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Monday, February 11, 2008

   Hi people!!!!!
I havent posted in a couple weeks hope all of you will visit though^^..so yeah...today we had a 2 hour delay here but we still had school and none of my friends showed up,,except for Sam that is^^ She was in today..but my other two friends at my lunch period were no there and I was all alone at my table-_- I was mad..I bet they played hooky today and ditched school..I dont know for sure until I call them later...so I will do that after I am done here. I got new manga stories I love^^ I want to read Phantom, a giant robot series and a new one with the artist from Death Note called Rai Grad. At least that is what I can read from the title of the book in a preiview in the back of another book...did that make any sense? Anyway, everyone who visited^^ Come back agian and I might have a new post here on myotaku.com^^

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SORRY GUYS! I havent posted in a couple months its just that school and alot of Homework so I never had time to post anything.I had lots of HW
-_- It sucks. but do not worry I havent forgot about you all^^ I will comment to your sites so please comment back^^

SnakeMasterGero has spoken!!!!!!!

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Friday, November 9, 2007

   Hi everyone!! Sorry for this late post...I havent really been in the mood to do posts lately. Man I had so much stuff to carry at school today...it hurt my arms....-_- High school is big and hard to get around...but you get the hang of it soon enough^^ And I got the hang of the school pretty well and can actually get around. Yay....and my classes are going great I got my first report card last week^^ I got good grades but in math I got ....a C+....-_-And that sucks in my parents vision....today was a good day at school as well hanging out with friends is fun....and getting doughnuts....and ice cream at lunch..me love the snack bar^^ Yes I have bad grammer...but that is on purpose. I say that when I am in a good mood^^....
.......yay my annoying brother finally left..he wanted to use my computer to check his email, becuase he was too lazy to turn on his own! It is just one press of a button you do nothin else!! That is why it was annoying-_- And now he is gone and I can type the message in private until you folks here all see it^^ Well any way talk to yah later friends^^....

SnakeMaster is here!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello everyone sorry for being so late...but I want to tell you guys that I will not be here this weekend over where I live so I wont be on for a while....Just PM me or visit and I will get back to you when I get back from my 4 day vacation!! See yah!!

SnakeMaster has spoken!!!!

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Hi everyone sorry for being late to add this post....did any of you who visited me read the post about my name ..bacuse i still have only one comment..I never have more then 5 comments...whats wrong with me...doesnt anyone like me? Im hurt that you guys arent commenting. I like you guys I really do you guys are great to talk anime with^^ That is what I love about all of you we are all a part of the anime community!!! ANIME FOREVER!!! Yeah manga and anime are getting more famous by the day^^ Yes isnt that what we fans need. I ate it when the blindly say that .."anime sucks" I HATE WHEN THEY SAY THAT!! At least until they read the manga and watch the anime...then they will know if they like it or not. Well anyone who does not know anime. Not any of you we all love anime RIGHT^^ So I have no bad feelings agianst you guys....well sorry if I insulted anyone. And.....

-SnakeMaster looks forward to talk to ya all soon!!! BYE....^^

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hi If you read this I am going to tell you about something. Please look at my profile..I changed it. This is all the features of my character I created..his name of course is SnakeMasterGero.
He is a character who was betrayed and killed by the one he loved after she killed her self and came back as an evil soul stealer called a legion. He wants revenge on her and comes back to destroy her by controlling snakes. By his masters wishes. He is an anrgy and depressed person. He will kill anyone who gets in his way...wait not like I will do that!!! Its just a name^^ Anyway he came back to kill her and get his soul back from her which she stole.
Well this is the character called GERO^^ He starts out evil then turns out to be a good guy so dont fret^^ There you all have the origin of my name!! And remember it is just a name!!!!

-SnakeMaster has told you about himself!!
PS: SnakeMasterGero is a man by the way^^ I am still a female!!!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hi everyone...sorry for the day wait^^ But i finallt feel better!! But it may happen agian like it did last night..I felt a little bit off. I was going to the football game but i felt that way. I really wanted to go and hang out with my friends and family at the game. What a drag. Anyway I feel better. Thank you everyone for signing my guestbook. My mom and dad are making me take Vitamins now..like the ones we got at walmart...they are animal shaped like animal crackers^^ And they taste a bit fruity...not much... I have to take one everyday now and it kinda werid. There is nothing wrong with me!! I havent been playing Twilight Princess latley and that makes me sad. I miss Link now. That game is awesome. I think that funniest part is when he sumo wresles the gorons and the mayor of Ordon. Man it is sooooo funny to see Link do that!! If you see it youll know what I am talking about^^ But it was really funny..!!

-SnakeMaster looks forward to talking to you all Soon!!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sorry about this late post everyone...I juat dont feel very good......I am shaky I feel so sick...I cant draw anything and i am just a depressed wreak. Man this sickness or prblem with me has been going on for 2 weeks...it goes back and forth...First week I feel fine then the next week I feel terrible...shaky....nausious and so tired.....but mostly shaky...I want this to go away...FOR GOOD!! I dont want it to come back!! It might take a while for me to heal...my mom predicts that it is because of my change in eating and sleeping habits over the summer. I guess that could be true-_- Man!!!! I feel awful!!!! Well hope I get better....

SnakeMaster has spoken!!!!

-talk to all yah people later...when I feel better..-_-

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hi everyone!!^^ I am making anew post as you can see today!! And I am listening to my favorite music by Disturbed. My brother got me into that band. They scream once and a while but they have awesome singing and songs as well^^ I luv their music!!XD. I woke up at 9:00 this morning...and perfect time to wake up when your mom doesnt like you to sleep in after 10:00-_-! yeah that is the most annoying thing. And she went all crazy when I said the word "screw" in my sentace. Come on I was saying that to the onions for pete sake!!! Its not like I was telling a person to jump off a cliff!!! My is so delicate when it comes to cus words. If I start saying them......she will take my manga and anime watching preivlages away!!! That is one of the worst things that she could do to me!! I remeber one time when she forbid me to darw...I had to lock my door and draw in private!!!! Man I was the wosrt punishment EVER!!! And that was yesterday!!! Man she annoys me soo much some times ya know-_-!
Well enough of that. What type of music do you guys all like? I like Disturbed music and Three Days Grace....they are my top 2 bands right now...its not like I am obsessed with them. Well anyway...

-SnakeMaster looks forward to talking to ya all soon!!!

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Hello everyone this will be a short post^^
Well I just wanted to say..thank you for all you guys here on myotaku^^
Hey its not like I am leaving or anything but I just want you to know that I luv ya all and I hope we can all remain friends^^

luv ya all!!!

-SnakeMaster looks forward to talking to all of you soon!!!!
*Karate chop* hyya!!!!

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