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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Kiki-tink (03/28/07)

Hey! I saw your Avitar on a comment box, thought it was cool and funny, and had to stop by your site and sign your Guestbook. What can I say? Some pictures make me laugh and your avitar did. Hee hee. I'm adding you as a friend. Hope you don't mind.


gwinggirl100 (03/24/07)

Hi, I'm Ashia, aka gwinggirl100. I was just browsing sites and came across yours. I read your message in your profile, and I couldn't agree more, and I thought that you are a really nice guy, so I wanted to add you. If you don't mind that is. I think that you have a great sense of humor and I would like for us to be friends, if that's okay with you. take Care! ^_^v


alch3mist (03/23/07)

Do people really call you all those names.... ive decided to call you Canadian Goose. your sites awsome. ile be sure to come back. mybe we could be friends

CeruleanOtaku (03/22/07)

If one of your names is bastard, can I call you Bastard, Bastard? Okay, Bastard. See you.

-David (meaning no harm)

Trashtic Plashbag (03/19/07)

you're interesting, wow that was blunt wasn't it? Anyways, I just some wanderer wandering through this site, and then a though struck...why don't I sign this guestbook, then...beavers...I think I got it, I will sign this guetbook, and thats how I got to whee I am now...yeah...TTFN~ Astarael

DarkFaerie24 (03/17/07)

Your site is wicked awesome! I hope that we can become friends, I'll add you. Hope that's ok!

SunfallE (03/15/07)

Good lord, I didn't sign your guest book? I usually make a point of signing someone's book when I actually like them. =P Or rather I enjoy their comments that I see on different people's sites, the wacky polls they put up, etc. ^_~

So you're a part time hero are you? So just what is your just cause that you fight do diligently for? =P

Anyway, I see your achievements are all in areas of school that I avoided at all costs. I much preferred the math and science classes instead of the literature side of things. ^_~ And learning to drive a Semi Truck didn't really require extensive reading skills.

Anyway, now that I've pestered you long enough, you know, so you get a real guest book signature instead of the 'come sign my guest book' deal. I'll be on my way. ^_~ See ya around.


KikyoluvzInuyasha (03/04/07)

hiya i ttly agree with u just because u have not met them in person does not mean u can not be actual friends i mean i have lots of friends that i meet on the internet and trust them more than i do my friends in person.. Oh yeah i like your page i'm going to add u..

haseo luver92 (03/01/07)

hellos! i'm always reading ur articles and then i wondered one day of "wait, i've never even looked at his homepage..." so here i am! is that u in the picture? just wondering. i agree w/u on the internet thing. i have good friends that i've never met on here, and i plan on keeping them. (tho my parents don't approve at all =_= they're teh whole! omg they might rape u! yah right, they live on the other side of the country or world, like they know where i am? u'know?) hehhe, luv ur articles, adn ur sense of humor! hope u swing by!!! (i don't add ppl as friends unless they say so...but i would like to!)

kittygirl132 (03/01/07)

awsome site

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