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Sunday, June 21, 2009

   baby could you blow my heart up~

june 22 i turn 18...i'm terrified.
the plan is to go shopping in a bigger town 2 hours away. (stupid N.D)

i got home from spending the night at my dad's house. i slept on their couch with amanda and woke up to dylan playing wii with the volume full blast...WHO DOES THAT WHEN PEOPLE ARE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH?! =_=' jesus christ

they have a very, VERY beautiful cat. she does this cute move where if your petting her and stop, she softly puts her paw on your face and closes her eyes. >/////< kawaii!

for father's day i gave my dad a card and an xbox cuz his broke and he has a lot of games. I'M REALLY HAPPY because the only thing he drinks now is soda. which is very bad for people, but so much better than beer.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

i don't believe in miracles

it's been awhile. forgive me~
how is everyone?

my mom is dating a new guy named tom. he's one of those nice christian guys. he's really good to her so that's all that matters (even though i can only stand so much of him). it's kinda funny cuz they've been together for awhile now but she says they're not bf/gf.

soooo i've been addictd to tokio hotel .__. weird ne? ...and it sucks cuz tom kaulitz...my mom's bf tom...stupid names. isn't bill uber pretty? lol
(EVERY ONE OF MY FRIENDS, except joel, hates tokio hotel)

i hate when my dad, chris, calls me drunk as hell. i get drepressed and anxious afterwards. especially because mom has a bf he thinks i don't love him anymore. =_= can we say drama queen?

i'm going to the lake tomorrow with kaylee, a friend from work. yay~


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

OF COURSE i'm outta my mind...it's a dark and scary place

i'm sick. my throat hurts, i have so much mucas in my throat i choke. my head feels like there is a little person inside banging on it like a drum. i'm not going to work -.-

my friend at work, sam, asked me if i still wanted to go to prom. i had to explain to her that i'm not a prom person and she said that someone wanted to ask me but was too shy. =___= i asked who was desperate enough to want to as me and she said her older brother.
then i figured out he has a little crush on me. we hardly talk, i would have never guessed.

i now have to remove any plans during the middle of june because sadie is going to "drag my ass down to fahocha whether i like it or not" i will spend a week with christian-loving people, memorizing versus and playing weird games.

i told eric that it was all a set up. they'll kidnap me and take me to hard-core catholic church where they'll lock me downstairs and read versus to me day and night. whip me if i question anything. and have me pray, stitch, and recite verses. and by the time i'll come back i'll be so religious i can only make friends with nuns. he got a pained look and said "i'd be sad...LOL"
dork XD

wtf i know about 7 erics...

1. what is your favorite scent?
2. what is your favorite anime man?
3. what truly annoys you?

tahitian perfume, hatake kakashi, stupid people

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TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures, Images and Photos
your mom!!!!!!! Pictures, Images and Photos
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PORN!!! Pictures, Images and Photos


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

   gotchi-tama tama-gotchi!!~

i think i might save up money so i can go to washington this summer and visit my family and friends...i miss them very much. and washington is such a beautiful state even if they weren't there i would visit it. i have to visit spokane and federal way, both very opposite of each other.

sometimes i feel lonely by all the stuff i'm into that most aren't into. jrock, anime, manga, kimonos, kanjis...then i get online and remember, I'M NOT ALONE!
the internet is a beautiful thing. (LOL)

i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. i'm thinking sidebangs and evening out my major layers i got awhile ago. i want to grow my hair out so bad.

how is everyone?? how was everyone's valentine's day? i got this pretty rainbow heart shaped lollipop! it was so pretty i seriously didn't want to eat it haha.
for v-day you can have my heart: Photobucket

example: when i was lil i actually thought it was possible for mothers to have another species for a baby..liek a monkey or penguin.

i liek icons =3


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Monday, February 9, 2009

itsa phishie thing

saturday night i had an anxiety attack in the last hour at work. i was taken home -.- i felt like having a good sob when i did get home.

today there was so much black ice that we had no school...and with the snow comming in tonight and more freezing rain we might not have it tomorrow...YEA!
it took me 10 minutes to get to the car that was 7 ft away...srsly don't walk on black ice it kills.

sooo a person poked around my sensitive tooth to "inspect" putting me in pain, nearly had a heart attack from the drill 3" away from my face all while her chair molested me
....a dentist with a massage chair.

i was VERY close to seeing my dad this weekend but couldn't on account of work T_T

BUT i'm getting 3 new peircings! (^o^)v
first off, i originally have 3 piercings in my left ear, 2 in my right.
now i'm getting an industrial in my right, and tragus in both ears (so i can switch to either ear when they're healed.)

sadie spoke with me and she begged me to go to fahocha, faith hope and charity bible camp this summer. it's about a week long and only $90. i might go because i've been having issue with religion and am currently depressed.
then again i'm very shy and stubborn about these things so it's still in the "undecided" catagory.
once again i do believe religion is our security blanket for death. i'm weak though, and my words are only as strong as the voice, not the mind itself.

i hope i haven't bored anything D=
most people here seem to be doing ok, and i'm happy for that ^^-

what's your life's number one goal?
what commercial disturbs you in some aspect?

berries and cream commercial...

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Shuichi16 Pictures, Images and Photos

Yuki Shuichi Pictures, Images and Photos

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

   i shall call you phishie and you will be my phishie!! BAD PHISHIE!!

most people here seem to be in a good mood!! i'm happy for you.
D= i'm sorry for you who are not. it sucks having depressing problems, but thats what friends are here for.
not to sound liek a happy go-lucky prissy prep but i do want my friends happy. the rest can drop dead in a ditch for all i care =_=

i hate all of you who had negative temperatures *cough-10cough* and no school. my school wasn't even late liek all the others!!1!
it was -58 here do you know how COLD i was when i got to school? AND I WAS ON THE FUCKING BUS. stupid heater...stupid school...stupid people...stupid phishie.

we had a debate on whether nd (for the retards who dont know thats NORTH DAKOTA) should not descriminate against homosexuals in buying houses/condos/apartments/land ect. so many people in my hick class bashed them. the FEW who did stand up for their rights still had to make their claim in homo marriage being wrong, which ticked me off.
i was scared to stand up, but i did and i felt pretty damn good, (and the fact ashley complimented me.) afterwards the homosexual rights won...at least thats good. too bad it couldnt count in the actual vote.

i finished the book The Host. it was good, not great like other books i've read, but good. in the everyone-has-a-happy-ending way.

i'm waiting for the books i ordered at school, and avon make up i ordered from mary ann to come. -giggles happily- can't wait!!

i have to go study now -.-'


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Sunday, January 4, 2009

ITS OK i still wub you cuz you're my fishie!

so it's 4:44 am and i have come to a realization that i am NOT going to get any sleep for work at 9am...time to take a shower and start getting ready for work .__.

and-and-and no one is online, I'M SO ALONE!! -sniffle-
makes me wish yahoo still had those chat rooms so i could at least talk to perverts for entertainment.

aww i have such sweet myo friends ^-^ when i rule the earth you will not die.
i try to comment those i see who posted. i'm sorry if i don't see yours >_<
and i feel the same pain for school starting. school is my personal hell T^T

1. if the world is a stage what part are you playing?
2. what would you do if a leprechaun jumped out of the bushes, kicked you in the crotch, stole your wallet and ran away?

1. the director
2. pull out my magic wand and yell "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" making him float in the air confused while i kick him in the crotch and steal HIS wallet =]

miyavi (awesome japanese musician) has gone NATURAL...basically he went from
MIYAVI Pictures, Images and Photos
Miyavi Pictures, Images and Photos

TO THIS(move-the-bottom-scrollbar-to-see-more):


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Thursday, January 1, 2009

   the fire raped my marshmellow!!! DD=

a lot of my friends on myotaku are having some problems. if you're one of them and reading this, i really do hope they solve happily. and if you ever feel the need to talk through them or just rant, pm me okke?

there is this guy at work that i enjoy talking to =D we have the same opinions, and he's very calm. he's going to college this january to become a psychologist like me! he's tall...and my boss's son..then again i'm his boss's daugher too LOL

i remember this girl's smile. even tho i wont see it anymore, i wont forget the feelings that came when i saw it. HAIKU!
silence keep captive
her breathtaking smile holds
do not forget this

-shinnen akemashite o-medet˘-gozaimasu!-
--Happiness to you on the dawn of a New Year!--

QUESTION: 1. what is your new year resolution? 2. did you make goals to achieve it or just liek me and hoping for the best? lol
MY ANSWER: mine is being more assertive, and to find inner happiness.

kyo Pictures, Images and Photos
@///@ -drool-


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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


work is bleh...i've made friends though... I CAN BE SOCIAL!!...
on my next paycheck sam and i are talking about going to her sister's and putting black streaks in my hair >=D bwuhahaHA

i'm officially off anti-depressants! let's hope all goes well!

i bought this cute lil cake that looks liek it belongs in a anime! for new years...


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Friday, November 21, 2008

does anyone else scream when they see twilight trailers?? anyone?? ANYONE AT ALL??

I HAVE A JOB! and my mom is my boss.... but i'm working at a grocery store as a cashier. today is my first day training. 6pm-12am.

i have a wife at school who is in 9th grade lmao she's actually pretty cool, i remember thinking of her as a bitch in the beginning of the school year. but she's actually childishly shy/cute/semi-crazy.

i'm getting good grades this year which is obviously a plus. i might get on the honor roll if i actually APPLIED myself.

I HATE BASKETBALL >=[ i hate watching it, talking about it and expecially PLAYING it. i'd rather play football. stupid p.e class.

i'm a lil happier nowadays. i may someday rule the world with this >=D

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Ouran High School Host Club- funny icon Pictures, Images and Photos
ouran high school host club is mildly addicting



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