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hello,and welcome!!!if your pist because there isn't much stuff on here,remember, this thing is in the ''process of the making''.so don't throw chairs, just smile and play around.(and sign my geustbook.)oh, and does anyone have any advice on where to get cheap deals on virus blockers and such and such? my dear computer crashed and burned.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

   hahahaha there goes the train
dear lord i havnt been on here in forever. well, im back after months of evil computer ness and im happy that yall have been here in my absence! so, im at school, freshman in high school, and im bored. i have been personaly involved with a neopet of mine. if anyone has a neopets account, please go to naomi_16 and talk to me. im awesome, i think.
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Friday, April 7, 2006

   fat anime people
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did i mention that for cleaning the house yesterday, my mom took us out to a chinese buffet???

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   idiot ball
last night was thursday, but i had my friend rachel spend the night. we played "idiot ball", a game we made up . instead of using a bat, we use a plank of wood. and 4 softballs. when someone hits, mylittle brother runs like an idiot in a circle. theres a point. hitting a ball with a plank of wood kinda hurts! my arm wound starting bleeding in class in 2nd period cause some nasty whore named patricia scared me and I jumped and hit the desk. That's basickly all that happened.
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Sunday, April 2, 2006

   300 hits
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and my paint just keeps getting worse and worse...

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   horses pulling scrap metel
im back from camping! hazzah!!!we went horsebaqck riding, and my friends dad fell off his horse! it was funny, cause he wasnt hurt. my dad is in the army, so he has to go to south carolina for 8 weeks for flight school. today he came home to do his taxes, and he left about 2 hours ago. then he called and said the truck broke down! so mom has to take him to south carolina, wich is a 12 hour drive, then come home. there isnt any car rental places open on sunday! but im happy she's going cause i get to play my music load and eat a lot of junk food. im usually home alone, so this doesnt really affect me. unfortunattley i have no parties goin on on sunday, so ill be bored. contact me if interested!!!!
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Friday, March 31, 2006

attack of the mutant kawaii
Anime. Done right.

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   purple horses
im going out all weekend.im going camping, and hopefully ill avoid hunters and their stupid guns! i cant wait to take this giant band aid off. me and my friend tricia will be horseback riding and everything! itll be fun! hopefully i can relax from all the dationg problems ive had these past few weeks! i cant wait.total relaxation...
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Thursday, March 30, 2006

   fat cat sat on a rat
konichiwa! last night i had a bullet graze my left arm! i hate hunters! its not deep, but it still hurts. my computer is the only one that has internet in here, my girlfriend is at school today(she skipped yesterday) and i was able to give her our 2-month anniversary present. plus im being picked up early cause morgan has to spend the night (its thursday, too) cause her mom is working(doctor). and this weekend im going camping with my friend tricia!itll be so fun!!!well, ive already written alot, so....

sayonara, dude!!!

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