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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

   Hey Guysies and Galsies...
... Emmah here XD

Soph... Has been bugging the hell out of me saying "can you let me on my site please and see if I have anymore friends". So, there I was, I signed out of my site, logged into Soph's, we signed about the first person together... AND THEN SHE WALKS OFF (Soph, not the other person lmao!).

So, I had to go round signing everyone back (don't worry, I asked her what she wanted to say, well, shyouted at her and asked what she wanted to say, and she did type a bit). And now she can't even be bothered to write her own post *rolls eyes*.

Maybe I should teach her how to use myO and then I wouldn't have to do this for her XD but then agan, she seems to have no enthusiasm to update you guys *raises eyebrow at her*. I'll get her to write her own posts in future though, as I have my own site to ocntend with lmao!!


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