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Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Watch it bitch!" a football jock yelled at me after he fell.
"Why dont you make me? retard" i said shoving him out of the way as i walked to my locker. a few feet away from my locker i saw some people crowded around my locker.i pushed my way through the crowed. i opened my locker and notes pooled out from the bottom.i sighed i picked them up and just looked
at them and put them in the top of my locker to read them later. i went to home room waiting for my friend Racheal to get there,after we all did the stupid pledge
we went to the gym. when we all got there i hung out with Reachel and Kynzi. We all had a pretty good laugh cause we all were acting crazy. the enrichment block
sucked it was boring but beeing hyper made it some what interesting. science i was soooo hyper,it was really funny.
"class dismissed" the science teacher said after a we got our book packed up. we all walked downstairs and i snuck up on my like best friend Saundra. She
jumps and i just laugh.
"sorry Sand"i said still laughing. I waited for her to get her books i walked with her to math class,it was pretty boring. waiting for the clock to get to 10:30
was like torture. when the bell rang i packed my stuff up as fast as i could and ran out the door and went to my locker to get my stuff. I got into the lunch room and got my lunch and waited for my friends to get there. My friend Sand came down the stairs and i stopped her to giver her a note i had written in math.
"here Sand" i said putting the note out to her
"whats this?" she asked somewhat puzzeled i laughed a bit.
"its a note ok, dont let anyone else read it kay?" i stated.
"k" she said as she walked off to get her lunch i walked back to the table and Kynzi had arrived and she was her crazy awsome kynzi self. we both waited a bit for our friends Reachel and Sasha to get there. i finish my lunch first and then we all get into a convo. we all crack up as usual cause Kynzi and Reachel are they crazy selfs.before we got dissmissed to go outside we all leave our table and run to the door.when the doors open kynzi and i both bolt out to the drive way of our school to a race. she beats me as always.
we get outside and there is a new layer of snow and a slight snow fall.the wind picked up as more and more people got onto the feiled.the four of us ran in an area where there was no snow and left some tracks. Kynzi took the lead of the group and was runnin back,i almost takled her it was funny. when we all got back to the bleachers Kynzi and Reachel began their usual snow fight,its always funny.
"DING" i said when they started on another fight. sasha and i watched kynzi and reachel for a bit,i turned and noticed the principal get his whistle ready to blow so i ran behind the back stop and ran twoard the door we go in, and i pushed a smaller kid into the door and kynzi and i were practically fighting for who got inside first. i got inside first and ran to my locker and got my books and put away my coat. in the social studies class we had a role play type of thing. some students were the teens of old ages most of them were played by guys even though some were girls. the funniest one was with the guy who played a girl and she was really into this general guy.it was so funny listening to the guy talk like a girl and sounding really gay.
in the unified arts class which in my case was music we watched a movie after looking over a paper the teacher handed out that was the size of a dog. when the teacher left and went into a different room some people threw paper balls at a guy that was bein his usual stupid self. i sat in the back row behind these weired guys,well almost all the guys were weired but what ever. the guys were all weired and some were hitting each other with papers it was just funny. when it was time to leave i picked my stuff up and got to the door quickly,i left and walked all the way down the hall to get to the next class.
for some reason we were to watch the movie we had studied in our text books. the movie was rather boring to be completely honest.i almost fell asleep from being so bored,when it was time to leave class we had to wait for the door way to clear out. i had gotten to the door before the rush happended. i stoped at my locker for only a minute and went to my last class.whcih the class just happened to be the one that was across the hall and up the stairs. the last class was french,we had a project to do on the computers and the smell of food was in the air of the class room. we had do get the projects done but the pitures i needed werent showing or working for the project witch set me back a bit. while i waited for the computer expert of the school to get it fixed i wandered around the room and talked with saundra and kynzi. kynzi and i just kept fooling around practically the whole period it was pretty fun. before class ended i asked to print something i had done in spare time a few days ago and i got it printed and left the class room.
I got to my locker and i got my things and locked up my locker and walked to the entrance to the school to get to my bus.i sat on the bus for a while and then one of my old friends got on and sat a seat behind me. i had my MP3 out and i gave her an head phone to listen to the music i had added onto it some of the music was pretty funny,at one point i was just playin songs to see if she could guess the artist and the song. most of the time she got them right but her stop cmae and she got off. my stop was the second and i got off the bus still listening to my MP# and walked, then one of the people i go bowling with says he is ganna throw snow at me and i throw snow at him first and i run.i almost fall on the ice on the sidewalks. i got hoe and the house was empty,i sat on the computer hoping to go online but the stupid internet wasent working the way it should.
a few minutes after i got home my older bother drives up with his girl friend with him and they come in for a minute,before leaving to go serve a detetion they had gotten. i was alone for a couple hours till my mom got home from work.i was just sitting around watching TV since the computer wasent working the right way. i went upstairs to watch TV in my room but ended up falling aasleep to my stereo.i woke up a few hours later and picked up my guitar and practiced some cords i had taught myself.
"Reanea?" my mom said from downstairs. i walked downstairs and she was laying on the couch half asleep.
"yeah granny?" i said looking at her.
"you wanna order out for dinner tonight?" she asked
"yeah sure,where should we call?"i stated.
"doesnt matter" she said going back to sleep. i picked up the phone and dialed up a pizza place and orderd two midium pizzas. the pizza guy came and left and i eat a few slices. my mom fell asleep after eating,she had to wake up again to get ready for work so i stayed downstairs an watched TV till i had to wake her up. thirty minutes later i woke her up,she got up a few minutes after i had talked to her and she got ready and left. i went back to bed and watched TV for a few hours and fell asleep.

"Reanea tim eto wake up" my mom said as she shook y shoulder to wake me up.
"damn woman dont touch me with your cold hands" i said hiding under the blakets from her ice hands.
"sorry but you need to get up soon" she stated as she left my room and went downstairs.i rolled over and stared at the wall for a few minutes.i got up and walked downstairs and layed on the couch and curled up in a blanket.
"see you in the afternoon okay Reanea" my mom said before going out the door to got to work.i sighed and got up and got dressed in todays clothes and watch TV till it was time to rattle my dad's cage for him to bring me to school.
"daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, time to get uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup"i said in the most annoying voice i could make. he just rolled away and ignored me. so i went downstairs and outside and picked up some snow and walked back inside up to his room and shook him by his shoulder.
"holy crap get away from me with those icey hands!!" he exclaimed,i just chuckled and turned the bright light on in his room. and walked downstairs and made him a coffie. i walked into the living room while he was coming down the stairs,he walked into the kitchen and got his coffie i sat on the couch and watch TV till it was time to leave. when my dad finally gets to the school there are snow banks up to my waist that i have to get over to get to the sidewalk.i jump out of the truck and climb over the snow and walked up the steps to the school and like tackled my friend sand.
"HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII peoples" i said in a hyper kind of voice.
"hiiiiiiiii Reanea" sand replied in a funny tone. the oter people there just looked at my like i was a freak.i really was to happy and hyper to really care. i walked inside to see Kynzi and who just happened to be walking inside? it just had to be the dumbest peson i know.Madison. she is one person who can get me really pissed off,but now days she was just a real annoyance. i talked with kynzi for a bit and san came inside sayin it was cold outside. i just laugh.
"i cant wait till the 27th" i said in a slight singing voice. i laughed at the sound a second later.
"why is that?" sand and kynzi asked almost in union
"thats te day i get my hair done" i stated happily,as i danced slightly. they just laughed at me they way i was dancing but it was pretty funny. it was time to go to the home rooms and i wasent all to happy to have to got to home room cause we didnt have gym today. we played with the volly ball as usual but it kinda hurt my hand when the ball hit my scar but oh well. not much i can do about that, now it was time for enrichment block. kynzi and i walked to the room we go to and we get some free time to do what ever we want. so kynzi,sand,and i talked about random stuff.

felt like posting what i have written for a story im writing ^-^ more to come. comment and if ya wanna be in it i try to put ya in.


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listening to:flo rida
drinking:grape soda
drawing:re-make of character/vent art

hey peoples well i got up at 7am exactly! to go bowling with my team-mates who are just me,my bro and his gf.our other team-mates left us....fuckers xD jk.well for warm up the first ball i threw was a strike. in the first game i did pretty well.the second game a wooped my bro's ass xD i got this sick-ass spare. my bro and some of the people on the other team were like 'holy shit' bunny i was rally happy. third game went well i was listenin to my MP3 the whole time bowling.so my day is going very well.cant wait to see what else im doin today ;) jk. well i be here so PM me kays =D i see yous around.


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Friday, January 11, 2008

drawing:re-make for a character
writing:3 papers to honor reletives that passed on
listening to:crank dat spiderman

hey peoples well today went better then yesterday.well my day was normal,worksheets in science.bored to death in math class.lunch was fun,laughed our heads off like always.i took a pic of one of meh friends with my phone she was crossed eyed xD.gym was fun cause my and my other friend took andom pics of each other with our phones. english we just wrote our papers about our precious item. french was boring but still got a few laughes. i been working on a pic for practice and to re-make a character for my story. i cant wait till 2marrow i got to get up at like 7am but i got bowling which is really fun.not sure what else im doin 2marrow hopefully hang out with my friend kynzi. guess i have to wait and find out 2marrow.PM if ya want.


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

listening to-witch doctor-chipmunk style-
eating-late dinner

XxXx hey people well you can prolly see that im sad ill tell ya in a sec or two. my day started out fine i was hyper and happy as could be,science was normal we watched a video took notes and i talked with my friends.math was rediculous. lunch was normal i laughed my head off as usual and we went outside and i almost couldnt stop laughing.social studies was funny at first cause my teacher threw an ice pack and this guys head and its just really funny and he the coolest teacher at the school,then we had a boring video.unified art was funny cause my friends and i were so friken hyped and we were actin crazy.then english came.....we had to present a precious item and mine was a pic of my grandma from my mom's side and i coulndt do it cause i miss her so much and i started to cry which i havent done in a long time. i had to leave my room for a bit to stop crying. french was kinda fun we got cookies,brownies,and cupcakes and we ha a queen and king in the class.ask in a pm i dont feel like explainin it.


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