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Thursday, October 27, 2005

hey everybody!!!^^
hey this is venom...yes i snuck on the comp again^^im such a stealthy puppy aint i?lol neways HAPPY HALLOWEEN!that is since i wont be able to see u for a few more weeks*cries*i misses u alls so muches!gah!me and the other drummers r gonna gang up on one of the drummers bcuz he stole a pair of the marching sticks >< bastard!what in the hell is ppls problemos these days?god damn im about to fuckin kill somebody!first off somebody i REALLY HATE has been messing with Sephy and Kit Kat and im gonna kick her motherfuckin god damn ass in!plus i havent been in a good mood cuz i havent been able to talk to my kitty*cries and hugs him*dont even think about telling me to calm down ppl,one of my friends was messing with another one and i pushed him down on his ass then kicked him a few times while he was still down,then pinned him with a ball.he wasnt at school today so whatever.he cant be afraid of me for that.neways,if ya wanna talk to me u'll hafta talk through Sephy or Kit Kat.thank u for ur time.

P.S:i love u kitty*huggles*i hope to be on b4 ur birthday^^give me ur password so i can do some renovations when i get back as a birthday gift!^^
P.S.S.S:this post is from the badass u all know and love!but u already knew that...oki that was pointless cya l8rzishness!

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