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Hello. Welcome to my site. Look around and enjoy yourselves. All refreshments are 50 cents. J/K If you want something to eat, get it out of your own cabinet, unless you live in a box, like me! ^_^ Then, dig it out of a dupster, like I do! ^_^ J/K Just don't eat. lol I'm very good a video games. In fact, that's what I will major in at college. If you need help on any video game or you need a cheat code, let me know, and I'll get you one, ASAP. Sign my guestbook while you're here. Be sure and visit my sis' page, Lady of Fire. (New window) Thank you and have a splendid supper! That is all.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008


this will probally be my last post for a while so im goning to check back tom if anybody needs anything just let me know.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008


well im still addicted to runescape, yall should try it if u like mid-evil games. if u ever get the chance click the link above and go to my sis's account.

with love,

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Monday, March 10, 2008

   long time

hey its been a while ive been on. ive been sorta busy doingn alot of other thing like runescape. ha well just needed 2 update.im in the library at my school and im leaving rite now so pce.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well for some reason i always mannage to update at like 11 o clock at night lol. well as yall know im addicted to runescape and ive decided to go ranger. if you do have a runescape acoount add gangstadog56 and message me and tell me your from the otaku. i recomend you try it if you like mid evil games.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   woot im so excited

i have my first basketball game of the season today!!!!!!!!!!Im lead scorer and pg so im kinda nervous,if i dont perform well i disapoint lots of people,such as myself.=( so pray 4 me i need 20 points this game.

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