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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rawrness. Im sick. But its good because I get to miss this one day of the miniature police academy I attend every day. =D But I miss theO. -huggles my site- I MISSETH YOU SO! -clears throat- ahem.
Just between me and you, I probably will delete my account :( but you dont care, because you're not there! HAHAHAH
byebye. I loveth this site. Or what it used to be.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

YAY!!!!! It is snowing outside!!! But silly family of mine, I had to visit my brother who lives in carajo land (XD Spanish for "god knows where" or "far far away") and my boots got all wet and soggy T.T THATS SAD....! Well then she made up for it and bought us some sandwhiches which were really deliciousness. XD

Well while I was visiting my bro, my sister and I kept saying "doshite" which means "why" in japanese. My Sis takes 3rd year japanese and I'm only in 1st year. T.T darn...Anywho I learned that from "One Missed Call" The japanese version. WHICH WAS SCARY!!!!!!!!! IT WAS VERY VERY VERY SCARY! I still have nightmares about it >.> (yes 14 and still having nightmares)<.< .....

Well now I am in the library with my fagtop XD (laptop when it works normally; fagtop when it doesnt wanna work with me)

Later on I have to go to my meeting. T.T Argh Yeah my sisters a captain in the meeting. I thought that would have its benefits...>.> but it doesn't. Well I guess she's just being fair. But she tells me I do good on my own. SO YAY!!! But I wanna gain ranks!! AND SOON! SO that the other kids will listen to me too..

This post is kind of long huh? Well off to go and comment others!!



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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fire what up the lasers??? OF COURSE!!!
Know why? Cuz Im evil pudding XD...

So yeah I am back but for how long who knows? I DONT!!! XD.

My life has beeen HECTIC the only reason I'm posting is because my friend told me too! BWUAHAHA I HATE YOU JESSY XD jk jk I LOVE YOU...>.> to much???

Anyway so my life is like totally fired up with stuff that god knows what the hell is fucking going. But I can't control it because life is a fucking bitch and you have to tell her at some point "BITCH I CONTROL YOU!" and yeah. But I heard the new version Vibrant is coming out in 10 dias(days). I wonder if it'll be simpler to put up layouts and such so I wouldnt be lazy to post things.
I miss the old me T.T I hate when things change...but hey who's to stop them??

Gotta go now. Oh and yeah I am learning japanese!! SHWEET!

Anata no okaasan desu! haha (your mother)

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

WHOA BABY!! I haven't been here in ages...I'm probably writing this for nothing!! MY LIFE HAS BEEN SOOOO HECTIC!!!!! Highschool is fun but toooooo big....but there are soo many cute guys!!! lol...Sorry bout that (got caught up in the moment) So yeah. I can't believe the new year is here!!!! CAN YOU? I was actually thinking of creating more layouts and I did but I was always to lazy to put them up....-_- Actually around the time I stopped posting was when I found out about meebo where you can chat and stuff...So then yeah, I can't apparently multi-task because well I am just too lazy!! =] And as for anime....I STILL LOVE IT!!! Gonna go comment people see if they remember me bye

Peash out =]

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ive Added some more work in my portfolio so when you get the chance please check them out.

More Ranting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE GETTING FAN FICS AT THIS AGE! All you get when you search for Kingdim Hearts Humorous Fanfics is a bunch of gayness. Not that Im saying I don't like gayness or whatever but....Theres a line and fan fic writers have definitely crossed it!!!!!!!!! They crossed it and went a mile. Thats why I decided to make a fan fic...One where sora is with kairi and the other supposed to be couples. See yas later!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

GOD! I am the most pissed off person ever. The only place (that I loved) where I got my KH Layouts closed down!!!! Itwas PAssion-skies.net but now that is a internet dating service! They bought out the Kingdom Hearts layout place....I will die.....I........am.........dead.

*takes the death flower*

And I died....died...died. If you knew that was from A Bugs Life. Alright Im Done I'll be back tomorrow with rant tation ness....

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Whoa I am gonna leave and take a 6 hour flight from NYC to Seattle Washington. Its only my second time on a plane, and did I mention its six hours? I know I Haven't posted a lot lately but that'll change once the school year is over trust me. I will be back to stay like a true otaku person should. *in the background fireworks are going off and a japanese song is playing* Whoa....that was totally random. And what else is totally random that I would tell a bunch of random anime fans that I don't personally know who I like or personal stuff like that but I would NEVER tell my friends. I don't now why. IO likt to keep things to myself. I wanted to bring my laptop with me so I can keep in touch but, I don't wanna risk losing it or leaving it with a few people I hate. They u sed to be my friends (well at least one was) but now I can't seem to trust her.

I shall return 5/13/07

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

   HOLY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!
Wait, wait wait a minute! Isn't easter about Jesus's resurrection? I mean I am Catholic and everything, and easter has really no meaning anymore. In school they teach you about a bunny who lays eggs!!!!!!! WHat the hell kind of a bunny lays eggs. THEY'RE MAMMALS!! No mammals lay eggs, except for platypusses. SO someone just thought of "Jesus comes back! I think a bunny just layed an egg!" WHAT THE FREAKING FUDGERS IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!

OH well. In other new I got a brand spanking new Laptop! The other got damaged so my mom had put a warranty thing so they gave me the latest dell model...with windows vista. Its pretty cool but I think they spent more time making it look good than actually making it better. But I Like it. The laptop is kinda wide, but the wireless makes up for that. I HAVE WIRELESS NOW! But Im in the Dominican Republic soooooo.....I couldn' bring my laptop.....I miss it. I came here on the 28th of March and I am leavin on the 14th of April.....This is a pretty long post so I'll cut6 it shorter. IM GOING TO THE BEACH ON Wednesday, hopefully thats all I really wanted to do.

THE BEST NEW IS....THERE IS AN ANIME CHANNEL CALLED ANIMAX!!!!!!!! But its in spanish, and they don't give any of my favorite favorite anime....awww man.......

You guys got a myspace? CHeck me out on it I think it is
Stardroppedangel. Unfortunately someone had already taken steelangelgirl so....yeah. Not so easy to remember.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

   WEEEEEEEEEE!!! Snowboarding!
Like the title says::

WEEEEEEEEEE!!! Snowboarding!

Oh em gee, Yesterday I went snowboarding. It was awesome!! Although I fell about a gazillion times and I did get sick *achoo* Eww gross boogers. Well it was fun. First I did it standing up, but since I kept falling i just decided to use it as a sled. There was this bump thing and it was suitable for a jump. And at the end I almost slammed into some benches. Well Thats about it....Look I made a wallpaper!!! Its Tokyo Mew Mew, in a like 2 days it'll show up on theOtaku Wallpaper thing I just pu tit up in my Photobucket.

After the snowboarding my cousins came over, and we watched two very good movies I love them!!!! It was Final Destination 3 and Scary Movie 4. Although Scary Movie 4, is not as funny as the first ones, I find it almost as hilarious!

Well Gotta Go!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

   What the hell?!?


The first day of vacation! Woot! But the other day (Valentines Day) it snowed, you following me? SO today my friends and I were passing through the park and we saw some guys that went to our school inside the park right. They threw snow at us and we went inside to have a snow ball (really ice balls) fight. Girls VS Boys. Everything went alright until I got hit in the eye! It doesn't hurt or anything but i have a big bruise thats gonna swell up. Then not only did I get injured my friend did just as well. They hit her in the face, and me. So my friends and I just decided to leave the snow fight.


Because I had gotten into that very very good school my mom gave me a laptop. Me and only Me. Well its been a week and I left it at school! By the time I realized it I was 31 blocks away! SO I turned around and went back to school to get it. What weird is that I told the teachers " We miss school so much already, and we just got on vacation" It was funny. I got my laptop back. And on Friday, I am going Ice Skating! I love.

Another thing my grades are great!!!!

Math 99%
Social Studies 95%
and English 86%

Average is 93.5 First Honors in My School, Next Semester is Principals!!!! (hopefully)
If I got at least a 92 in English I would've gotten principals!!!! But whatever. For my 8th grade senior trip I am going Ice Skating in June (odd isn't it?) and for Prom a cruise around Manhattan. I hope someone asks me out....I'll still be goood If they don't, I'll just be a little sad. I am gonna post up some fan art only one, and one wallpaper

It'll be there in two days or whatever. See yas!

This post is long and I stil have things to tell you. Tomorrow's another day!

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