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Hullo. Its Starberry aid to be exact, born in June 27th 1992. Anyways welcome to my profile and I hope you enjoy it. Oh and you can call me Skittles. Anyways I love to make friends. But we have to talk in order to be friends. OMG and I love to get comments too. If you want to email me you can. My email is APPLETOKYO@KURIRINMAIL.COM . Just not in caps.

Well I can also make profiles. (But they will suck.) LOL So my profile is currently called stfu. Anyways my favorite color is WHITE. I hate school but I go there for men. LOTS and LOTS of men. LOL just kidding, just kidding. OMG and don't I repeat don't steal my codes. Got that?

Anyways my favorite band right would have to be MARY KATE AND ASHLEY! LOL just kidding. I actually like Motion City Soundtrack. They pooping rock. Oh I love RAINBOWS, PANDAS and PENGUINS! Anyways you better have had read this cause if you didn't your GAY. LOL Just kidding.

Medication is my anti-drug. I take fruity tooties. LOL

Anyways I'm in band and play the Flute. But suck at it. My favorite movie also is TRANSFORMERS. That movie was so fucking awesome. And my favorite cartoon is CHOWDER. From Cartoonnetwork. Wow big word. Who cares if its a kids show betch. LOL So anyways..

Have a nice day. ~

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lmao. buttsekks! 8D

Sunday, December 16, 2007

B loom

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I like this layout ('cause I like the wallpaper it was based off of . . .). In fact, I like it so much, I was truely tempted to use it for my main layout. Yes. A dinky little thing like this for my main layout. Just shows how much I like it, huh? =) But back to that first side comment bubble...A tables layout based off of a wallpaper?? Amazing. It's actually not a pop-up..! I've made a break through. Anyways...You could use this layout for pretty much anything. Good for a blog, since the content is pretty much all the space here (though it's not very big, as you can see), or for a fansite (what for, I don't know), or collective, whatever. Heck, if you were really organized about it, it could even be a graphics site (sub menus on other pages, small preview clips, etc.). See? I could have managed using this...If I had cut back on some graphics, too...And yes, there is only one extra for this one. Sorry~


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hello everyone. i am very sorry i haven't been on because my computer broke down. so anyways i'll try to comment and visit everyones sites. yes as you can tell i changed my avatar! buttsekks! lmao. so yesterday and the day before i had to go to the hospital for my brother and me because we had to get a check up and it turns out my brother got bit but a type of bug the gave him a rash and if he didn't get treated earlier then he could have got blood poisoning. so yeah. he said he wanted to get blood poisoning too. {the idiot} lol. so have a nice day.

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