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Monday, October 23, 2006

Sorry, its
It still translates as "Aim for the Top" and I picked up the first volume original the other day. (I found it at the library) This anime rox! The animators behind the original went on to such projects as Evangelion and Macross, but this anime is so unlike those examples.....It's an awsome show and a good watch (it contains some fanservice...a fact many reviwers seem to forget...because it's so spread out that it dosnt hurt the show at all.) the main pilot is a young girl named Nokiko...and she has almost no piloting skills at the start of this show...but as the show develops we see her gain skill, and start to belive in her self (a reocurring theme in the sequal I now know) thrugh hard work and guts! Also, the main mech in this show (called GunBuster) is one of the largest mech in mecha anime history...(Its almost as big as some of the space battlecrusers in the show...)

In other news...We fixed my bumper...but I still need a replacement...
I'm getting thruogh collage, and I'm doing well so far...
I'm not telling you guys how I'm voting...as a matter of pricible (I am going to vote...)

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Top Ne nare 2!
Yeah, it means "Aim for the Top 2" and it's an anime by the same people behind FLCL. Its one of the best mecha anime I've seen...but be warned...its very similar to FLCL, and its got some fan service in it...but, I like it all the same. It made me want to go find the first "Aim for the Top."

Ya know, "Aim for the Top" was actualy a parody of all the tennis anime that poped up early on. (And one of the attacks was even called "Buster Smash")

In other news, I got rear ended the other day...and my bumper is crushed. Fortunately, that's the only damage I got (cept I was stuck in the Sam's Club parking lot for an hour or so coz my battery got disconected) Ya know, I made only one mistake...I just drove out of it...stupid, I know. If you ever get rear ended, put your flashers on and pull over and talk to wohmever hit you. Ask "Are you ok?" and then ask "Is your car ok." (I know this stuff now...but I had forgoten it at the time of the collision...oh well, at least I didn't get hurt...)

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A faliure
National narutard day was a COMPLEATE failure. I never saw anyone with a headband, and never heard anyone say anything about anyone else wearing a headband...oh well. I actualy didn't expect to see any forehead protectors myself...

I have had two anime recomended to me in the past few days. Eureka 7 and Fate/Stay Night. ImNo1Bishounen acualy recomended Eureka 7 to me a while back...but I had to get someone to remind me of the name. I watched the first few eps and it rocked! I pan on doing some AMV's here soon...

I know absolutely nothing about Fate/Stay Night other than it involves heroes of old and the Holy Grail...anyone know more?

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