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KON!! i am BloodTippedRose.
i like lipgloss and skulls. my friends call me random and sweet. mood swings come and go, it's not you, it's me. i am bisexual and agnostic.
sometimes, i find myself talking in third person, do not mind =] i call friends hun, babe, love, and such.
japan is the best place in the world, and asians are very attractive.
if you be my friend i'll give you a -kiss-
i am affectionate to my friends. and a lil perverted sometimes. you will never find a girl like me.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

sizzle pop


i hope you have many fun explosions >XD

i bought some badass fireworks (my empty wallet shows for it)...and then went and ate some badass chinese food with tom (mom's bf) and his niece (who is hella mature for a 10 year old)
i know i can't wait to make things go BOOM! >=3

i'm going to see my dad in rehab tomorrow. i'm bringing him a box of cig and $$ for soda. can't wait to see him >_<


p.s i'm 18 huhuhuhu

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