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Hello, Lady of Fire here. Just to let you know a little about myself. Let's see. Hmmm... Well, I've read a few mangas, but not enough! I really would like to see some anime tv shows, or movies, seeings as how the ones I've seen are few and far between. My favorite elements are fire and wind (hence: Lady of Fire). I play piano and percussion. Most people say I'm extremely weird, and I must say I agree! Anyway, that's about it. Oh and thanks for visiting my page. Be sure and sign my guestbook! Don't forget to check out my fan art. There's a link at the top of the page that opens in a new window. Oh yeah! Please sign my guestbook! Thanks! God bless!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I haven't been on in AGES!!! If anybody is even reading this, I just wanted to let you know I have a myspace page, and I update that A LOT more... So, I guess that's it....


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

   Man! I'm tired!

I just got back from a FREE trip to D.C.! ^_^ Yay. I'm exhausted! I'm trying to set up myO theme to Tokyo MewMew, and I'm not really pleased at how it's coming to gether, but I'm too tired to tweak it anymore. I want to go draw. Oh! Kiyoshi went to a convention, and he got a kimono! How cool is that?! He said he'd wear it next time I was up.

Element of the Day:

God bless!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

   It's short.... Too short.... *ba bum de dum*

Well, gee... Only one person has updated today on my friends list... *sigh* I guess everyone is moving away from theO. Well, since I really have nothing to do now, I guess I'm going to go get on Neopets. Welp, see yas!

Element of the Day:

God bless!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   Good Afternoon, All...

Well, today is the last Saturday of my Christmas Break. *sigh* School starts back on Moday. Oh well... It was supposed to start back Thursday, but we were out for snow, so they made Friday an optional teacher workday.
Anyhow... My BF is in Gatlinburg with some friends today. They might stay overnight, so please pray for their safety!
Well, I finally got my fan art up and running, so please go check it out.
*sigh* It seems so many people are leaving the O, or at least not stopping by as often. I shall stay on the Otaku as much as I can, since socializing isn't really my thing, but I do like the occasional comment... Oh well, I suppose those of us that hold out will eventually meet up. Oh well..
I have been reading some very good books lately. Its a quartet called The Circle of Magic, by Tamora Pierce. She is my favorite female author. It's about four young mages who go on magical adventures and meet candy fairies! Okay... Kidding only. They actually meet life or death situations and have to work together as a team to save their lives. They really are good books. You might want to give them a try! ^_^ Speaking of authors, my favorite male author is Orson Scott Card. You may remember an Otaku post some time ago that talked about how Gundam Wing shows how war steals youth, and they mention a book called Ender's Game, which is how I came to find the author. I really enjoyed it and its paralell novel, Ender's Shadow. You might want to check them out, too. It's funny, really. My favorite book is by neither of these authors. It is a book called East, by Edith Pattou. Very, very good. It is kind of a Norse(I think...) story like a combination of Beauty and the Beast, kind of Cinderella, but it is so unique in its own way. I loved it! It's really cool! My favorite book, but I still don't have it... *sigh*
Guess what! I finally put my application in at Food City, since Pizza Plus hasn't hired me... I gave them a month, since I really wanted to work with Kiyoshi, not to flirt, but just to enjoy work. Oh well, I need the money. Pray for me, please, that God will put me where He wants me.
I have been doing some college research now that I have my first ACT score back. My composite was 28 out of 36. Not bad, but I want better! ^_^ You know me....
Oky-doky now. If you have photoshop, or are very talented on paint, I am thinking of starting up a contest. I have a picture I would like fancified, and the winner would get a favor, within reason, of course. I can't think of anything good to offer as a prize, so I'm letting the winner pick! ^_^ I hope this works.
*stomach growls* Gee, I'm hungry, but I had a sandwich for lunch... I guess it might have something to do with "chasing" deer. There were two deer down by our creek this morning, but I didn't see them, but I was running when they bounded out. I was wearing bright red all over, so they stopped and watched me as I ran towards them, then I stopped. The looked at me and I started to run again. They ran and jumped a fence and watched me again. I was walking the creek banks when one of them came back twice, and we kinda ran around for a little bit. I wonder if they were playing.... ^_^
Hmmm..... I am trying to quit being a vegetarian. It's kinda hard to get the hang of though. I don't want to be sick from eating something my system isn't used to, so I'm taking baby steps. I had a piece of beef jerky on the day before New Year's Eve, but I haven't eated any since then. It's like a habit to break... Oh well. I'm stopping because I've had some health problems out of it, and I don't want to lose muscle mass, so I am quitting. I didn't have the unlaziness to look up the veggies I had to eat at the same meal to get all of the required amino acids, so I'm just eating meat again.
If you made it this far in my really long post, you get a cookie! Unless you're a mouse, because we all know what happens when you give a mouse a cookie! *haha* Well, you do if you've read the book. If you are a mouse, you get cheese! There's a girl in pit nicknamed mouse... Funny since my nickname is Cat.
Ummmm..... I went adopting crazy, note the pets above. How can I get them to have about three to one line? That will save space, because all that scrolling is annoying..
Well, see ya!

Element of the Day:

God bless you all!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

   Still Happy New Year!

Hey! I had just typed a huge long post, and my computer went off. We had a little dusting of snow, and it's really cold, so our power keeps going off and on. I'll retype the post later, but for now I'm going to turn the computer off. Hopefully I'll be able to get on later today.

Element of the Day:

God bless!

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