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Sunday, April 2, 2006

   horses pulling scrap metel
im back from camping! hazzah!!!we went horsebaqck riding, and my friends dad fell off his horse! it was funny, cause he wasnt hurt. my dad is in the army, so he has to go to south carolina for 8 weeks for flight school. today he came home to do his taxes, and he left about 2 hours ago. then he called and said the truck broke down! so mom has to take him to south carolina, wich is a 12 hour drive, then come home. there isnt any car rental places open on sunday! but im happy she's going cause i get to play my music load and eat a lot of junk food. im usually home alone, so this doesnt really affect me. unfortunattley i have no parties goin on on sunday, so ill be bored. contact me if interested!!!!
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