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Hello people!! I'm SophSoph, and I'm the little sister of Emmah. There's 7 years and 4 months between me and Emmah, so you can probably tell we have a lot of arguments (and yes, she is doing this site for me!). I enjoy watching anime, and reading manga - though to do that, I have to read Emmah's.

I have a few rules (which Emmah came up with XD)

1) Please sign my guestbook.
2) No swearing or anything, with the exception of Emmy of course.
3) If I ever get art up, please take a look at it, and don't be too harsh, because I am only very young. I'm in double figures, but still young.

That's all!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

   Emmah again
Yeah... Both me and Soph forgot about her site XD But recently, she's been like "how's my site doing", to which I've replied "errrrrmmm... I... Don't... Know..."

So here I am updating with useless nothingness.

I shall train Soph to use MyO.

One day.


♥ Emmah

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

   Hey Guysies and Galsies...
... Emmah here XD

Soph... Has been bugging the hell out of me saying "can you let me on my site please and see if I have anymore friends". So, there I was, I signed out of my site, logged into Soph's, we signed about the first person together... AND THEN SHE WALKS OFF (Soph, not the other person lmao!).

So, I had to go round signing everyone back (don't worry, I asked her what she wanted to say, well, shyouted at her and asked what she wanted to say, and she did type a bit). And now she can't even be bothered to write her own post *rolls eyes*.

Maybe I should teach her how to use myO and then I wouldn't have to do this for her XD but then agan, she seems to have no enthusiasm to update you guys *raises eyebrow at her*. I'll get her to write her own posts in future though, as I have my own site to ocntend with lmao!!


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Saturday, June 16, 2007

   Wowzee Wow, I'm New To TheO!
Howdy everyone! Yup yup, my big sister Emmah just made this site for me when she pointed out that I like quite a lot of anime, so here I am!!

Some of you will probably know Emmah, but you don't have to live with her!! Hahaha.

Hmmm I don't know what else to say really, so I'll leave it here I think, and write an interesting post some other day. Toodles!!


P.S. Emmah has just mentioned that this post is much more interesting than her first ever post. Hahaha I own you Emmah!!

Emmah: I think not biatch!! Howdy guys!! Please be nice to my sister!! She's only young *shuts up*. Sign her guestbook and say how nice her site is!! (As, I er, made it and everything XD). Soph, are you stealing my words??

SophSoph: Get off my post!! Yes I am stealing your words!!

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