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Friday, August 24, 2007

   Anime Evolution 2007: Day 2
Okay, I lied yesterday; we didn't work on flags at all once we were back home. Someone else (that wasn't "Nine" or her boy) had the paint and stuff, so the flag stayed in "Nine's" boy's soon-to-be-dead car that night. Oh yeah, "Nine" left all her cosplay stuff and pajyamas and everythin' in the car too . . . oops, I guess . . . so that was how day 1 really ended . . .

How day 2 started wasn't much better . . .

So once again I was up first with the alarm clock. Came out to wake up "Pein" on the couch and "Nine" on the floor (with a sleeping bag and stuff). It was a slow process, but everyone started waking up. Now, we had to get up to the con' by 10am or so because that was when the Bleach photoshoot started; Naruto started an hour after that. "Pein" had her Yoruichi outfit and her Pein outfit . . .

. . . unfortunately for her, she accidentally put on her Pein cosplay . . . . .

We scrambled to try to get her Yoruichi on in time. But it just wasn't gonna happen; we were missing equipment, the wig wasn't holding . . . "Pein" was already far from calm . . . . . after about half an hour she eventually conceded to drop Yoruichi for this con'. I make it sound a lot quicker than anything, but she was PISSED. Not a happy convention attendee . . . and y'know, I tried to get things moving along, but she really had lost her calm so bad . . . it was a tough morning . . . . .

So she changed BACK into her Pein cosplay (still very unhappy about everything, declaring that she would never cosplay Yoruichi ever again [which she later took back once she calmed down again . . . yeah, total cosplay meltdown . . .]). I was back in my Shinpachi clothes, and "Nine" was in normal-people clothes. Lucky girl . . .

Oh yeah, we found "Icecore" around this time. Just sayin'.

Well, we hauled ass to the con and got there while the Bleach photoshoot went on. I took pictures and stuff . . . not a lot, though. There was this one kid who was cosplaying Kenpachi that was awesome, though . . . especially when next to the gigantic Kenpachi (who was also Lazlo, one of the con's premier photographers).

Here, have a picture of them.

Well, things got a little better for everyone at 11am. The Naruto photoshoot was in full force; "Pein" had her Akatsuki, an older Jiraiya cosplayer with a cool accent was calling out shots, and all in all it went well. I took a lot of pictures of the Naruto people . . . I'm actually really shocked about how many I actually took . . . oh yeah, and the "Zack" cosplayer was back in "Punk Rock Itachi" cosplay. Good times.

Here, have a picture of "Pein" and "Zack". And now have one of them making out (zomg yaoi!).

So what else happened during this late morning at the con'? I chatted with an Allen Walker cosplayer from D. Gray-Man whom I knew from last year's con' (and who was gonna be with us at the Shinsengumi shoot!), took a picture of a sign floating in the water (did I mention that there were freakin' 4chan cosplayers at the con'?!)

Well, by this point "Pein" was feeling a lot better. I guess personal charisma as well as cosplaying as the leader of Akatsuki did somethin', 'cause basically from this point in the convention onwards, she was "Leader-sama" for the Akatsuki. I kid you not, they followed her everywhere, held her things, shut up whenever she had something to say . . . it was nuts . . . cool, but nuts . . . . . heh, wait 'til day 3, it gets nuttier . . .

At noon it was time for the Walkoff. Well, since "Zack" was gonna be in it and he was dressed as Akatsuki, "Pein" felt it was important that she bring her entourage to the side of the stage to say hello. Hehe . . . don'cha know it, he saw them and lit up BIG TIME. "Zack" basically told them to not leave, that he'd need them for the stage during his walkoff match.

I have video of his walkoff which I haven't gotten online anywhere yet. But yeah, needless to say he won albeit controversially; the judge tally gave it to the other guy by a little, but since no one wanted to count they let the audience scream for the winner . . . it was about this time that people really started questioning the judging. For the most part, Saturday's walkoff was a lot better than Friday's still, and was fun to watch. But yeah . . . judging . . . . . many people felt there was some rigging going on (which I heard there was) . . . so that was the walkoff.

Here, look at the Akatsuki waiting to go help out Itachi. . . . .

At this point, "Pein" and the Akatsuki disappeared somewhere. "Icecore" and I took the opportunity to try to check out the dealers . . . but we didn't, since we instead stopped for pictures with another random Shinsengumi dude. Then we saw Academy Duello on the stage, so we had to go watch that (they're a fencing school in Vancouver; I did their workshop last year and it was really fun). So we watched swordplay on the stage . . . it was awesome. I remember that the crowd was pretty small and mostly quiet since actual swordplay isn't THAT exciting to most people . . . but as it went on and people got more used to catching kill blows and all, the crowd got more and more into it. I REALLY need to check out their school some time . . .

After that, "Icecore" and I found "Nine" and stayed at the Convocation Mall to watch the cosplay contest. Heh, we even sat in the reserved seats near the front and everything ("Nine" had connections since she had a "Guest" badge) . . . gotta say, the cosplay skits were really good. A fair amount of jamming on the Yaoi button for easy laughs (but not too much), a LARGE amount of Lucky Star and Haruhi dances (poor people near the end must've been pissed to see so many people doing the dance before them) . . . and the eventual winners of the contest: Phoenix Wright complete with sound effects and "OBJECTION!" signs! Seriously good stuff.

After the contest, I headed back to the stairs/pond to see who I could see. Sure enough, "Pein" and the Akatsuki were there . . . including "Zack" on a scooter . . . like I said, they became legends. Hell, "Pein" herself became a legend!

The Gundam Seed photoshoot was going on too, and I caught that just in time to snap some pictures for Duo' . . .

And here was where the Lacus kneeling on the left went, "Hey, it's SomeGuy!"
I figured it was someone from the forum since my picture in cosplay is my avatar. Then she went, "It's TseUq from myOtaku."

It was exciting. Quickly said hello, finally got to meet her after acting as a sort of rooming correspondent for Sakura-Con and this one (though she really didn't need my help for it). So yeah, after they were done we hugged and all. Good times.

Incidentally, the other Lacus next to TseUq is also at myOtaku. Said hi to her as well, also gave her a hug . . . it was amusing. But yeah, TseUq's a cool one. Lots of fun.

Behind us near the stairs, one of the cosplay contest groups was doing all the Haruhi and Lucky Star dances. They looked good and I'm actually a little sad I didn't jump in and join in (there was an L cosplayer who was totally just following along, though he looked hilarious doing so).

Here, look at the dancers.

It had to have been about this point when "Icecore" and I finally got around to checking out the dealer's room. Mostly inconsequential stuff, a lot of the same . . . but I still picked up volume 1 of "Peacemaker" (sans "Kurogane") and a Final Fantasy VI orchestral CD. Other than that, "Icecore" and I just walked around through the Academic Quadrangle, getting our pictures taken and all (his spear and armour really do make us stand out).

We chatted with a friend of ours from Superstore who was in Artists' Alley this year (I believe I called her "Souji" during my Sakura-Con report). She was actually also hanging out with a dude dressed in Shinsengumi clothes! We would see much more of him tomorrow, though not in that outfit (he was borrowing his friend's who was gonna wear it tomorrow). Umm . . . we'll call this guy "Chudyk" since that's his MSN screen name right now. But yeah, cool guy.

Well, it was getting later, so "Icecore" and I went to get sandwiches at the Mr. Sub. Found TseUq again, though this time in her Orihime cosplay. Short but enjoyable moment, I suppose.

Brought our food back up to the hill next to the pond to eat. We devoured our subs (real food during a con', go fig'). Afterwards we just hung out waiting for the many, many concerts to start. Found TseUq again on the stairs along with a whole bunch of other guys including the Ulquiorra cosplayer from last day (who was the REAL owner of "Chudyk's" Shinsengumi outfit), that saxophone guy who goes to all the west coast conventions . . . and a Darth Vader cosplayer who agreed to Force Choke me for a picture.

Here, gaze at the Force Choke!

Found "Pein" and the Akatsuki also at the stairs as the sun went down. "Pein" and TseUq hit it off really well, and they planned a cosplay for a future convention together . . . don'cha love it when your different worlds come together and it works? Ahh, good times . . .

Speaking of, here's a picture of TseUq and me.

We listened to the BACK-ON concert from the stairs. They were good . . . I kinda wish we were down on the floor instead . . . . . buuuuut, being me, I kept it to myself this time . . . then "Pein" felt cold so we went inside. Yeah . . . . . don't worry, I promise this doormat persona doesn't last for the rest of the night . . .

It was fun inside too, though. Chatted with some other people including "Dr. Pocky" who was just a dude who handed people Pocky (hehe . . . he gave me some Pocky in the line-up for registration when I was in my tuxedo. I held/bit it very suave-like, fancy-cigarette style, which was good for laughs). Also chatted with a Zabuza, a Kakashi, and some other random people (many of whom would later join the Akatsuki on Sunday . . .).

After the concert I called "Nine" to see when she and her boy were leaving for my place. "Pein" and I left after I finished calling. "Icecore" was nice enough to walk with us back to the parking lot.

It was during the drive back that "Pein" kinda finally got inklings that I wasn't completely happy with certain moments in the day and called me on it. My response: "Ya can't keep bustin' my chops." I then gave her a bit of a speech I had actually once given my brother regarding my picking him up from bars and stuff late at night to get him home. Basically, I'm a good friend, and if she needs something I'll do what I can to fix it. Y'know, driving out to buy new shoes, to change cosplays . . . to change OUT of cosplays . . . I'll spend the time, the gas, whatever . . . however, it's not exactly like I don't mind doing it.

Ya kinda get what I'm getting at? This is true for all of ya, I'll add. If any of you ever need my help, I'll gladly give it. But y'know, just don't . . . take me for granted, don't take advantage, and we'll be all good.

Well, "Pein" got the message and immediately felt really bad about everything. Which I believed. She still intends to make everything up to me somehow . . . we'll see how that works out . . . but in the meantime, I felt that perhaps things were heading towards slightly better nights . . .

. . . . . nope. Not the case.

"Pein" checked her e-mail and found out some absolutely horrifying news about a friend of hers overseas. Like, really bad news. She wasn't too happy rest of the night . . . and I felt really bad because there wasn't anything I could do this time around to fix it . . . well, after she stood leaning against the couch thinking about it for a long while, I eventually convinced her to go take a shower while I cleaned up the basement for "Nine" and her boy to arrive.

Well, I did get to help a little when "Pein" asked for it. Y'know, chaotic feelings and all. I told her that it was gonna hurt and that it was okay to be sad . . . and - as I've probably told a lot of you as well - that in the morning she'll feel at least a little better, whether she wants to or not . . . in any case, I put the Transformers movie back on for her to watch while she laid on the couch, under her blanket.

"Nine" and company arrived eventually, and THEN we all got to work on flags and stuff. I also showed them clips from Kurosawa's "The Hidden Fortress" (I had promised "Icecore" that I'd look into cool spear stances and stuff for him). I also put in a DVD of my kung-fu club's 50th anniversary performance. Whenever we weren't working on flags or watching Transformers, we were talking about and playing with swords, either their iaito or my various Chinese things . . . damn, I really wanted an iaito after that . . .

As the Transformers movie ended, "Pein" was already asleep on the couch; I was glad. Still, I wanted to keep some noise in the background for her, so I put "POTC: Dead Man's Chest" into the player and set the volume low - y'know, just so she could have something familiar to listen to while the rest of us prepared for Sunday (she would later tell me that she was wondering why she was thinking about Davy Jones and stuff that night).

Again, we stayed up later than we wanted to . . . but whatever. We were all together, we were mostly ready for the last day of the convention . . . and most of all, we were ready for the Shinsengumi photoshoot . . . . .

So here, have my Day 2 photos.

Tomorrow: Shinsengumi patrols, battle charges, and 100+ Akatsuki followers!

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

   Anime Evolution 2007: Day 1
Today . . . involved a lot of travel . . .

Alarm went off at about 5am. Came out of my room to wake up "Pein". She asked that I wake her up in another half hour; I was fine with that. I went back to bed for another ten minutes before showering and all that. After she was up, we both headed into the backyard so we could spraypaint our hair (in her case a wig, in mine my actual head). The gist of everything after that was that we got to the convention a bit after 7am. I was in my Shinsengumi clothes, "Pein" was . . . well, not Pein just yet. That morning she actually dressed as the unnamed blue-haired Akatsuki girl. She looked good, but she was getting frustrated that: A: no one knew who she was or B: people were asking her where Pein was.

Here, have a picture of "Blue".

After walking back and forth for an hour or so, we really started to wonder why in the world we got to the con' so early. Opening ceremonies weren't 'til noon!

My buddy "Icecore" whom you all may remember as the Shinsengumi guy who basically hooked me up with everything I had last year called. He had a specially-commissioned "Pein" headband to give us. So we were told to wait for him to arrive . . . we waited a really long time . . . turned out he was "still getting ready" in the parking lot. Well, when we finally saw him we learned why it took him so long: the freakin' guy has samurai armour now!

Here, gaze at the majesty of "Icecore" in his armour and his TELESCOPING spear!

Well, at about this point in the day my batteries died in my camera. Evidently I didn't put charged ones in when I left the house. I was pissed. Walked back to the car and back with my extra batteries. Those were also dead. I was quite choked. "Pein" was also quite choked that morning that she wasn't Pein . . . well, that and the batteries basically influenced our getting back into the car and driving back to the house so she could put on a new face and wig while I got fresh batteries. Glargh . . . we missed the beginning of the opening ceremonies because of that. Whatever . . .

Honestly? Friday (Day 1) was a really big blur. I mostly just remember walking around a ton, finding people I remembered from previous cons, and just getting my picture taken and stuff. What I DID know, though, was that at 3pm we had a Claymore photoshoot to go to . . .

Claymore is a cool show. Alexa got me hooked on it and I enjoy it a lot. I read on the forums that people were planning a Claymore photoshoot. Here's the catch: none of us were actually COSPLAYING as Claymores or anything! But it was silly, and someone put together a good album of us as "secret Claymores" or "undiscovered Yomas". In my case, I was Yoma fodder and was killed . . . but hey, good times. Pepperoni sticks made it all the better . . .

Here, see Slipknot240's pictures of the shoot and gaze at the glory of my guts being gorged!

Aside from that, it was just more of us all walking around the con' and just hanging out . . . saw a whole slew of people including the "Zack Fair" cosplayer who won the walk-off last year . . . oh, that reminds me, the walk-off today was kinda bad. Oh well . . . day 2 was better. Other than that, just saying hi to people, hugs, laughter, pictures . . . poses . . .

. . . actually, no, that's not true. We had a wardrobe malfunction . . . several, actually. My straw sandals that I bought in Seattle were snapping on me and the safety pins were just barely holding them together. Further, "Pein's" shoe had also broken at the strap and she was having issues. Sooooo . . . once again, for that damn girl's sake (she eventually apologised profusely for making me do all this), we left the con' and went to Value Village so she could find new shoes.

And yes, we were in cosplay. The cashier had fun with that.

Back to the con', I got a call from another girl we'll call . . . "Nine", after the latter part of her screen name. She was another person who was gonna be spending the nights at my place starting that day, was another Shinsengumi member, and an all-around neat person. She was putting together one of our flags for the evening . . . hehe . . . the Shinsengumi were staging a night raid at Anime Evolution!!!

Here, take a look at "Nine", her boy, and two other guys while we prepared for 9:30pm . . .

A bit past 9pm the four of us headed out to the meeting point where the others were already gathered. We walked past the dance/rave going on in the Convocation Mall, got out the flags, the "flashlight paper lanterns" and stepped into formation . . . and then we marched. It was freakin' awesome . . . people would see us, quickly take pictures, or just stare in awe. It was cool.

Here's my photo album of the Night Raid, as photographed by "Pein" who came with us.

The night raid was mostly good save one incident where a couple guys tried to bug us, walking next to us and heckling us. Well, that's part of the joy when your Hijikata cosplayer is also convention staff . . . they got a good warning, eventually left . . . . but they left a sour feeling for a lot of us, sadly. Ah well . . .

When we finished marching around by about 10:30, "Nine" and her boy left for dinner while "Pein" and I headed back home. Oh, another fun bit: once I was in the car, my brother called and told me I could swing by his house and pick up all the DVDs he had borrowed (and never returned). I was asking about this because I wanted to get a hold of all the Transformers DVDs he had so we could watch 'em ("Pein" was really excited about that). So we swung by his place, chatted a bit . . . much like the other family, he didn't bother to comment on why I was dressed funny or anything . . . good times!

Once back we showered and prepped for the next day. Eventually "Nine" and her boy arrived, though her boy immediately had to leave again because a friend of his had a dead car and needed help. The irony of that, of course, is that after he found said-friend his own car battery died! Horrible luck . . . so he didn't spend the night over that night . . . . . "Nine" meanwhile worked on the flag some more and stuff.

That was about it. Rest of the night the three of us just stayed up working on flags, cosplays, or watch Transformers episodes until it was suddenly later than any of us would have liked. So it was bedtime.

Here's my Day 1 album!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

   Anime Evolution 2007: Day 0
I guess my convention recap really begins the day before the convention. Partly there was the pre-registration night to go to, partly because I just happened to do a lot that day . . . so let's start at the beginning . . . . .

I called "Pein" (formerly "Yoruichi", formerly "Byakuya") around noon and picked her up about half an hour later; she was gonna be spending the weekend at my place since I live much closer to the convention than she does (and she wouldn't have had any other way to get there). She was still rather flustered when I picked her up because all her cosplay stuff and luggage was at her mom's place. No problem, we just drove there so she could get her stuff. She figured she'd only need about ten minutes to get everything, so I drove and got an iced cap' from Tim Horton's to kill time . . .

When I got back, she still wasn't done; she couldn't find her passport which was her picture ID! Well, after a long while I eventually helped her snoop around for it (it didn't happen). Needless to say, she was pretty choked. We went back to her dad's place to check around there for something (she eventually found an old student card which worked). After this, we went to the mall to buy some last-minute supplies.

. . . while driving to the mall, "Pein" remembered that she forgot her cat contact lenses and tail; she was pissed again. Too late, though . . .

Because of all the rushing, we had to shift our plans around a bit. We wanted to go to the mall to get supplies, but I had to pick up my mom and get her to a massage appointment first! Naturally by this point rush hour traffic was starting to pile up (along with a traffic collision, I believe), so I just barely got back to town in time for her. I dropped "Pein" off at a nearby costume shop we had frequented through the week so she could buy another wig and more spirit gum while I grabbed my mom. It all more or less worked out . . .

It worked out better once my mom called my brother for a pick-up, meaning we didn't have to rush back from the mall to pick her up and bring her home. So yeah, we dropped her off at the massage place and hauled ass to the mall . . .

Well, we hit the mall at about 4:45pm or so and split up to get supplies. Funny enough, once we got into the parking lot she put on her purple Yoruichi wig just for kicks . . . anyways, she needed leg wrappings, a couple cosmetic bits and to get her eyebrows plucked (something I shall never truly appreciate, I imagine . . .); I, meanwhile, needed a pocket handkerchief for my tux' (more on that later), some sausages or pepperoni sticks, and a big thing of Chinese baked goods. Ultimately, we more or less got everything we needed within the hour. Back home!

We had REALLY wanted to get to the convention before 7pm for pre-registration and all that, so once we got home we changed FAST. "Pein" got herself into her Yoruichi wig, cat ears and bell, and sun dress (sort of a half-cosplay, if you will). I, meanwhile, got into my old tuxedo from when I graduated high school . . .

You see, this year Anime Evolution decided to put on a formal Masquerade Ball! I had wanted to go to the one at Sakura-Con, but since "Pein" didn't wanna go I ended up not going. Well, she still wasn't interested in formal dances, but this time around I wasn't gonna let that stop me! If we had to split up once we got there, so be it . . . I wasn't missing this one - not this time. So yeah, I put on my tux'. My mom and brother were probably wondering what the hell was going on but didn't question us or anything . . . all for the better.

Well, we each grabbed a pork bun for dinner (there WAS real dinner laid out for us, but we were in a hurry) and eventually got to the convention at about 7; later than we wanted, but no worries. And so we arrived, parked, walked to registration, got into the big line-up with the exothermically-excited otaku air (gross) and waited.

Well, I had to wait, anyway; "Pein" got fast-tracked through a lucky break of letter-calling and went straight to the front to register. Ah well . . . a few people took my picture since I was all tux'ed out (most guys going to the Masquerade Ball were in suits, only one or two other guys wore actual tuxedos). At some point in the line-up I noticed that "Pein" was talking to another girl . . . it was her very, very close friend from conventions past who wasn't actually supposed to be able to make it to the con' this year! She was going on a cruise during the weekend (which bummed "Pein" out big time on top of her forgetting her tail and eyes) . . . buuut, she wasn't leaving for the cruise until Friday. So, she came for the ball! "Pein" looked happier. That made me happier.

It was past 8pm when I finished registering and took a quick stroll out into the open air and eventually towards SFU's "Convocation Mall" where the ball was taking place. Just so you understand, the Convocation Mall is basically a large, covered outdoor area with a short stage that most large ceremonies at the school take place . . . in fact, I'll link a picture:

(Most of the blue chairs were taken out so we could dance there . . . got it?)

So anyway, I got there, looked around, saw all the nicely dressed people getting ready . . . others were at the mask-decorating station so they could work on masks if they didn't have any . . . it was cool. I chatted with a couple guys I knew for a bit, but ultimately I had to go find "Pein" and company. And she wasn't answering her phone . . .

. . . well, I found her soon enough, chatted with her and friend . . . and wouldn't ya know it? Her friend was wearing an evening gown and a mask! Ahh, the joys of peer-pressure . . . looks like "Pein" was gonna join us for the Masquerade Ball after all, whether she wanted to dance or not! Here, have a reference photo:

("Pein" has purple hair.)

So at 9pm the ball officially started. We had missed the "intro lesson" at the beginning, so we were all extra messy . . . well, kinda. I was still working off of five years of swing background, so hopefully that gave me a bit of help in leading a dance . . . but we'll find out . . . heh, I tried to see if I could get something working with both "Pein" and her friend . . . both times it didn't work too well (also, "Pein" just really, really didn't wanna dance . . .)

Well, the MCs and all were very much looking forward to seeing everyone all mingling together, so a bunch of times he'd call out for all the leads to line up on one side and all the follows to line up on the other, and then we'd pair off with fresh people. After that he'd then shout "switch!" every now and then so we'd change up partners. Well, luckily for us he eased up on that in the end half (because it REALLY sucks to leave a partner mid-song!). After a while, it seemed like a lot of people were getting a lot more comfortable with the formal-style dancing.

Originally, "Pein's" friend had said she needed to be home by 11pm. Naturally, we offered to give her a ride, meaning we'd be leaving at about 10:30 or so. Well, we were ALL having such fun that once the time came, she didn't wanna leave - thus, we stuck around 'til the very end . . . but that's skipping the fun bits!

As the night went on, I had apparently made a bit of a reputation for myself as a good dancer. Girls were apparently recommending me to friends, they were apparently fighting to dance with me . . . I, meanwhile, was totally oblivious the whole night. I thought I was going out looking for people to dance with, not the other way around! Man . . . sneaky girls . . . but yeah, we had loads of fun. My mask sucked, though . . . way too small, though the detail was good . . .

Here, have a picture of my dancing with a friend I met at Sakura-Con:
Good ol' Shinsengumi details . . . bwahaha . . .

At about midnight it ended, drove people home, "Pein" and I went back home . . . at some point I took off my tuxedo jacket and gave it to "Pein" since she was cold . . . and then we got home.

Well, "Pein" was happy with just a couch, so set her up with one of my blankets and one of my pillows, we watched some "Transformers: The Movie" while we did our preparations for Friday . . . we ended up staying up later than we wanted to which sucked . . . but ultimately it was alright.

So that was Thursday. Tomorrow, we'll talk about Friday!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

   Con's over . . . feet hurt . . .
To sum up the days of the con in one sentence each until the BIG posts . . .

Day -1 (Pre-registration night):
I was apparently the best lead at the Masquerade Ball and had girls fighting to dance with me . . . I was apparently oblivious to that particular fact.

Day 1:
I drove away from the convention and back twice today. That part kinda sucked.

Day 2:
I met TseUq today! She's silly and cute and everything you could hope for in your Canadian otaku.

Day 3:
The Shinsengumi and the Akatsuki owned Anime Evolution today . . . BIG time.

I'm sleepy and I need to wash the red out of my hair now. Here, have a silly video to pass the time in the meantime:

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

   And so we come to this . . .
Pre-registration day is today. I can go up to the campus, pick up my badge and hang out at con'-type stuff.

Still need to finish some things . . . but it should be fine.

I wonder how we'll I'll be able to finish my internet homework now . . . . . I'm sure it'll be fine.

See you guys after the weekend!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

   Allllllllright now . . . . .
Let's check the list . . .

Finished burning off the Shinsengumi drama for all those people. This is good.

. . . . okay, that's all I've done so far. Alright, today I'll hafta try to do more . . . I see lots of chances where I'll be able to do a lot of stuff, so that's good .. . just gotta make good on it and all shall be well.

Fun news: I'm gonna have THREE house guests this weekend! Along with "Yoruichi", one of the Shinsengumi girls and her boy needed a place to crash. So yeah, should be fun. I think I'll go buy some bao for everyone to last at least a day or two for breakfast or something . . .

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Monday, August 13, 2007

   I should post . . .
Extended family leave today and as such, I get my room back today.

Right now I'm mostly just kinda figuring out my last minute con-related stuff. It's like, only now you really start to remember what you need, what you should bring, what you need to do . . . so let's see what I've got on my list:

-Burn 4 copies of the 49-episode "Shinsengumi!" drama (including the unsubbed Hijikata special) for certain Peacemaker cosplayers that I've been in touch with all year since I'm just that nice.
Currently I've burned off about half of what I need. Maybe another day or two and I'll have it all done. 'Sides, one of the girls is giving me "Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto" in exchange which should rock.

-Look over my outfit, make sure it still works and that I remember how to tie an obi.
It should be okay, seeing as I haven't touched any of my outfit since Seattle.

-Oh shoot! I need to try to get a message to all the Otakuites that I think might be going! We should try to meet up and get a photo taken or something . . .
Since I don't have control over Gail's "Convention" account, I imagine this'll involve a lot of legwork on my part. I guess I'll message . . . either right now or a little later in the day.

-Test out the coloured hairspray.
Yeah . . . I'll do that later . . .

-Figure out if I'll be able to attend the Masquerade Ball held the night before the convention (pre-registration day). And if yes, whether I go with suit or tux or whatever. Finally, I'd still need to get/make a mask.
I imagine I'll probably make a blue mask with a white mountain design . . . 'cause ya gotta represent and all. Other than that, I do have a fair amount of formal clothing in my closet so that's not a problem. Really, it comes down to logistics: it'll run late, and if there's nothing else going on my eventual houseguest may get bored should she not want to attend said-ball. Complicated much, yes . . .

-Perhaps buy convention supplies like water, food, etc. to leave in the car.
Yeah, we'll see . . .

-Hehe . . . buy sausage links for the Claymore photo shoot to stand in for human guts, and possibly a "Raki wig".
This is the single greatest convention inside-joke in the history of conventions. You see, we're having a Claymore photoshoot, but NO ONE so far is known to be a Claymore cosplayer! Yeah, wrap your head around that one . . . but yeah, we'll meet up, some of the girls said they'd wear blonde wigs regardless of whatever else they were wearing that day . . . it's nutty.

-Maybe fine-tune my music video storyboards, as it's very possible our Tetsu' won't be able to finish her outfit (which shall make us cry).
I hate to have to resort on filler bits for what I originally wanted . . . but we'll see.

-Hit up a bank machine, get cash for con'.

-Charge batteries for camera.

(Crap! This list is getting longer than I originally thought!)

-Figure out sleeping arrangements for houseguest and self.
I'll probably give up my room again . . . sleep on the couch again . . .

I'm sure there's more last minute stuff I'm not taking into consideration . . . damn. Whatever . . .

Hey Sahki', you sure you don't have any picture requests or anything? 'Cause you know I'll do it, y'know. Ahem . . . same goes for everyone else. Any specific cosplays you want me to look out for or anything? People love convention scavenger hunts, I find. Here's my example of something of which I MUST take a picture: a picture of a Zidane cosplayer headbutting someone in the chest. I need another one of those.

Anyone else? Anything else?

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

   Less than a week . . . holy crap . . .
Anime Evolution is REALLY soon! When did this happen?!

I should probably try to plan a small meet-up, perhaps . . . but it's hard, 'cause I maybe know of about three people from the site going to be there. I'm sure there'll be more, but yeah . . . I'm excited, though.

I got kicked out of my room for this weekend. My mom's aunt, uncle and cousin came to visit, so I got the privilege of giving up my bedroom for them. The day before they came, my stepdad flew to England for a couple weeks to see his dad (very sick, likely to pass on soon . . . still, considering he's 97 years old . . . it's pretty amazing nevertheless). The day before that, my cousin came back from work-related stuff in The States.
Next week during the convention weekend, "Yoruichi" is staying at the house whenever we're not at the con and need to sleep . . .

That's just the nature of my home, I guess. There's a lot of coming and going . . . it's kinda funny, actually.

Podcasters liked my introduction for them last week. This is good. They'll probably like this week's intro less. That shall be less good. Meh.

[EDIT:] Since I was once a band geek, I now must share band geek humour with all of ya:

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

   . . . For everything else, there's Mastercard . . .
Went to the airport today . . . hung out with a friend again for a while . . . same friend as last time . . .

. . . took a picture . . . added captions . . . . .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Alexa is much, much love. But she needs to hang out in my city for longer than a lay-over . . .
. . . same goes for the rest of you, by the way.

In other news, I bought TMNT. Liked it. Having grown up with brothers, it amuses me just that much.

And Marvel Ultimate Alliance is eating up my life.

And now time to post the caption contest!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

   Aw, what the crap?!
Umm . . . our poll host seems to wanna be a dick tonight so I can't post the poll yet . . . . . this is most frustrating . . .

EDIT: 2pm, now it works. Thank goodness . . . such are the troubles of keeping a schedule, y'know?

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