want to go but the people I was going to walk home with left without me. So I went with my normal crowd to the party. It was just messed up. They were stoners. they put stuff in the drinks. I was safe because I don't drink, but I tasted the Pinot Noir (because that's the wine I drink when I go out to nice places) and it tasted really off. Then I had to take care of my drunk friends. The good part about all this, the creeps had an adorable puppy.

So between not getting a lot of sleep I had to wake up really early for my trip to the seabird rescue. So every Friday I go there to work. I have a picture of this huge beautiful bird that they had, but I didn't put it on dA yet so next post.

I took a nice walk throught the woods, or bush. I climbed a lot of trees. I took a lot of pictures to help us with landscape in EPIC.

Oh, and in Marine Bio we went on the boat to collect plankton. We saw two humpbacks. One jumped clean out of the water. I stood there, staring at the whale in awe...holding my camera. I cannot believe I didn't take a picture. No one else did either. Everyone just stared.

I've decided not to scuba. I really hated the pool session, and I've been dreading diving. So I decided not to do it. So I just burned 460$. I'm mad about that, but I feel so much better. And I'm going to Tasmania alone at the end of the month. I'm excited for it.

Alright, next post will have at least one picture. Go look at my other birds in the below post.

Never Forget

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Question mark mood= tired, hot, annoyed.

Thanks for the comments Kelsey and Bobby.
Well, Bobby, I haven't seen anything to smuggle back. Of course the day I'm stuck in the dive pool everyone sees a wallaby. My conditioners exploded because of pressure and my luck with planes. And the classes aren't bad.
Good luck with your cute guys, Kelsey. I'm alright with not seeing Ben again. He was cute, and pretty chill for a guy at a pub, but that's about all. I can out-think him and stuff. I want a smart hottie so I can have a conversation.

Hello again! Well, I went for a trip into the mangroves swamp. Smelt bad, but I had a blast. I got to run around in mud, prompting the other girls to wonder what the heck is wrong with me. Well, the others who are not my roommates or the girl from the cabin next door. They know what's wrong with me, ha ha.

I'm seen as pretty funny just because I end up saying what everyone else is thinking. The other night I let the girl from the cabin next door give me a mini-make-over. So my cabin was crowded with girls wanting to see what I looked like cleaned up. They told me to go show all the boys. Well, there are three cabins of boys and I didn't know who they meant, and I didn't want to, so I was trying to ask who specifically they meant but it backfired. I said "Wait, the little boys over there?" And that was all over the camp by midnight. The guys are about my age, but they act like they're five and I guess all the girls felt the same. I had to walk home from town that night now that I remember. We went to this Aussie's house for drinks, only since I don't drink I was fit enought to walk home.

Thursday I went to the pub. A guy kissed my hand twice when I told him I don't drink, then kissed my cheek twice, and then grabbed my butt. I left after that. Funny, after all that I ended up remembering that guy who sat next to me in History class last semester. It was really random. The walk home was nice. It always is nice leaving the noise of the pub and going into the dark quiet of the streets. I talked with my roommate. She's a romantic in the new age sense, while I'm a romanitic in the old ways sense. As in Poe, Bryon, and Shelley. I've come to the conclusion that while a relationship, a boyfriend, a fiancee, a husband, while all that would be very meaningful, to never have any of it wouldn't bother me. My very favorite poem:

From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were-I have not seen
As others saw-I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow; I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone;
And all I lov'd, I lov'd alone.
Then-in my childhood-in the dawn
Of a most stormy life-was drawn
From ev'ry depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still:
From the torrent, or the fountain,
From the red cliff of the mountain,
From the sun that 'round me roll'd
In its autumn tint of gold-
From the lightning in the sky
As it pass'd me flying by-
From the thunder and the storm,
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view.

-E. A. Poe

So yeah, there you go. Gee, this post sounds so happy doesn't it? I'm not in a state of depression or anything, don't fear about that. My mood has annoyed because I'm supposed to be doing homework.

Oh, I have to debate global warming. I really really don't want to do it. But we were randomly split into two sides; man-made and natural. I got put on natural and a nice portion of who I'm working with are Christian fundimentalists, so you know, the scary ones. This one guy, the only word Ican use to describe him starts with a 'd' and ends with an 'ick'. He's a no evolution, no anything, Bible is completely literal and true, everyone is bad but me and my fiancee, guy. He just went off topic completely and started ranting about how science and God didn't go together and blah blah blah. I calmly said, I'm Roman Catholic and I believe in evolution. He snapped at me! He said then I obviously don't know, don't follow, and don't care about the Bible. Really snarkily I just said he was so obviously right. I could've smacked him, and I should've. True, I don't sit there and study the Bible stories but I'm no atheist. Oh, right after I decided to be the speaker because he was elected but I know the girl speaking for the other side. He would've gone off on her and made the whole group look stupid.

I had my pool session for my dive lessons. I didn't like it, but I'm sticking to it to get certified. I really didn't like taking off my mask. I think I have to redo that again. The instructor is really nice (and cute). Funny thing is that his wife was from a previous group of students from my school. So she's basically living every girls' fantasy, so the seond our instructor is out of sight she's swarmed with girls asking how they met and how the relationship started. I feel bad for her. It must get really annoying. And they have a cute labrador. I play with her a bit.

I'm thinking about getting a puppy while I'm here. I still have to look into costs, but transporting a dog to America isn't too bad. Chances are it won't happen, but if I happen across a puppy then I'm taking that as a sign. And the plubbers hatched. I'll get pictures later, because now my camera charger is here so I can do that.

Ha ha, I just walked a girl to the beach because she's afraid of snakes. I saw a ghost crab on the way, which she didn't like. Being odd is fun.


Nox by ~Bella-Dean on deviantART

Jeffery by ~Bella-Dean on deviantART

Then our baby pied butcherbird I named Bavol. A picture of Jeffery in our living room. A shot of a blue swallow. Jeffery and our duck fighting. And a shot of Jeffery and I.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Question mark mood: slight headache, tired, ammused.

Thanks for the comments, Kelsey. I read them a long time ago so I don't really remember what they say. My internet is working for the forst time since I've been here, but there is no guarentee that it'll stick around. I better make this post fast.

I'm in Australia! I went from the 16th to the 18th without living the 17th. Coming back I live one day twice. It'll be cool. All my shampoo exploided, but they were in bags.

I'm next to the beach, so before school started I was going to the beach everyday to walk. I don't go so much anymore since the ocean wants to drown me. And it's winter here so it gets kind of cold sometimes. I haven't seen much animal wise. Lizards, snakes, bugs, birds, and giant bats. We have a magpie, my cabin. We named him Nox. He eats from our hands and has come into our living room. I do love magpies so much.

I used to go to the pub a lot, but that was before classes started. I was slightly embarrassed by the other Americans. Unless there is a rugby game people aren't getting wasted. But the Americans would cluster together and get wasted, leaving the Australias I'm playing pool with to ask me what is wrong with them. The Americans have since taken to drinking on the beach while I go to a local's house. I haven't drank in a long time since I don't like the taste, so when I go to this guy's house I drink lemonade while my two friends drink the beer/liquor. We go to this guy's house because he's currently sleeping with one of my friends. Things move fast here.

Romance wise for me...none. I met a cute guy the first Thursday I was here, but that's it. Just a name, and I haven't seen him since. I smoked my first and only cigarette that night. Now I can say for sure I have no idea the appeal to it. It was really gross.

Our vacation is coming up. I'm probably going to shoot down to Tasmania alone. Other people are going, but I want to explore on my own a bit. Then we're all going to Sydney after the vacation. Opera house! Zoo! I'm excited.

Alright, I'm tired. It's only 20:31 Monday here. (But 6:31 Sunday in the East Coast States.) Post later.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Question mark mood= creeped out (listening to Vanita Di Vanita), tired, sort of hungry.

Thanks for the comment Kelsey. I know, where is July? Or June for that matter. Now it's August! Crazy.

Well, just a quick post since I'm out of it. I'm trying to switch my sleep cycle to Australia time zone so during our first week (our "rest" week) I will already be sort of used to it so I can do some exploring. Trouble is I don't sleep well with light so I'm going to bed around 3:00 only to wake up around 10:00 every single day. Just makes me tired. My first day back in IN I slept for an awesome 12 hours. 2-14.

I'm not going to bore anyone with my plane troubles. I'm a jinx with planes, we'll leave it at that. But during that horrible time I discovered the Wildlife Biology had filled up so I was kicked out. I took care of that. I said before that I am the only Wildlife Biologist going to Australia, so that's what I told them. So I'm back in the class. Yays to me for being special.

I need to go shopping for some stuff, and pack, but I'll be all set. I might need to carpool to the airport. My parents are leaving for Cali the same day a few hours after me, and they don't want to drive me to the airport just to come back a couple hours later. Gee, thanks guys. They did take me and my siblings to Fogo de Chao yesterday. It's my favorite place to eat. I'm a carnivore so I end up eatting until I feel like I'm going to barf. Then I just sort of lay there. It's so good.

Man, this post is so jumpy and doesn't make a lot of sense. Well, continuing with that.... My horse is here so I go see him almost everyday. I didn't go Friday because no one would take me. I don't want to go alone because the stable manager, nice guy, is a big talker. So I have my mom come so she can talk to him and I can play with my horse. Oh, but they had some kittens dropped off. This one is a really light gray with ear tuffs and long hair on its tail. So pretty. Seeing these barn cats and then seeing my cat has convinced my mom that my kitty isn't really a cat. She's a bakeneko. I luv her.^^

What else...I finished my re-write of the first part of Mirror Image. It's on dA. I might hold off on revising part 2 until I get back. I really want to get working on Trio. And I have backstories to do. I'm sure I can find a character I can do the backstory of while away. As drawing goes, I still don't like it but we need the awareness. So I said I'd enter the Blue challenge and the Theme Song challenge. Then I realised that I might not have a scanner when I'm over in Australia. But I'll still do them since I said I would. -shutter- Drawing.

This was a lot longer than I intended but it'll probably be my last post for a while. If I can find an adaptor for my laptop I'll send a pictureful update when I'm gone, if not then this is farewell until the middle/end of Nov.

Oh yeah, Bobby, send me Cas's address. I'm not sure if I have to right one. Southern hemishpere adventures!

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