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Monday, October 27, 2008

Meiosis created Jrockers...?
Thanks to Scientific Frontiers (a class I'm taking that covers sci-fi to time travel to clones, to Ebola to whatever else science includes) I've been reading one to many science articles in science magazines that i can pretty much create my own scientific article!!
This is my first, I'm hoping to get published in science weekly. LMAO (I'm so hyper! my brother just got back from Japan! Then hes off again to Japan)
Its a known fact they are indeed hyperactive gender-confused freak, ozone-killing, 40% of japan's makeup consuming Japanese male singers! Yay! But the original and accepted idea of how they were conceived has been brought to question.
Some scientists believe maybe they were created in a lab with brilliantly colored substances of sugar and spice and everything nice and that somewhere along the process was screwed up and out popped jrockers!!
(they were trying to create tropical birds for the depleting rainforest's population of them) Though this theory only applies to the some jrockers. The rest they believe just got dropped on their head when they were babies or something in the water during childhood development. "Perhaps crack." Says one leading scientist guy who has nothing better to do with himself then to take up pointless science expeditions because no one actually accepts him in the field of science. (He is best know for his study of "Are Jpopers actually genetically gay?", he was charged with restraining orders shortly after the study began)*shrugs*
But the question is becoming more nagging for this ambitious scientist as more and more of these strangely dressed people with excess energy become more apparent in Japan.
Aicle demonstrates the theory in a "controlled" environment.

XD lmao wow

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! That ass of a Netherlands player was faking during that game against Japan!!
What a fricken baby!!!
I don't know about you but that did not look that hard of a land that he needed to be carried off on a stretcher holding his chest! >__<
I watched it over and over again, and yes Honda pulled him down but stupid Bable had to play it off as if he was that badly injured. Oh that was a such a cheat for a goal!
I could be totally wrong because i just started watching Soccer, but to me that looked like a fake.
Then the USA is eliminated!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Im to angry at the moment to post anything more.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fork=Stranger Danger
Person of the day: RYUUTO!!!!!!! ^-^ I decided that if i were to kidnap a jrocker, he would be my first victim. o_o what? He brought it upon himself, for being so damn cute. XD

Video Pic of my chooseing: Ok i had to pick 2, because i couldn't wait for another post to share them. LMAO i didn't know Kiyo ate!

XD :( I think their disbanding though. *crys a river* Or stopping activity, i can't remember.

Great news! I forgot my password to my old email. I don't really know how thats great news, but i call it that so i don't think about how horrible it is. *bite lip from crying*
I didn't know how to spell that, so i looked it up on yahoo, and got this Dramatic chipmonk video as a result. *evil eye*
I had a thought the other day. Yes i think. Besides thinking about the socks i was wearing and how much they fricken itched, i thought about how funny it would be to talk how you spelled.
"I-H-A-T-E-Y-O-U!" Know what that spells? "Your socks are on backwards"
The asians might have some difficulty with that.
"Squile with another squile that makes a little loopy thingggggggg!! and a squile with a dot next to another dot!!!!! squile squile, LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But of course that is wrong, because there is names or whatever to those characters or letters or a sound, i don't how to explain it.
But their writing is pretty don't get me wrong. God forbid im wrong. -____- Because i never fricken want to be wrong. *sarcastic* Im really bad at comunicating, im almost always misunderstood, and i don't want to complain, because its just a loose loose sisuation. If i complain that im wrong then its shows im trying not to be wrong or im trying to be different from the other person. But im not. *sigh* Oh well, i give up the fight. Im just a person with the bad habit of pointing out the other side of things,Not because i want to be different but thats just how i am, i see the bad and good to the extent i start to voice it out loud. Ooo butterfly. . . or is that a moth? O__O MOTHY!!!! Damn you.
"All right thats nice of you to share Fran, please take your seat next to Jim."-Nice group leader lady
"Jim as in God?"-Fran
"Does anyone else have anything to share today, just let it all out, you'll feel much better afterwards"-Nice group leader lady that i decided to name Computer. Hey you know what, if Gwyneth Paltrow can name her kid Apple, then i can name my imagniary person Computer.
"Ooooo oOOOoo i do!"-Timmy
"Go ahead Timmy!"-Computer
"I pooked a guy on a bike with a spoon. . ."-Timmy O__O
"Oh. . . well thats-. . . nice? Ok well class that brings up a very good moral. Don't poke people with spoons and a very similar saying, say it with me-"Computer
"Fork=Stranger Danger"-The whole class
*Rolling eyes*
At this moment i wish i did poke someone with a spoon, i might have something to laugh about.
Soo about those socks that itched, i was very tempted to boil them in a steaming pot of hot acid. Like they show on those action horror movies, except that without a person and instead a sock. *thinking*
*light blub* I could draw a face on the sock, and then have a puppet show with my feet, and then in anger and frustration the other sock tears the other one of my foot and throws it into a handy dandy pot of acid. (because everyone has pots of acid hanging around the house, never know when you need to remove those pesky tics)
YES THATS IT! It shall be a blockbuster, played across the world, and everyone will be moved to want to throw their sock off too and BURN it in acid. Retro green acid, because retro is in. Always have to be fashionable even in horror movies.
Note:This movie has not be rated, but may contains violent scenes that may be disturbing to children under the age 78 1/2.
Oh and you know that little voice that lives strangly in the back of your head. You know, the one that tells you to do this or do that, don't do that, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?, I told you so, eat green vegies, remember what your mother always told you. Yes all that nice moral stuff. Yeah well the point of this is, thats me! ^-^
I poke your brain. ^-^ XD
My sister told me i should get a life, sooooooooooooooooooooo why not be in other peoples lives!!! GENIUS! Yes now i have lots of lifes!!! MUWA!
~YOuR noT mUch of a FISHHHHHHHHHHHh are you?
Why of course i am, thats why i have these gills.
You could be a MERthing.
Good point.
Im Tim, Jim's brother.
*ahem* So about those socks, where did you get them?
Not much is happening on my end. Butttttttttt. . .*trumpets blare* I looked at the sky for five minutes. Oh yeah and I went on a adventure. *psch* I traveled from the left of the couch to the right to the European side. Better viewing of the TV way and it was my exercise. *wipe the sweat from brow* So from there i decieded i would see the great Out Back of the Back yard. Were i witnesed this bunny hop across the expanse of grass lands to the neighbor nextdoor. Then i played in the Sierra Desert, that was in the middle of the Out back. *scratch head* Well don't ask me what it was doing there, my family is trying to figure that out for the past six years.
From there i went scubba diving!!!! And found some dirty plates, cups, forks, spoons, and knifes. I brought them up to the surface and the lady told me i had to clean them.
Guess what? You know what! Guess what!?
I had coffee!! ^_^ Right now im happy, but its an artificial happiness brought about by coffee. Shou loves coffee, i loved it before him though. XD
I saw the Mummy the other day, i was trying to pay attention to the chinese, seeing as im taking it. It didn't sound so hard. XD I saw that now but in school im going to be crying. The teacher is from china, this family in my town is doing an exchange for a year, so she'll be here for a year and then back to china with her. I wonder if she'll be nice
Luna-LMAO Alright i'll type them all out. *sigh* HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!! I'll leave out the ones i figure you already know though.
AILE, Asian Kung Fu Genereation, Suicide Aile, 73shiki, 176Biz, Bis, Lolita23q, oz, Sugar, KiLik, Kurt, Kirito, Jeanne Du Arc, Arc, Panic Channel, Ruvie, SuG, Merry, Nega, SID, Mello, Mellow, Plastic Tree, Ellegarden(though their like an american punk band, and i don't really like them), Pierrot, Gackt(LMAO), Sadie, MASK, Skull, Fatima, Charollette, D, MaveRick, ARIA, Anjyu, Screw, The Rudie Satan Park, as.milk, -auncia-, DELUHI, Dolly, Duel Jewel, xTRiPx, Emiy, Flow, Kiyoharu, Room#Number, Ghost, Gemmik Gossip, BeaU, Black List, Irokui, Jinkaku Radio (<3 im on a JR high at the moment XD), lynch, Maxium the Hormone, Kozi, Kaya, Jils, Megamasso, meth., Billy, The Candy spooky theater, Chariots, V(Neu), Vani;lla, Aicle, Ap(r)il (<3), Polysics (more like a electronic new wave punk band), attic, CELLT, Manterou Opera, Black Rabbits, Bergerac, Viored, Vistlip, C4, UVERworld, Serial Number, CELESTIA, Kagerou (disbanded, but Daisuke is in a new band), The Studs (this is it!), Imitation Pops uchuu Sentai Noiz, Heidi, Saruin, Yaiva, Dennou Romeo, DIO, Aqkazan, ACID, Secilia Luna, Pumpkin Head, HearT (Tinc), The Pillows, Dollis Mary, Teddy (disbanded, but the members are in new bands), WhiteBlack, Black Jack, Zoro, Kazoku, NoveLis(disbanding), Unfade, Berlin, DaizyStripper, SMILE, D=Out, Liz, Wizard, PureQ&A, Born, Juliette, TRiCK, The Grudge, Squall, Sylmeria, Siva, ClearVeil, Sin, watashime, sarieli, Scar, Ry;dia, Rosario, re:Make, R16, pawn, RivaSquall, Metis Gretel, VelBet, LuLu, Lost Name. . . *gasp for air* IM NOT DONE YET!!!!! XD Poitrine, himeichigo, velvet nightmare, MEXIAH, The Kiddie, Doremidan, Sugizo, Rentrer En Soi, LICKER, LAB, Kisnate, kannivalism, misaruka, {ISOLATION, ZODIA, MustemaDorcheme, Moron, Gilltia, Downer, Ashe'(member of Emiy is in this band), ensoku, Jully, TokyoMicheal, Awoi, Aoi, Alvino, BALZAC, ZWEI, HURTS, Glamorous Honey, Gothika, Twisted Clock, Eve of Destiny, ALiBi, Shelly Trip Realize, D'ERLANGER, Buck-Tick, Guy's Family, Julliadoll, rice, Like Absolute myself, Kamikaze Boyz, canzel, SCISSOR. ~By the number of bands so far you would think that half the male population in Japan is in a band or was in one. There just musical penquins i guess! XD~ *sigh* Pizzcato (A member from Emiy is now in this band), Juka, Mix Speakers Inc, Angelo, GIVUSS, Lucy, Neu, Sect Materia, Parfait, Moi Dix Mois, Se'lem, C'Rock54, Soroban (YUMEHITO'S OLD BAND! aww he was as cute as he is now in that band), EllDorado, Villian, Iroha (disbanded), Clutch, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, -Azel-
They jump around so much and form new bands that the flow chart of Bands in japan makes the evolutionary flow chart of over millions of years look easy. XD I forgot to mention that some bands above were disbanded or disbanding, and the location of the members if they are in new bands. If you need an OHP just ask. ^_^ Or music download ask, because i can find it or have it. Sooooo the list i had from about a month ago was a bit outdated, because i added new ones and its about 160 or so, i don't know i lost count after Metis Gretel. That was very evil of you Luna to make me type all of those out. XD jk i didn't mind it was kinda fun, because at the same time i checked all their official websites for updates! ^_^ Muwa!
Tiger-Im glad you didn't actually die, that would be awful. Anyways Im glad to be back after the looooooooooong abscence. *punch myself in the head* HE IS!!!!!!!!! I watched his music video Room, and it was a jaw dropper. XD and I thought Kai was tiny (his legs are sticks XD). He should stick with long sleves. XD But i like some of his songs like Wednesday, tattoo, Emily. Eh my brain is fried at the moment to think of others. thanks to the gaint jrock list i just typed for luna. One day i will look back on this post and wonder what the heck poessessed me to do that. That was about a hour or so, because i got side tracked looking at their OHP. I can't watch movies anymore, i get bored to quickly.

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