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Sunday, December 16, 2007

B loom
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I like this layout ('cause I like the wallpaper it was based off of . . .). In fact, I like it so much, I was truely tempted to use it for my main layout. Yes. A dinky little thing like this for my main layout. Just shows how much I like it, huh? =) But back to that first side comment bubble...A tables layout based off of a wallpaper?? Amazing. It's actually not a pop-up..! I've made a break through. Anyways...You could use this layout for pretty much anything. Good for a blog, since the content is pretty much all the space here (though it's not very big, as you can see), or for a fansite (what for, I don't know), or collective, whatever. Heck, if you were really organized about it, it could even be a graphics site (sub menus on other pages, small preview clips, etc.). See? I could have managed using this...If I had cut back on some graphics, too...And yes, there is only one extra for this one. Sorry~


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hello everyone. i am very sorry i haven't been on because my computer broke down. so anyways i'll try to comment and visit everyones sites. yes as you can tell i changed my avatar! buttsekks! lmao. so yesterday and the day before i had to go to the hospital for my brother and me because we had to get a check up and it turns out my brother got bit but a type of bug the gave him a rash and if he didn't get treated earlier then he could have got blood poisoning. so yeah. he said he wanted to get blood poisoning too. {the idiot} lol. so have a nice day.

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