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Thursday, February 1, 2007

So sorry!
I've had a lung and throat infection, brief hospital visit, and am now swamped with make up work to the point where I am only getting about three hours of sleep a night. My lungs have started hurting again, and I'm afraid of a relapse. I sold my car for $500, and am now saving up for another one. Longer post later, and I'll comment later. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm alive (for now anyway, LOL)

Take care and much love to you all

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Blast this Christmas music...it's joyful and triumphant!
I finally put up my new layout...that background took me forever to get right, so I hope you all like it =P

Whew, finals are over with, and none too soon...and I now officially hate my history teacher. For the 20th time this year XD Seriously though, he scheduled a presidents test for the end of the year...which we all assumed was the end of the school year and not the physical year. So I had to memorize the names of all the presidents and their terms in one night, and then the next day he denied telling us the test was that day, and it was erased from the board so we couldn't prove it...and he wouldn't show up so we could take it before school or give us time during class to take it, so we had to take it in between classes, and if we missed one name or term we got a zero out of a hundered points. I ended up getting so mad at his lying arse that I punched a pillar in the hallway harder than I meant too (out of sight XD ) so I have a scar on my knuckle now. But anyway, I ended up getting a hundred percent on the test. [/rant]

My car is still not fixed, as it was the transmission that went out. My whole car is worth only three hundered dollars more than that transmission, so I'm not sure it'll ever get fixed. I've been doing quite a bit of walking lately XD And I keep getting sick because of all the blasted cold air, which turned my grade point average down to a 3.125 because I could never get quite caught up in chemistry and math.

So meh...but I did have some fun right after it was all over with ^^ Ion came over for awhile, and we exchanged gifts and watched Superman Returns. He got me a huge collection of burnt DVDs, it must have taken forever for him to get all that done ^_^ so sweet. I got him the Director's Cut version of Elektra, which he's been wanting for some time.
Our family got adopted by a daycare and a church for Christmas, so not only did we have gifts under the tree, we had plenty of food too! They have no idea how grateful we are for that; without it we wouldn't have had a Christmas this year ^^; But yeah...I got the set of DVDs from Ion, some manga from my mom, some books and jeans from the daycare and church, and money from the creepy fat guy that likes sneaking down people's chimneys at midnight XD LOL! How has everyone else been? Was your holiday alright? What gifts did you get?

Take care, and loads of love

Here's some pics:
Happy New Years from Me to You!

If Everyone Cared:

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last day of finals
Sorry I haven't been on much, but it's been one thing after another...and now it's finals. I'll probably be on with a real update this weekend and/or over christmas break. *huggles everyone* Till then

Take care

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

*pops in randomly* Heya guys, how've you been? I've been gone awhile again, sorry about that. So much work to do...
How was everyone's turkey days and black fridays? Turkey day was alright, got full too fast though >.< I couldn't get around to trying the cherry pie. I spent Black Friday painting the porch rails...I was kicking the men's butt at it too XD Seriously I got done twice as fast as the two of them working together, and I didn't miss any spots. (I had to go around cleaning up their work) Plus my cousin kept spilling paint on the deck while he painted...XD Made for an interesting day. We think he (my cousin) might buy the house. He's definetely trying to. The bank should get back to him about it around the first of next month. I can't wait...if he gets it then...no more remodeling work!
I helped our library out with another Yugioh tournament for the kids. And while one of the librarians was telling the kids the rules she said 'and if you guys need extra help or training, then you can stop by our weekly training session where two of our wonderful judges will help you out'. Why do I get the feeling I just got volunteered for something? O.o (I asked later, and she did mean me) Oh well, I need more hours for NHS anyway.
My car broke down again the other day. I seriously need to trade that piece of in.
I think that's all I've got to report ^^ I'm off to work on a new layout.

Take care

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Monday, November 6, 2006

Wisdom teeth...bleh
Well, I didn't catch anything on fire at the NHS ceremony...but my candle did burn about three times as fast as everyone else's. I had hot wax covering the back of the hand holding the candle, the palm of the other hand (trying to save my certificate), a little on my certificate, my dress, and my bare leg. Owwie might I add XD At least I didn't catch anything on fire ^_^

I've had the flu for the past few days, but I'm going back to school now. I'm feeling almost recovered and I can't afford to miss anymore. I've already missed several tests and such...going to be hell to make them all up.

My wisdom teeth are growing inside my bottom jaw and squishing all my other teeth together. So yeah...got to make a dentist appointment soon. People are starting to think I'm anorexic because my teeth hurt too much to eat XD Seriously, people are paranoid about eating these days.

Take care

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!
My favorite holiday has finally arrived ^^

The Halloween carnival went well; we made three hundered some dollars...and much to my relief my face painting booth was one of the more popular ones there ^_^ Tonight I'm going to be at the library, passing out candy to the kids, so that's going to be fun.
Oh, and I've been chosen to join the National Honor Society at my school :p The induction ceremony thingy is tomorrow night, and it seriously sounds cultish XD Has a lot to do with candles, and signing your name in this book...lol! Not to mention they expect us to hold a lit candle, our certificate, and a rose at the same time...this should be interesting. Watch me accidentally set something on fire lol!

School's going to start soon, so I've got to run. I'll visit everyone later.

Take care

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Monday, October 23, 2006

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was okay, could have been worse lol. On Saturday we went shopping for paint, and groceries. There was a sale going on at Wal Mart, so that took up most of the day. Then on Sun, my mom's fiance took me with him to his brother's birthday party. I really wish I hadn't gone >.< They sat in the bar part of the Italian restaurant, being extremely loud over the Chiefs game the entire time. Yeah, they got pretty drunk. Very embarassing, but I'm glad my mom's fiance didn't get drunk. Anyway, later we were loading some things onto his truck, and one of his brothers thought it was oh so funny to hit me with a bookshelf. So now I have a sore back and shoulder...*mutters something concerning the nature of men under her breath*
But anyway, I've got a pretty busy week comming up. ^^ On Wed, i've got a business field trip, and the carnival set-up starts on thursday ^^; I hope people come...

That's all for today
Take care

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Friday, October 20, 2006

A real post!
Alrighty, it's 6am and I finally have time for a real post A miricle, ne?

Well, the homework may not have been lessened, but I'm definetly doing better at it. I've been able to maintain an A in most of my classes, and the ones that I haven't I am improving in. Hopefully enough to bring it out of the B range. We're still looking for a sponsor for chess club, but we at least found someone to drive us to the first tournament. So wish me luck on Nov 11th ^^; Now I just have to practice playing more. I know the basics, but the only person I've ever played is my little sister, and beating her isn't exactly tournament level, lol. Renaissance club is organising a halloween carnival for next friday, so we went shopping for all the supplies on Wed. I'm in charge of the face painting booth
And the Teen Advisory Group is going to be passing out candy in the library on halloween, so that's going to be fun too ^^.

So yeah, i've been pretty busy what with all that, and working on our old house to make it sellable. Been doing a lot of painting and tearing out carpet. My little sister is going to have to sand her walls to get those temporary tattoos off. Why she stuck them there in the first place, I have no idea

I feel watched as I'm typing this...I'm sharing the basement with my cats right now, and yeah... Apparently I'm very entertaining.
List of the month - What I got for my birthday:
-some manga (yay!)
-a jacket with a robin hood looking fairy on it (so cool ^^)
-a tee-shirt with a fairy on it ^^
-a steering wheel cover for my car...guess what pattern was on what one?
-some jeans that were way too big for me XD (and i mean, they were four sizes too big. i wear a size 10 short, and these were 14s. )
-a watch, and a necklace with leaf patterns on them. Which I love ^^

And that's all I can think to type for now ^^

Take care

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Monday, October 16, 2006

   I'm alive
Whew, I'm back. Been awhile hasn't it...sorry about that. I needed the break to get the hang of school, and I'm definetly not going to be blogging as much anymore. Too many college courses and clubs and volunteer work and whatnot going on for that. But I am going to try to come on more often, and to prove it I made a halloween layout. I really don't have much time, just thought I'd drop a line and let everyone know I'm still living :p

Take care

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm back
Heya, I finally got time to come on again! Yay! Ugh, I've been sooo busy lately.

A few days before school I took a break from moving and went with a friend to Borders. It was the first time i've ever been allowed to drive a friend to the city, and the first time he's been allowed to let a friend drive him to the city. We had fun, picked up some good books. It was a pretty cool last day of freedom. Then a few days later, school started, and it's been homework from heck since. Seriously, it takes an average of six hours every weekend. Enough to make a person wish she hadn't signed up for all those advanced placement college courses @__@ But anyway, I can handle it. A few days after school started I got my first flat tire. It actually blew. I knew what it was, because after the huge bang the car shrank a little, but my little sister thought the bang was me hitting something. LOL! It was on an empty dirt road, what could I have hit? But anyway, had to get that sorted out. I'm thinking about buying a spare tire, but since I have a fairly large car (that I want to trade in for a smaller one) the tires cost about a hundered dollars. So I might just buy a used one for thirty.

I'm pretty much used to the new house by now, and we're settled in. I still have to go to the old house to do laundry though. Ah, I'm pretty tired, and I have so much homework to do, so I better go now. Here's what my school schedule is.

1st Sociology
2nd Advanced Placement History (College course)
3rd Publications and Presentations
4th Business Concepts
5th Algebra 2
6th Chemistry
7th Psychology
8th Advanced Placement Language and Composition (college course)


Take care

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