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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hyphea Chapter 10
It was noon. The small group went on with their journey to the fire area. Blaze explained the whole situation to Rock and Flora and they agreed to train with them.
-Well, I think the two of us could train a bit more – said Rock to Blaze. –If we aren’t a burden, that is.
-Of course not! – replied Blaze. -We would be glad to have you around!
-Hey, we can practice some element combos then! – added Pyro. –We can’t just rely on Frost alone, we should fight too!
-Yeah – said Aqua. –I can’t wait to meet that bastard and kick his butt! – she added with a grin.
-He’ll be sorry for messing with us! – added Flora and laughed together with Aqua.
Frost did not say a word. It sounded like there was nothing to worry about the way the three youngest ones spoke. Maybe he should not worry either, he thought. But his thoughts vanished when Blaze stopped and turned to the three.
-You aren’t taking the issue seriously! The dark one is stronger than any of us!
-But someone has to stop him! – interrupted Frost. Silence. He was determined to stop Shadow. He did not know why, he just had some inner feeling telling him that if Shadow is not stopped, that something terrible will happen. And probably he was right.
Angel and Eagle found their way to the two sorceresses. And Shadow was behind them.
-The dark sorcerer… he’s after us! – said Eagle, while flying down and heavily breathing.
-Oh man… - said Star. –Angel, couldn’t you lead him into one of our traps?
-Traps wouldn’t stop him – said Angel while flying down next to Eagle. –That dude is STRONG.
-Well then, let’s see how strong – added Storm and saw Shadow standing a few meters away from them.
-Are you done talking? – said Shadow angrily. –Because it’s time for my staff to talk now!!!
With those words, Shadow pointed the staff towards the four sorcerers. It was loaded with energy, and a black ball with blue sparks around it was fired. Storm stepped forward and her eyes glowed. Suddenly, out of nothing, a strong wind started to blow and they were hardly able to stand still. But thanks to it, the energy ball was blown away from them and exploded somewhere remote. Shadow got angrier. He twirled his staff and then two more balls were fired from it aiming at Storm. But they both missed.
-Way to go, sis! – said Eagle.
When Aura noticed that Shadow’s fury was going out of control, she interfered.
-Calm down and shoot a bit to the left!
Why, he wondered. But if he learned anything from Aura, is that he should do as she says. And so he did. He pointed the staff a bit left from Storm and fired.
-What is he aiming at? - thought Storm. And then she shouted. –Watch out!!!
Since the wind was blowing from Shadow’s left-hand side, it turned the course of the ball towards Storm. Right in her chest.
-Aaaah!!! – she screamed. The wind stopped in an instant. Due to the explosion, Storm, together with the other three, was thrown back on the ground. She lay there helplessly, being unable to move. Her clothing was severely damaged, and she was unconscious.
-Sis! – cried Eagle and jumped to Storm. He shook her, but she would not react. -Are you ok? Say something, sis!
Star and Angel stood up.
-Quick, Angel, let’s bind him!
The two light sorcerers grabbed their staves and pointed them towards Shadow. Then, strings of light emerged from the ground and wrapped around Shadow. He dropped his staff. His arms and legs were tightly bound and he could not move a finger.
-Damn, what is this? – said Shadow trying to break free without success.
-Looks like we got him – said Angel and grinned.
-You are a hopeless case – said Aura to Shadow. But he only smiled and stopped struggling.
-I will obey you, my master. – whispered Eagle slowly. His eyes were red. He stood right behind Star. She turned her head to him.
-Eagle, what… Aaaah!
Star was scratched by Eagle’s sharp claws in the back and fell on her knees. She dropped her staff. Eagle was not himself anymore. He was controlled by Shadow.
-Alright, I take back what I said. – said Aura. Then Shadow, without much trouble, broke the strings that held him.
-Angel, don’t give up! – cried Star.
-Yes… - he replied, slowly whispering, the same way Eagle did. Star looked at him, and she could not recognize him anymore. His eyes were now red too. Shadow took control of him. Angel took his staff, pointed its sharp edge towards Star and stabbed her in the stomach.
-W-why… - whispered Star and fell on the ground, unconscious.
-Now let’s get out of here, my eyes are starting to hurt – said Shadow with a grin. He went on walking, and Angel and Eagle accompanied him. It started to rain.

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