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Kon'nichi wa,
Watashi wa Nichiyobi Desu!
This site is yaoi yuri friendly. Don't like leave
Bout me: I'm 17. I don't like lots of things. Yes I love to read, I love all of my friends and don't try to fight with me and don't send chain mail. I'm bi and I'm taken.I have mellowed out alot!!!=] Oh yeah I can be a bitch. I'm a little crazy I will warn you first..I love all of my friends here on the O.
I don't have a perfect life and I'm not perfect.I seem to always be depressed!

Our hearts feel things we can't see, and if we see it we become affraid because we don't understand it. So we try to hurt it even if it is the most beautiful thing in life.-Blood and Chocolate-
I'm a Junior at Silo High I got tons of friends and Millions of enimies there.. haha just how I like it! XP peace out!!!

I think when I go to college I will major in english and probably teach English I & II but I don't know yet

Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, I don't get on here a lot well school is back. bleh! I have changed alot!! lol Well I'm bored and wanna go do something but I'm sick, bleh.. I can't believe I'm a Junior wow school is going by sooo fast..
Anyone read the Vampire Academy books, or the Wicked series? If so are they good? I'm on the 1st Vamp. Acad.
Eh, idk what else to say so how are the people that still get on MyO? Good I hope!
Well gots to go peace out!!!

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Saturday, January 31, 2009


How is everyone? I'm doing great! Well this week has been a blast, and yesterday I got asked to Prom!!! yay even though the thought of prom scares me lol. I had fun lastnight even though I didn't go to the homecoming dance I hungout with my friend cause she couldn't go to homecoming. I finally got to watch the Dark Night!!! It was amazing I loved it I'm sad that Heath Ledger is dead thought. Its really cold and I hate it. Oh and today I got to see my cousin I have not seen him in like almost a year now, so yeah it sucks. If you guys happen to get on THEOTAKU check out my world Nichiyobi's World is the name but I have this amazing post on there and if you don't get on there let me know and I will post it on this one for you guys `cause it is really amazing I think everyone should read it. I hope to get alot of it on here and then get it on paper and try to get it published... hahaha thats a dream. Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend and hope you had a great week. I love all of you even though I don't know you I love you well Peace out! love always hate forever, Sunday Lewis

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


guys whats up? Not much here I have not been on myotaku in like 4 ever but Hey I'm on now nd I plan on getting on to check it everytime I'm on myspace. I found these amazingful books I love them they're bout a witch, werecat, vampire, dragon, fox demon, and svartan.. idk whata svartan is but idc.. They are really good they are called Witchlin, Changeling, Darkling, Wytch Dragon, Night Huntress, and the last one is not out yet but is like Night Mistress or something but they are amazing so far.. The authors name is Yasmine Galenorn! but anyways school is almost over I'm glad cause after this year I have 1 yr left of school! we are out of school today cause its iced out! yay well g2g love always and hate forever Sunday

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