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Sunday, January 20, 2008

listening to:flo rida
writing:typin duh X]
watchin:weired graphics
drawing:gifties for some friends ;] lol

hey peoplesssss.well not much really happened today,i went to an expo in champlain vally i think? well i had to get up early x.x hate that well it took like 2 hours to get there! which was so boring on the way over.i had to sit in the back with my brother,he takes up hp half the back seat the way he sits!!! i didnt have much room but i just listened to my MP3 almost the whole way over.when we actually got there we had to wait..in the cold...it sucked!when we got is we saw this gun thing and guess what the amo is? its marshmellows XD we saw some deer mounts they pretty cool i guess cept one cause its teeth were like fallin out :/ i saw a amrican alligater...baby one though.i aw a bunch of snakes to.i also saw awsome campers....yeah i get the camper likin from my dad.the ATVs were awsome and i could have taken a ride but i wasent ganna freeze my ass off for a quick ride. i got a free vault the drink...they taste freakin weired! we had mc donalds for lunch...it was ok. on the ride home i fell asleep i was exhausted...walkin around for 5 hours!! that sucked.i woke up when we droped my bro off at his gf's house. when we got home i layed down on the coush and watched TV,boring.well ill be here or close by,im workin on gift pics for peoples.ya know who you are ^-^ well byes.oh im gettin a rottwieler or pit bull sometime =D

~~cya around~~


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Saturday, January 19, 2008


hey eveyone!!well my day started out at 7:50 x.x i hate geting up early but i had to get up to go bowling.when we got there it wasent to bad,but the ball i had was pissing me off. the ball wouldnt go where i wanted it to go. i found out why,it was to light! i needed an 8 pound ball but they didnt have any. i managed to get a couple stikes after my brother freaking yelled at me,"GET YOU FUCKING ASS OVER HERE AND BOWL!" that really didnt help.i hung out with my friend smurf at the bowlin ally.and i call her smurf cause her blue hair,ears,and forehead.she laughs when i call her that.well i wanted to go see my new born second cousin,i might be able to go not sure when.his name is dillon/dylan cause my cousin cant decide how to spell it.yesterday i got to hold him!! =D he so small and cute i wanted to steal him.i made plans today to meet my friend at the bowling ally but she proly didnt come cause it early in the morning.i might get to see her today so its all good.well if anyone wants to make a request of ask for a trade they can,im workin on a couple gifts for people =].
~~cya around~~


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Monday, January 14, 2008

listening to:flo rida

*creepy happy voice *heyy peoples hoep your was super wouderfull 8D. xD ok well my day was ok in TA it was pretty boring.enrichmant block was just fine and dandy 8D kinda lol.science was ok exept for the quiz we had i hate quizzes and test they suck. but i got to hang out with me friend sandra 8D she is sooo awsome. math was boring.lunch was a bit less exiting since kynzi wasent there D8 she wasent feelin so great last time i talked to her but i will not be sayin why cause she wouldnt want me to brodcast it all over the internet,nor would i want to do that. well when we went outside it was snowing 8D i love snow but i almost slipped ._. well social studies was funny cause my teacher was playin around pickin on this guy sam and everyone was pickin on him. ua was boring as hell. english we wrote most of the time and i wrote about my uncle cause im doin three different pappers on three different people.i was asked to readpart of my paper but i sid no like five times. frech was kinda boring. when my dad came to get me at the bus stop i walked through a puddle and somehow sank into a hole and my leg and shoe were soaked. that was my day 8D well i be here is ya wanna talk to me PM me.


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