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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Happy New Years!

I did make, but free to take! [x]I'm writing this in the year 2004, but by the time I finish, it will probably be 2005. IN NEW YORK IT'S ALREADY 2005. I think that's kool. Haha...I was just chatting with my friend from New York and she said it was already 2005 there and then that's when I remembered it was New Year's Eve today. @_@ Silly me! Forgetting a thing like New Years. Well, didn't go to any parties or anything. I played Sly Cooper and KH: COM all day and then read my new MARS manga that I bought the other day. I love Mars. It's sooo cool. I've read the entire series already, but I'm gonna buy them anyway. Yep...all 15 volumes. It will probably take me a year, but I'll eventually do it. ^_^ Rei is so kool. I love that guy to death. I've always wanted to draw him, but I've been too scared that I'd tarnish his look. Cause he's so goodlooking. *grins* Hmmmm...I think I'll put up some pics

[x]Apple! *chomp*
Rei and an Apple. YAY!

This is my favorite pic of Rei. He's so hawt...

[x]Lucky Kiss
He's a motocycle racer. That's so kool!!! *giddy*

*nearly dies* Rei is too nice for words. *babble babble babble*

[x]Rei and Sei
The thing that's even cooler about Rei is, yes, he's a twin. So there's two of him. But still not enough to share with the fangirls!

He's hiding his face and yet he still looks good. *oogles and googles*

Rei isn't only the popular handsome, cool guy that he apears to be. He's also a troubled mind who had to live through a shitty past. That makes him soooo mysterious!!!

Ok, last pic. Had to put in the romance that is Rei and Kira. They make such a cute couple. Say it with me...Awwwwwww.....

[x] Ok, wasn't that educational? Haha...ya right. I've read the entire Mars series already, and I have to say that it is one of the best romance mangas to boot. LOVE IT TO DEATH. Period[.] Ally's manga choice of the day. *laugh* Ok, that's about it for today. Ummm...Happy 2005!

Images found at Burning Sunset, a Mars Fansite. [[Link]]

Check out that site. It has a summary for vol. 1-3, lots of images, character profiles, you name it. My favorite section is Rei's Top Ten Songs. [Link] (Bad to the Bone Baby...)

FYI- One new fanart of Inuyasha for my friend Doug, and two new wallpapers. One for Getbackers and another KH2. (Actually, it's the background I have on my site right now, in case one you people wanted to have it)

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Darn it! My butt hurts!

Good Song, Good Anime [x] I've returned from my road trip. Yes...no more riding in the car. THANK GOD. Ten hours of sitting. Man, the traffic coming from Las Vegas on Sunday was MAD HECTIC. -_- Bumper to bumper. And then my sister had to go to the restroom so we went in this mall and it took us an HOUR AND A HALF just to get out of the stupid parking lot. Is that retarded or what? Just because we decided to leave the day after Christmas, so does everyone else. -_- Man...would've been better if we left at 1 am and then gotten home at 5 am. Then sleep in. -_- I sooo want to sleep in. But I had two soccer games today in San Pedro. Noooo...I hate morning games...they make you wake up when you want to freakin' sleep. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST LET ME SLEEP! The only sleep I get is during class. *laugh*

[x] Yay! I did some Inuyasha fanart while I was gone! I think it's pretty good. Haha...but then again, I used referance. -_- Kinda, just for the pose, but his hair was a PAIN. Yeah, I like long hair bishies, but it's a pain to draw. -_- Hehehe...*tugs on inu's ears* I haven't gotten it up yet, I have to clean it up because it's gonna be a present for my friend Doug [Link] And my stupid eraser was acting retarded and wouldn't freakin' erase like erasers should! *chucks eraser out window* O_O Omg! My lucky eraser! *jumps out window* *comes back through door* Phew...I have to work on my anger management. So yeah, after I clean it up, I'll post the lineart, and then maybe I'll color it! Cause I found this program on my puter that colors! And it's NOT PAINT. [[PAINT SUCKS]]. Weird how I just found it. -_- Or maybe...another gift from Santa? o_0''

[x] Speaking of Christmas presents....I GOT KINGDOM HEARTS: CHAIN OF MEMORIES BABY! YAY!!!!!! *jumps up and down* Omfgosh! I luuuuuuuuuuv it! Hehehe...and guess what else I got? (haha, no it's not game cube...) I got a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW GAME BOY. *runs around in circles frantically* Yes! Now I don't have to steal borrow my sister's GB. AND IT'S RED. My second favorite color. YEAH! Times like these is when I love my daddy. (funny how I love him when he gives me stuff, but hate him when he gives me shit)

[x] Who has played Sly Cooper? I know it's pretty old by now, but I've become addicted to it. It's so much fun. I love it. [[LOVE IT]] It's pretty easy too. I'm not that good at video games. Fun to play, but fustrating when you can't BEAT THE EVIL DUDES. So evil...I'm one of those people who press pause when the game gets too exciting. I have to calm myself down when I'm at a boss. (I nearly died while playing Zelda and KH) But Sly Cooper is easy and fun and I love it. My brother thought it was boring cause he beat it in one day, but he was playing for like six hours straight!!!! What a weirdo. *laugh* Heh...at least he doesn't spend all his money on DDR. *looks around innocently* Haha...I'm such a dork.

[x] I'm sure you guys have had enough of me typing/talking/whatever so here's a coolio pic!

[x]Mushroom Samba!
Art(c) EK
Note: Check out that link, EK has some amazing fanart and some of the BEST Cowboy Bebop Wallpapers I've ever seen.

[x] Yeah...Edward definately is my idol. *laugh* My muse loves her too. She makes up convos with Ed and everything. (and I though I was a freakin' addict) My muse got her third person talk from Edward. It's freakin' annoying. But it's cute when Ed talks that way. My muse is actually just plain annoying. Speaking of my Muse, she needs to get her butt moving on the inspiration. I haven't updated my fanfics in almost TWO MONTHS. *smacks self* That's so evil of me. -_- I'll do that tonight, leave a link to it when I'm done. Ok, enough of me typing/talking/reading/whatever.


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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Road Trip!

[] I had a long post all typed up, adnd then my puter goes on the friz. So I'm just gonna skip to the important parts, leaving out the parts about my cousins, my stick bugs, that dog I thought looked like Ein, and my recently deceased Frog. (my prince! Why'd you die!?!?!!? *sob sob*)

[] Right, well, I'm going on a trip to San Diego! To visit family and exchange gifts blah blah blah. Leaving in about ten minutes. o_0'' Better hurry...then afterthe hello's and goodbyes, I'm going to Las Vegas Baby yeah! Haha...-_-

[] Even though Las Vegas is kool sounding and whatnot. It gets kinda boring when you've been there 13 times. Also, there's not much to do in the first place if your underage. -_- I mean, you can't gamble, you can't drink, you can't see the Chip 'N Dales. *laugh* The only fun thing I usually do when I'm in LV is go on those Virtual Rides or whatever. But I've done that alot...and that too is getting boring. Eh...maybe we could go to Circus Circus and play games for giant stuff animals. Last time I got a purple dog that I know call Mr. Foo Fighter. (love that band)

[] Ok, that's it for now. Ummm...hopefully I'll be able to update on my mom's puter. But it's awfully slow. -_- Pray for my safe return to my own house, with my own sweet beautiful DSL puter...
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Wo0t! I'm still alive...

Riku addicted [] I'm alive and kicking after what...two months? Wow...has it really been that long? I guess so. All wells, like I said, next time I updated, I'd have an dark Riku Layout. And what do ya know, here it is. -_- Wo0t! Isn't this fun. I dunno why I put Sephy and Cloud on the Blog sign. I ran out of good Riku pics. I can't wait till KH 2 comes out. I'll be sitting here...waiting...*still waiting*

[] I'm excited for upcoming Christmas. YAY! PRESENTS! Haha...should be a blast. I might have told my dad once or twice or thrice that I wanted the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for GBA. Hopefully he took my hints. Even wrote it down for him in case he forgot. Wait wait wait...I'm at a stump. Should I get a game cube? Or KH: COM? Cause I heard a new Zelda game was coming out. I'm looking forward to that as well. It'd be nice to play the new Zelda, and finally get to play Zelda: WindWaker. But then again...I wouldn't want to miss a KH opportunity. Right? Well, you guys can comment on your opinion if you like. I'm tired, and I still gotta draw some Christmas Art for my friends and family. Damn my half-decent artist skills!!! *runs off*

[] *comes back* FYI- got two new wallpapers, 3 fanarts, and 5 originals up since last update. Check them out if you like.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

wow...three hundred hits already. It isn't alot, but I like making banners and signs. Even though this one took me about five minutes to make. Resize, crop, add text and POOF! Hit sign. Thank you to everyone who comes and visits! I love you all! *hugs everyone* Art(c)Shiretoko....Full View Image

Silly me, I forgot to update for Halloween. Errr...HAPPY LATE HALLOWEEN! I gotz lots of candy. But I didn't go trick 'o treating. I was the candy-giver! -_- My dad had to bring my sister around, so I had to stay home and give the kiddies candy. And I have this fog machine. Weeeee!!! We couldn't use it outside cause we didn't have an extension cord, but I filled the living room with fog and then when I opened the door the fog sorta flowed out and all the kiddies were like "ooooo" and "awwwww" It was fun. I was also watching the animatrix between candy giving, so it was all good.

I wanna try to change my site. I'm not normally this kind of chipper, purple/pink person. I'm a dark colored person. Hmmmm...who should I feature? I have a whole list I wanna tryout. I've already had three X layouts for my xanga. I'm getting tired of Fuma...OMG! I can't believe I just said that! *dies* j/k, hmmmm....I'm stumped between two hotties. Sesshomaru from Inuyasha or Riku from Kingdom Hearts. *thinking* *brain explodes* I don't think there are that many Riku sites out there...so RIKU IT IS! Next time I update, you will see Riku on my bg. YAY! But all you Sesshy fans out there, don't be bummed out I chose someone closer to my age, I'm making my xanga Sesshomaru! It's going to be sooo pretty! Heh...like I said, I'm a xanga freak more than I'm an otaku freak.

Going backwards a sec, I finished chapter five part one of my KH fanfic. Took me like six hours straight and I skipped a english project. O_o'' Yesh...I'm a homework procrastinator. So if you guys wanna read it cause I know some of your people have to be KH fans. Or at least some of you are Riku fans and ch.5 had lots of Riku. Hehehe...

First Chapter.....Last Chapter

Right, Imma gonna have to stop my procratinating right now, and do some homework or I'll be banned from my puter again. See ya space Cowboy...(don't give me that 'or cowgirl' crap...it's not funny anymore!)
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Saturday, October 23, 2004

It Lives!
Haha! My scanner has come back from the dead! BWAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! I was finally able to scan those stupid pictures after they've been sitting in my sketchbook for months. YAAY! I'm not sure if they're up right this minute, with all the waiting blah blah blah, but they will be. I guess since I have nothing better to do, I'll write about them.

First one is this picture of Tae from Kill Me Kiss Me. She's in her school uniform. Weeee! I've always wanted to draw a girl wearing a uniform. XD For some reason, I make fun of the boys in my class and draw them in school girl uniforms. Some of them are pretty funny...I'll have to scan one of those and put it up. ^^;;

Next guy is Frey from Alice 19th. My friend's had a crush on him ever since she picked up the book. @_@ She was begging me to draw her a pic and after three weeks I finally got my butt in gear and draw her a Frey. Though he looks nothing like him. The braid is all outta whack...though his current home is on my friend's binder. ^o^

Next one is an original character named Duke. BWAHAHAHAA!!! Isn't Duke a cool name? Anywho, I just wanted to draw someone looking badass. And practice shoes...but the shoes still came out like crap. -__- And on a minor note, DON'T SMOKE KIDDIES! Heh...don't follow in Duke's footsteps...he's getting cancer! *more evil laughing*

Next guy is Jack. Do you guys remember when I said I was gonna draw the GW boys as pirates? Well, this was suppose to be Heero, but I couldn't draw the hair so I drew my own hairstyle and bang! Jack appeared. XD I call him Jack because what better name to call a pirate? XDDDD *hugs Jack Sparrow plushie* (ha! I wish....)

Last person is a nobody. I didn't name him cause personally <.< >.> I wasn't sure if it was a girl or a guy. Oo;; It looks like both! Hehe...Heshe? XD Well, it's suppose to be a guy. But I call the pic 'Bandit Oath' Just cause me wants to. A girl who sits in front of me in Spanish class saw me drawing and she asked me if I could draw a Bandit. A bandit I say? Why that? She shrugs her shoulders and says please. So I say ok and the next day I draw it for her. (fastest request ever by me XD) Later I find out that the 'Bandits' are the Freshman's mascot for Class comp...yeah...I helped draw a mascot for a banner of theirs. -_- The trickery! Me being a sophmore...I feel cheated...@_@ Next time a freshman asks me for anything...I'm making sure I get money out of it! *shakes fist are freshman*

Alrighty...done with my ranting and blogging whatever you wanna call it. Me gotz a soccer game tomorrow and I'm excited cause afterwards I'm going manga shopping! YAY! More MANGA! *skips to bed*

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Stupid school puter...
Eh...I'm at school right now...and the damn computer blocker thingy won't let me go on any of my fav sites. What a bummer...I gotz a whole period to blow off cause I have soccer 6th period, but we got rained out. So now I'm like super duper oober bored. -_- The stupid blocker thingy won't even let me on photobucket to get the pretty sesshomaru picture I was gonna show all you guys! *sob sob* Any who...o yeah! I just remembered...I finished that Demon Ororon fanfic I was writing. So if any of you people who have heard of the manga The Demon Ororon then check out my fic Into the Darkness. But I'm warning you guys now...IT HAS MAJOR SPOILERS! *cough* Alright...nothing to do...I guess I'll just do homework. Oo;; EGADS! Did I just say I was gonna do homework? X_x The world must be ending! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!
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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pretty good day today. Had a soccer game, and we beat them. (beat them good...like with a stick and everything...XD) So that deal I made with my dad is working wonders. Since I'm the goalie, getting a shut out is like scoring a goal. So for every shut out I get for a game...my dad buys me a manga book. Neat huh? Hehe...so far I've gotten six shut outs in a row (for all the people who suck at math...that's six books...) So if I get a shut out tomorrow, then I get another book! This deal is the bomb! I should have made this deal with my dad way before...then I've had like a hundred books. ^___^ I wanna get the Trigun and Rurouni Kenshin manga series. But first I'll get the 3rd and 4th Volumes of Eerie Queerie. *cough*

Ok then...I'm outty. Tootles!

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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Hehe...I've gotten 200 visiors! XD That's seriously low compared to other people I've seen, but I've always wanted to make a 'thank you for the hits' sign. and I missed 100 hits, so here's for 200. Just in case people don't know, the two people in the pic are Eclipse (the handsome black haired demon) and Raenef (the cutie sleeping) They're from Demon Diary. *squeel* I went book shopping a couple days ago, and I got 5 books! *jumps up and down*

I got Demon Diary Vol. 2, Eerie Qeerie Vol. 1, Fruits Basket Vol. 4, Kill Me Kiss Me Vol. 3, and The Demon Ororon Vol. 4. OMG!!! Vol.4 was the last one, and Hakase Mizuki totally threw a surprising ending. Geez...that was the sadest ending to a manga I've ever read. (not that I've read any endings to mangas, but like the sadest ending to anything!) Even sadder than movies or books I've read. And I was like....'That's it? There's no more? No! That can't be!' I was seriously freaking out cause I couldn't believe she just left it right there. I'm not gonna tell you what the ending was, cause that would be spoiling it!


I still can't believe Muzuki-san did that!!! *freaking out more* Gosh, I was sooo moved by that ending...that I had to write a fic. Cause I just had too! Ya know? *sigh* I'm not done yet, so I can't show you guys. Though I doubt any of you people read that manga. But if you do, and you wanna read my fanfic (Why? I dunno...maybe you guys are as obsessed about the ending as I am) Then I guess I can post a link when I get it up. But I warn you now, it has major spoilers.

Ok...enough! I must get over it! *tries not to think about the ending* >_< I wanna read the sequel!!! But it's only being published in a japanese magizine. I think it's called Wish. but I'm not sure...grrrr...I'm sooo depressed now! -_____-

*throws soda can at brother* Ahhh...I feel better now...*brother gets a bat*
Oo;; <---me *makes a run for it*

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

I want to sleep in....
Gosh am I tired. Darn school...it keeps me from sleeping in. And sense I have soccer games on the weekend...I can't sleep in on those days either! What has this world come to when a simple Sophmore in high school can't sleep in?!?!?! *sigh* I dunno...

Anywho, I made a bunch of Sesshomaru icons for my livejournal site, which is the same sn as this site, but I made them too big and then they get messed up whenever I shrink them, so I'm just gonna post one whenever I feel like it. O, and I didn't draw the pictures, I don't know who did, I found it on a google search...don't get all 'Art Stealer' crap on me...I'm way too annoyed for that. And sleepy. Yeah...

Alrighty then....I made three wallpapers...

There are the small versions, so if you wanna see the bigger ones, check 'em out in my wallpaper section place thingy...but if your satisfied with the small versions...good for you. One's with Sesshomaru and a bunch of flowers, another of Kamui from X/1999, and the last one features Sesshomaru, Inutashio(sp?), and Rin. Cute young Sesshy in the last one. *hugs little Sesshy-sama* Whoops, just spilled my apple juice...better go clean that up...*mutters about evil spirits trying to take over my body*

Everybody right click right now!!! NOW!!!! *evil laugh* Don't get it? Good....

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