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YO! People!!! SnakeMasterGero here..and this is my site!! There are rules on my site...I dont have much but here they are!!.

1:No threats towards me
2:No conversation about any sexual themes.
3: Add me as a friend if you would like..but after you sign my guestbook.

Those are all my rules and they are very simple..but take no offense^^ I like anyone who visits I add them as a friends no matter what.

oh one more rule.
I say unpredictable things when I am mad.
Well enjoy my site!!!

SnakeMaster will see you around!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

   WOW! Has been a very long timeO_o!
I think it has been more than a year since I have seen my site here, I forgot what it looked like O_o! Anyway, how has everyone been lately?

NO I am not dead xD! I just have not been here in a while....I missed this site, but if have heard of this site called www.deviantart.com I have a profile there where I put my art^^ If you have a profile on that art site, be sure to pay me a visit! My name is BlackArmoredSage! see yah there and let me know if you like my art^^

Man to think that I am turning 17 this July xD! I dont look that way though, but I am^^

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Monday, June 23, 2008

   Its been months.....
Hello people..I have finally come back....I thought I would have never visit in time to keep u guys as my buddies...now that I am back...how have u all been?? I have been good, my stomach has finally gotten better and I dont need my medicine any more^^ after all year it is fianlly okay and I can go on with my life without haveing to worry about it all the time when I go out some where. I am going to glacier national park on July 2nd. I will be gone for 2 weeks...Hope u guys have been doing well and PM me any time... I will be sure to get back to u^^
-SnakeMaster has spoken..

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