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Monday, October 23, 2006

Sorry, its
It still translates as "Aim for the Top" and I picked up the first volume original the other day. (I found it at the library) This anime rox! The animators behind the original went on to such projects as Evangelion and Macross, but this anime is so unlike those examples.....It's an awsome show and a good watch (it contains some fanservice...a fact many reviwers seem to forget...because it's so spread out that it dosnt hurt the show at all.) the main pilot is a young girl named Nokiko...and she has almost no piloting skills at the start of this show...but as the show develops we see her gain skill, and start to belive in her self (a reocurring theme in the sequal I now know) thrugh hard work and guts! Also, the main mech in this show (called GunBuster) is one of the largest mech in mecha anime history...(Its almost as big as some of the space battlecrusers in the show...)

In other news...We fixed my bumper...but I still need a replacement...
I'm getting thruogh collage, and I'm doing well so far...
I'm not telling you guys how I'm voting...as a matter of pricible (I am going to vote...)

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