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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Last Update
Hello Guys
I know I know
It's been soooooooooooooooooooo Long since my last Update
well, it's okay cuz, i don't think anyone here misses me ..

anway, I was so freakin' busy with my school work and soon I'm going to to have a Confrence in Greece, how great is that ..

anyway, I came here just to teel everyone Goodbye because this is going to be my last update here, I'm gonna miss everyone here, well
I don't have much to say so..
GoodBye & Happy Halloween everyone.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey guys....
My popularity Rank Went Down Again T.T How depresseing...

anyway.... Yeterday I saw a new Drama in Youtube, it was based on a tru story the drama's name is 1 Litre of tears.....I realy recomand it ...u should watch it.......it's a realy touching Drama .... it's a realy sad story...
omg just remmebering the drama made me real deppressed

i don't have anything els to say ^^;
well i'm gonna visit some sites now.

Here.... this is the first part of he first episode

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Friday, August 25, 2006

hey guys
how's everyone, yeterday I went to visit ur sites, but they're a few I couldn't comment on there posts, I wanted to though, but the comment link didn' work, so if i didn't visit ur sites, I'm terribly sorry, mostly ChibiIchigo's sites have this problem...so I'm sorry Ichigo!!
Anyway... yesterday I met my new neighbors, they moved in when we were out for my grandmother's funeral, they are very nice people, and I met their son, he's about my age, and he's a very inresting person, he has an amazing sense of humor, and also we go to the same school, I hope we become friends, I would like to have a guy friend...
oh and he also has two another brothers, they're soo cuute, one is 3 years old, and the other is 5...
I like the younger boy, he's realy cute and silly, he likes to imitate Usher alot, I caught him yesterday wearing pampers and dancing YEAH EAH EAH...I laughed sooo hard...poor kid, he was embaressed ...
I fell in LOVE with him.. XD
anyway.. I gotta go now
bye bye

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