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    Monday, February 5, 2007

    I let Ion use my computer while I was at school...and now I have a wonderful Darth Vader background. LOL! *takes a screenshot*
    His Background
    My reply
    He also added his forum to my shortcut list XP

    Ah...so anyway...here's the longer version of last post, as promised. Like I said last time, I've been having some respiratory problems and such. Bad lung and throat infection, emergency room visit and the like. It's mostly my own fault, because I'm too darn lazy to grab a coat in the middle of an ice storm. But as of today I'm completely caught up in my work, and I'm feeling almost normal! Yay!

    I got rid of my old vehicle that is constantly dying because fixing it this time would cost more than the whole car was worth. Sold it at a loss, but oh well. I'll get another job this summer and work till I can afford another one.
    After all those people helped my family out at christmas, things all started going better for us. I'm eating something besides ramen everyday, and now I have winter clothes. (yes, yes, I know...I'm an idiot for not wearing them )

    I'm pre-enrolling for next year at school...so far I'm going to be teacher's aide to an English teacher, I'm going to be a Business Intern, I'm taking AP English, AP Government, and AP Economy, and there's this new Science fiction studies class that sounds fun. Math isn't required anymore because I've gotten all my credits, but I'm debating whether to take it anyway or not.

    The weather here has been horrible (which caused the sickness). We've had ice storm on top of ice storm...about three inches of ice on the roads at one point...and school wasn't called off once. I personally hold the supernintendant responsible for every wreck that happened in the high school parking lot, and hope he had to pay the damages. But anyway, I've had some interesting bus rides to say the least. It isn't fun being the oldest and the only high schooler on that bus...I need an emergency asprin stash XD

    Well...that's really all I can think to say right now. I'm going to go get caught up with you guys.

    Take care

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