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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

HI HO! HELLO! Hehehe that rhymed. Anyway, I feel good...THERE WAS A FIGHT YESTERDAY! Two girls fought, one got really scarred (lets call her Danielle) considering the other girl (lets call her Jenny) used an earring and her nails. I hate them both. But still I felt like crying when I saw the girl, Danielle that’s in my class. Her face was really messed up. She was the one that didn't use anything but her fist. I think that makes her stronger. Jenny might get suspended. They had filed a Police report against her. She’s currently being held in the Police Station, but I’m not sure if her mom picked her up yet. Just to tell you the thing that started this whole thing, was a boy! He’s in the ninth grade and we are in the 8th. EWWW!!! Whatever. He’s going out with the girl who got really damaged. The Jenny was getting too touchy feely with the boyfriend of Danielle. Lets just leave it t that.

Nothing else happened. Too me, I am just in a “after-school” thing program. Its fun I’m just using the computer to relax.


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Monday, January 8, 2007

Hello There. I am in english class. I hate it. I wish that school would end but this is what keeps me and my friends close. It was raining today. The rain is beautiful. I love it. Well I know I have a montone today. Im talking without any emotions.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of shoes, a book bag and a new shirt. For my foster brother I bought them each a new pair of pajamas. For the younger one I bought him some shoes that are brown and lighter brown with Sesame Street Characters on it. I found it adorable. The shoes cost $22 but me and my sister both put $11 into it and paid for it both. He loves his new shoes.


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Friday, January 5, 2007

Guess what? I dyed my hair dark green. J/k. I wish! I want to dye it dark green though, don't think it will look good so I might not. But when I turn sixteen I will be able to get highlights or dye my hair, but not both.

Morning Grumpiness

This morning my sister tried to wake me up by throwing a sock at me! How often do you see people waking up from sock throwing?

Well I gotta go! Bye!!!

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

After a long long while, I changed my layout for the new year. Its kinda of weird and the comment link is on the side, where my navigation is, so please go see it. Anywayz besides that I made a manga. For school. But none the less a MANGA! Everyone likes it, and I do to. I'll post it up later when I finish it and scan into my computer.

Ariverderchie. I don't know how to spell that.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

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Would you looky here. I have been on myspace too long. Must....remain...on....MYOTAKU!...But....can't...resist...pull of myspace!.......NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Ahh! I made it out alive!!!! Yes! Well yeah.

Today me and my brother went to Target. We actually bought some presents and they were insanely cheap actually real looking clothing. But then my brother kinda went out of line and ripped off the price tags of a few shirts so we left with more than what was expected of us.

The weird thing is that before we got to Target for our "shopping spree" it was all cloudy and col and it didn't look so nice. But then when our mission was accomplished and we got in and out without being checked out it was all sunny. So I started singing the song "We saw the sun! It opened up our eyes, we saw the sun!" in a really loud disturbing way. The place was crouded so imagine a girl like me singing that.....yeah.

Thats me going to my Community Service Site. Yeah I know I'm not the prettiest thing in the world but that's just because I wasn't up for looking so good that day I have better pictures.

That is me and my closest buddies(again with the puffy hair and the goldish looking head band

This is just plain insane and wrong in sooooo many ways. I can't even think of it but whatever.

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What the hell?!? I am a young adolescent with the heart of a 5 year (and maybe the brain...no I am not that dumb, I was just joking around)

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Today I had the best "Holiday Party" Ever!!!! It was fun the 8th graders took up the entire 3rd floor. One room was food (yummmy pizza and cheese cake) Another room was for dancing (woot woot raise the roof), another room was for games (DRAGON BALL Z Budokai 3!!!!!><), and the last room was for movies (Chicken Run) Well yeah. There was also a photobooth *snap snap sanp* I took like 7 photos. It was outrageous. Then we had "Secret Santa". My secret santa gave me a big stuffed doggie. And I gave my secret santa a music box, with a bracelet, two lollipops, a candy cane, and a stuffed teddy bear that looks like her dog.

I had a blast! And everyone didn't think of me as an anime loving gaming fiend. But when I showed up in the game room they all looked at me like "What is she doing here?" So I stayed and watched them play and I also danced A LOT!!! So much you wouldn't believe. You would have had a blast to if you were my age and went to my school.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Hello. My post was just deleted so I have to post again. Well I am in nthe midle of listening to presentations about the layers of the Earth and the Spheres. I memorized it. Inner Core, Outer Core, Lower Mantle, Upper Mantle, Lithosphere, Continental Crust, Oceanic Crust, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Geosphere, and Biosphere. Wanna guess what each one is?

Well yeah this is my last class until Tuesday. Tehnically. On monday I have a celebration for half the day then a show at another school (my school doesn't have an auditorium it's too small) Well yeah. I don't have to wear uniform for once. Then I have a program on Saturday that is really really fun. Bye I gotta go, my teacher is spying on me.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

AHHH!! I beat my friend at an anime drawing contest. Alll we did was draw eyes and I won! HE LOST!!! Hahahahaha. Ahhh. Well he has no clue of what anime is. We just did a "Culture Quest" on Manga. But my teacher is also clueless about manga too. SOoooooooooooo.... YEah I gotta go now.
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Friday, December 1, 2006

OH NO! I got all rained on. Oh well I am drying off in the library. Well nothing new has happened lately. This week I've had for tests. Two of them onn Wednesday and two of them today. Uhh I hate tests. Especially when it comes to English. I'm not so sure I passed. But Science I got 108% The highest grade in my class, Yays me smart. Well everyone thinks I'm smart...I'm not because there re somepeople who get higher grades then me.


On Tuesday I was so angry at my "team". I am co-captain of my Team for this Competition called Science Decathalon. Well see on Tuesday we went to some conference room in the college where the program was held. There was a giant window where you can see all the college students. GEEZ!!! Bad Idea. The girls in my team are desperate! They were looking to see if there were any college "cuties". Then other people were like
2 Kids:"I am not doing anything for the project"
Me:"Why not!?"
Them:"Because we don't wanna be in this competition where we have to study."
Me:"You can't quit now! We already sent the submission"

Well turns out they can't quit and I am going to tell the teacher that they don't wanna do anything. One girl said "I don't wanna be in your group, because your the leader" and she's in 7th grade!!! They drove me mad!!!!!!!!

I am calm now.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

HIYA! Im sitting with my friend Yanill!
Type something Yanill

Yanill:hi I like you. Your funny and my friend Stivaly is smart.

She did that all by herself. Don't ask we are in class right now. But yeah... She wants the computer and she is giving me this look like she is gonna throw me out the window. She doesn't like Anime, she's weird and was trying to draw manga. But she is one of my bestest friends of all times! Now my friend Scarlett is gonna read this. And there she read it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *rolls on the floor dying of laughter* Well then I have fun with these two best friends of mine.

Oh no! Now she is gonna kill me!!!

I'm kidding Yanill.

Oh great she forced me to draw manga too. OK! I forced myself. Sorry Yanill!

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