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Friday, July 16, 2010

  Political ads on an anime site....

Enough said.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

   Scream, Scream, Misery, Scream, Ha Ha
Haven't posted in more than a month. Um...insanely busy all the freaking time. Not doing so great this semester so far. Hopefully I'll suddenly get everything to pass all my midterms.

All this studying just seems so pointless. Knowing chemical concentrations or parts of a flower won't stop a lion from killing me when I'm trying to study African Painted Dogs. Speaking of dogs I need to find that puppy. Time to get to my quiz and last class. All this studying makes me miss dangling off a cliff in New Zealand. At least that was exciting.

FMA just started here so I'll start coming back more and more. For now it's random challenges. Oh, and no FB for lent. Go to go to class.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

   1st of 2010
Been forever! And I'll be going off-line again shortly.

Quickness because I got to get to bed.

I bought an apartment before Christmas but couldn't move in until the 8th of Jan. I moved in, my sister is my roommate. Annoying because she's out of her mind crazy. Classes started the 11th. Three BIO all 200, two have labs. Chem II with a lab. I get one day off and it's to do homework. I don't have a job yet, but I'm going to see about being opinionated part-time. My apartment costs 500+, close to 600$ a month. Utilities will cost about 130$ a month. A loan has covered tuition for the semester, but I still had to spend 500$ in used books. My horse costs 300$. My cat when she moves in will be 30$ a month. My sister doesn't work either. No one is helping us pay for this. So far I have paid rent for the month. I only got her half because my mother took it from her account.

Spare time is dedicated to playing Fable II and writing. I try watching TV when I can, but I have no cable. I go over to my parents' house everyday to get some food, get away from my sister, and play Fable/watch some TV. Usually the last bit never happens since I have to get to another class. I have no car right now because my dad's truck was totaled.

Haiti, my favorite of the islands I've been to, is in trouble. I may take a week off to help if possible.

I was named a bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding. Both my female cousins are getting married next year. My two older male cousins are married. I'm the next up and I'm feeling the heat. To my mother I say; lay off. Haven't found a guy worth dating yet.

I urge people to look at my below post.

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