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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Teen Titans Characters

Formerly known as a boy wonder, Robin has moved beyond sidekick status to become the gung-ho leader of the Teen Titans. With no superpowers of his own, Robin relies on his daring, intellect and a fully-loaded utility belt to carry him through the challenges he and his team face. Robin is also highly-skilled in the martial arts. He makes quick decisions and barks orders when the going gets tough, but still treats the team like his best friends; he takes the time to explain the intricacies of life on Earth to Starfire. Robin is extremely competitive, whether he's dueling with bad guys or playing video games against Cyborg.

Robin became obsessed with discovering Slade's secret plan; He even assumed the identity of Red X in an attempt to learn more about his arch-foe. He eventually learned that Slade wanted him as his apprentice - and Slade blackmailed the young hero by threatening the lives of his friends. The Titans soon learned the truth, and Robin was freed from Slade's thrall.

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