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Monday, July 2, 2007

So I haven't posted here in forever, but nothing's really happened. I sleep a lot, play Kingdom Hearts, wander about the internet some, read, draw, and sleep some more. Yep, there's my day in a nutshell.
So, I got the line drawings for cl101 done recently, and I'm still working on ElfSong. I've sort of put Pirate's Raid on hiatus, mostly because I have too many projects at one given time. If I finish posting cl101 before July ends, then a tentative date for ElfSong to begin will be in August, but I want to put ElfSong out before then, because I'm taking 16 hours this semester (damn you scholarship!)and thus won't have as much time to work. So I want to at least get the first few pages out before I have to start slowing down updates and things. I'm determined to at least get on the dean's list this semester, and I came really close last semester. So I have to focus my ass off on this year's classes. I won't have time to color every page (I've given up on the color hold thing I was going to do, too much time and not enough tracing paper). So, yeah, little bit of forewarning.
As is, tentative date for cl101 to conclude chapter one is mid-to-late July. Tentative release date for ElfSong is somewhere in the Mid-July area, even if cl101 isn't finished yet. I can't delay it much longer. I have seven finished pages and two line drawings. Whoo-hoo. So expect to see that out on the web soon.
Also, I may have a banner for cl101 worked out soon. Have fun laughing when I get that out.
Well, nothing else to say. Ja, minna-san!

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