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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Piece by piece...another song by yours truly^^

Turn off the lights
Lye awake and just break free
Close your eyes
Let me kiss you goodnight

If only I could see you
This is just another dream
Damn reality
Can't feed the hunger inside me

(damn chorus ><)
Everything drives me mad
I'm breakin apart
Uncontrollable thoughts of you
I'm tearing apart
Piece by piece

Is everything double vision?
Or am I just out?
Damn I've never felt so cold
Heart's bought and sold

Everything's been better
Ever since I met you
Yet I feel so alone
Nothing I feel is ever shown

(damn chorus ><)

You're my angel
You're my bliss
You're my escape away from all this


There's...another one of my songs.Sappy yet original XP And,uh,original yet sappy XP Damn we just can't escape can we?The bad thing is I actually inserted the word 'kiss' in that song*shivers*...I'll be damned XD YES I NEED PUBLICITY!What do you think I post songs on here for?DON'T ANSWER THAT QUESTION!Because in truth,I don't know either.Thank you and goodnight.

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