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Hi! :) My name's Stivaly, but you guys can just call me Pudding since thats my internet nickname. So as you can tell from my background, I have a BIG thing for Big Bang. Lol. I don't go on this site much anymore you can, but it wouldn't hurt to leave a comment every once in a while. :D I'll add some stuff later but this is pretty much it.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is a grand moment. I have a new cellphone. Well technically its not new because my sister has had it for two years now, but its new to me. Its her birthday so they gave her the instinct and me her old cell phone.
Thats pretty much my news for today. I want to go to bamboozle SOOO BADLY. Its in a few weeks and sheesh I don't have the money. Grrr.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

   Big Bang óż
Yes, Yes. I Have moved on. I BARELY watch anime. I might catch a few now and then like Death Note, or Vampire Knight(which I need to catch up on), maybe read some manga here and there. Learning japanese isn't as fun for me this year as it was last year. I have changed so much as well. You see how on some shirts they say "Green is the new Black"? Basically what I'm trying to say is that "South Korea is the new Japan"-for me at least. Yeah.

OH and I love Twilight. I know, its dumb and she's clumsy and "too" perfect and so is he, but hey a love story is a love story and I'm a sap for it all. But I make fun of it just as much as a I love it. Since I know the story pretty well-its not really that complicated-jokes are just so much easier to make. Like how Bella says "I Love You" after pretty much every sentence she says to Edward. Its cute, its romantic, its easy to make fun of. What else can I ask for? Vampire are vampires. Although the fact that they sparkle in the sun is just a bit "Huh?"-ish. lol Huh-ish. But yeah, How was your guys easter? Mine was pretty...ordinary. I never did the whole Easter mass thing even though I'm supposed to be Catholic. My brothers wanted to hunt for eggs so they did that. I basically stocked my iPod with goodies, lol asian goodies. Damn, I have yellow fever on account of how many asian things and people I like.

Well catch ya laters, I guess.

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