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This site is dedicated to and only the TEENS TITANS its under construccion and will be updated daily .. any questions or comments plz visit the site < lingo >

The Lyrics

When there's trouble you know who to call
Teen Titans!
From their tower, they can see it all
Teen Titans!

When there's evil on the attack
You can rest knowing they got your back
Cuz when the world needs heroes on patrol
Teen Titans GO!

With their superpowers they unite
Teen Titans!
Never met a villain that they liked
Teen Titans!

They've got the bad guys on the run
They never stop ‘till the job gets done
Cuz when the world is losin' all control
Teen Titans GO!

Teen Titans GO!

If your heart is black you better watch out
You cannot escape the team
When they catch you there won't be any doubt
You've been beaten by the teens
beaten by the teens


* (repeat)

Teen Titans GO!
Teen Titans GO!
One, two, three, four, GO!
Teen Titan

Friday, January 14, 2005

PLz vote for ur favorite Teen Titan ... Just leave a comment under the Titan Of Ur choice...
Just say " I vote for ( ur titan of choice ) and a brief comment why u choose.

The Prize? I dont know yat Lol =(

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Robin is the very first super-hero sidekick. His first appearances dates back to DETECTIVE COMICS #38 in 1940.
In the comic book series, Robin and Starfire had a serious romantic relationship. They almost got married - until an evil version of Raven halted the ceremony.
Robin almost got a solo animated series of his own after the success of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. The Robin series would have detailed the boy wonder's heroic exploits as he juggled fighting crime with a college career. TEEN TITANS producer Glen Murakami even worked up some Robin redesigns for the series. The series was in development, but the FOX network ultimately passed on it.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Gifted with amazing earth-moving abilities, Terra made rocks fly, mountains crumble, and the ground tremble beneath her feet. At first, it seemed like this hip, funny, young hero might make a great addition to the team. Upon meeting Terra, the Titans quickly welcomed her into their ranks.

But Terra had a secret. Unable to control her awesome powers, she felt betrayed when it appeared Beast Boy shared her secret with the team. Angry and alone, Terra sought out Slade, who helped her control her abilities.

Terra returned to the Titans and joined the team - but was secretly working with Slade to destroy the Titans from within. Despite her mission, Terra began to doubt her loyalties; Just as romance with Beast Boy blossomed, Terra was exposed as a traitor. She worked with Slade to destroy the Titans and take over the city.

Despite her victory, Terra still felt lost and alone. And by the time she decided to leave Slade, it was too late; Events were set in motion leaving the city in danger from an erupting volcano. Never losing faith in Terra, Beast Boy did finally see her realize the error of her ways - before she ultimately sacrificed herself to save the city.

Now merged with the earth she once controlled, The Titans are still searching for a way to restore her.

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Cyborg is a hulking mass of man, metal and intricate circuitry. A devastating accident forced him to be rebuilt as a human/robot hybrid. But he does not dwell on that at all - he's more concerned with what's in front of him. He has a few tricks up his sleeve - literally - including a powerful sonic cannon, a vice-like mechanical grip and enhanced sight. While he's a powerful presence in showdowns with villains, Cyborg takes a lower profile back at Titans Tower. He loves hanging out with the other Titans, but he clearly spends a lot of time in the gym, too.

Cyborg has a competitive relationship with his fellow Titan, Robin - which sometimes leads to clashes in leadership. Cyborg's mettle [or is it metal?] was put to the test when he encountered Brother Blood, the evil leader of the Hive Academy.

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By far the most mysterious member of the group, Raven has a dry wit and world-weary demeanor. She always has a droll remark at the ready and is a perfect antidote to Beast Boy's silly antics. When the Teen Titans are on the attack, Raven summons her powerful mental abilities to control inanimate objects - tying up villains with steel beams or hurling cars with ease. While she comes across as a cooler-than-thou outsider, she works well with the rest of the group and would be lost without her fellow Titans.

Raven was very private when she first joined the team - not even allowing her close friends to enter her room. She has learned to open up a bit - whether it's shopping with Starfire of secretly enjoying Beast Boy's humor - such as it is.

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Beast Boy

What he lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in attitude. Beast Boy is the changeling of the group, able to assume the shape of any animal – from a wolf to a pterodactyl. The green-skinned dynamo also has the corniest sense of humor and is the most eager to please and entertain the group. He's never in a bad mood and is enthusiastic about every new adventure. He'll try anything new and is not afraid to fail. In short, he's like the ultimate little brother – except that he can change into an alligator.

Beast Boy fell head over paws for Terra, who the Titans welcomed into their ranks. He was later heartbroken when he learned Terra was a spy sent by Slade to destroy the Titans from within. Never losing faith in Terra, Beast Boy did finally see her realize the error of her ways - before sacrificing herself to save the city.

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Star Fire

Starfire is the outsider among a group of outsiders. From a far-away planet, she has come to Earth with little knowledge of Earthly ways and culture. For her, everything is a brand-new experience: from eating cotton candy to going to a party. She is the most sensitive member of the group - even trying to understand the motivations of the aliens and villains the Teen Titans must foil. Starfire can fly and disable her opponents with powerful energy blasts.

Since arriving on earth, Star has gone through some changes. She learned to stand up against her bully of a big sister, Blackfire. And when she underwent the Tamaranean ritual of transformation, she gained the ability to shoot lasers through her eyes. Star has deep affection for all her teammates - but Robin holds a special place in her heart.

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Teen Titans Characters

Formerly known as a boy wonder, Robin has moved beyond sidekick status to become the gung-ho leader of the Teen Titans. With no superpowers of his own, Robin relies on his daring, intellect and a fully-loaded utility belt to carry him through the challenges he and his team face. Robin is also highly-skilled in the martial arts. He makes quick decisions and barks orders when the going gets tough, but still treats the team like his best friends; he takes the time to explain the intricacies of life on Earth to Starfire. Robin is extremely competitive, whether he's dueling with bad guys or playing video games against Cyborg.

Robin became obsessed with discovering Slade's secret plan; He even assumed the identity of Red X in an attempt to learn more about his arch-foe. He eventually learned that Slade wanted him as his apprentice - and Slade blackmailed the young hero by threatening the lives of his friends. The Titans soon learned the truth, and Robin was freed from Slade's thrall.

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