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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Every freak'in time I try and update this thing, some unforseen event happens and I don't get it updated. Does somebody not want me to update this thing? Is it worth it?!?!?! *sigh* Well, I'm updating it now, and I'm gonna make sure it does get updated. Did it work?

Ok, who thinks that the Gundam Wing boys in pirate outfits would look funny? Cause that's gonna be my very first request! Yay! Someone out there likes my drawings. Heh...Heero...a pirate....*burst out laughin*

And then I was thinking about drawing Kenshin and Sano in nerd outfits...you know, with ridiculously high pants, pocket protectors, glasses, and maybe make then drooling over the cheerleaders (who might be Korou and Megumi) Yeah...that would brighten my day. XD

Oh, and by writing these ideas down, I expect that they stay my ideas. Meaning that no one better steal them. I'll be checking the fanart section. *evil glare*

Ahh, my poor poor Hijiri!!!! *huggles him* This is Sharpshot from Mission Tranc. Silver Dragon has really good stuff so I suggest you guys clicky da linky and read her comic. She updates around the beginning of the month, so that means she should be updating recently. *still waiting*

She also has another comic, Pandect She updates that one more frequently, but it really doesn't have any plot, or many pages up. But that's for the moment. O gosh, Silver Dragon is like my ultimate idol. Well, anime artist idol. XD O, but if you guys don't like yaoi, don't click either link. Cause they're chock full of it.

Alright already, I'm done, so you guys can stop reading if you haven't already and....I dunno, go vote for something.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Another Drawing Spree

Ehh...all I've been doing is draw draw draw. I haven't updated my fanfic in like two months. *sweatdrop* I left them at a cliffie too. *evil snicker* Newho, check out my new art, 'Jung Woo' and 'Solace' in my fanart section.

Anyone read Kill Me Kiss Me? (K2 for short) It's really funny. That's where Jung Woo came from. He's so mysterious and calm and cool. But then this other guy (argh, I forgot his name) started beating up my poor Jungo Woo!!! *sob sob* That meanie, Que-Min should beat that jerk up! Errr...I won't say anymore, don't want to give away any spoilers. Hehehe...

And my picture 'Solace' that's from a short side story in Demon Diary. The story is called "Crystal Heart" and it's soo sad! I was like "Awwww..." after reading it. Then I reread it. ^_^

Anywho, rather than all my drawing, I've been looking for music for this site cause gpetz is down and my beautiful Fukai Mori song isn't working. (At least it isn't for me, I dunno bout u guys) So do you think I should use Green Bird or Blue or Goodnight Julia or The Real Folk Blues? Recognize the titles? Those are Cowboy Bebop songs. The real versions. My favorite is Green Bird, but it really doesn't fit my colors. XD So whatcha think?
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Monday, August 16, 2004

   Stupid beach!!
When I mean stupid beach, I mean the beach soccer club. They played so dirty today! Err...not that my team played any dirtier, but they were still pretty much full out bitches. Half the girls didn't shake hands after the game. Damn bitches...all welz, besides the sunburn and not being able to buy manga....Today sucked. I hate losing...especially to teams like BEACH! What the hell kind of name is BEACH anyhow? >,< Not to disciminate the actually beach, I like going to the beach. But they tainted that name...and now I must cuss it out. *cuss cuss cuss*

Who watches the Olympics? I like to watch the gymnastics. The balance beam is cool to watch. And though I am a proud American, I have to say the Romania team is a bit better. But I'm still cheering on the US. USA!!! USA!!! ^_^

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

OMG!!! I got the third Volume for The Demon Ororon!!!! *hugs Ororon* He's like...the best King of Devils ever!!! Which is why I drew a picture of him...It's soo perdy! It's like the best thing I've ever drawn! Next to this Eskimo kiss pic I drew...Anywho...

Besides the fact that I've been on a drawing spree...Lookie at this ~*Sitey*~ I edited the background which was hard cause I only have MSPaint. *kicks computer* I did not draw the background!!! (some people were a bit confused about that...I just edited it to fit) Anywho, Jessie better thank me or I'm gonna have to hack into her sitey and erase it!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Ok...don't forget to check out my fanart section cause I'd really like to hear some feedback from my pic of Ororon...*hugs him again*

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Friday, July 23, 2004

   More Pics!

Me hasn't updated, cause I've been working on my Xanga Haha...and my alterego's Xanga

But I do have more drawings up! Check them out in my fanart section. Oh, and I would put up a link to my sitey that I have been working on for a week, but then again....I have only been working on it for one week, therefore it sucks ass. >,< *nods head*

Anywho, I think I've gotten muchly better at drawing. YAAAAAYYY!!! Now I won't feel bad when my mommy laughs at all my pictures cause I know she's joking...or has bad sense of art....or maybe I do really suck. *sob*

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

YAY!! I drew a decent pic. It's of Takumi, my original charcter in my KH fanfic. He's the older brother of Kairi and since my fic is AU, he's a slave that when something happens which you peeps will have to read the story to find out, his life changes. All thanks to Sora! YAY!! Go Sora! Go Sora! It's your birthday! It's your birthday! A huh!

Anywho, if ya guys want to read it, here's the link ---> http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1922131/1/

O.o I'm so happy with it cause it gets way more reviews than my fictionpress stuff. Can't wait to draw more. And it was my second time cg-ing, so I think I did pretty well. But I know I need a bit more practice. Then I will start cursing my lack of artistic skill even more than I deserve.

I don't know what it is about artist and noticeing the small misatkes. But I think I shall soon find out. I already noticed that one of Takumi's calves is bigger than the other one. XD And that his pants has these pockets on the sides, but when I colored in the pants, it just looks like a tumor. XD XD XD Also, the lines are terribly crooked. Messy messy, but it only took me about an hour, so I can't expect perfection. *shrugs* It should be in my fanart section, and if it's not there yet....then go here---> http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/8880411/

Hope that works....if not, then just copy and paste it in the url box.

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Thursday, July 8, 2004

   sleep is good
When you get stuck in a car for nine hours, your butt tends to hurt and you get tired. But if afterwards you have to go to double soccer practice, which caused you to skip lunch. These things are bad....bad...

The trip back from Las Vegas was hell. For now one, I'm flying there and back.

O.o I won stuffed animals at Circus Circus!!!! AnimalSS as in plural. Meaning two! YEAH!!! I got this cute black and white tiger, and this cute orange and white fox. *hugs them both* I shall call the tiger.....NORTIN!!! And the fox....Chu!!!

Haha....my mind works in weird ways....

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Saturday, July 3, 2004

   It's official
Well, in three days, my mom is moving to Las Vegas. And I get to see her less than I normally do. I cried so much today that my eyes hurt. I hate her for doing this to me. To my siblings. Exspecially my younger sister. She's only 7. I'm not sure what's gonna happen to her if she isn't around my mom all the time. I'm worried that she'll grow up to be a messed up kid. Or even suicidal. I dunno, I've thought about killing myself once or twice cause my parents were spliting up. But I'm over that. Yet for my sister. She was born when my parents started fighting. She might blame herself and I'm worried that since my mom's not gonna be there to help her through that like she did with me, then maybe she'll go through with what I couldn't.

I dunno, it all sounds like a soap opera to me. But truth is reality I suppose. ok, that made no sense whatsoever, but I'm trying to use confusion to clear up my thoughts. See what I mean? Anyways, she's dragging me to Las Vegas to meet the dude she's fucking over there. Which I don't want to, but she's makeing me. AND I have to celebrate his birthday. Uggg...I can't handle this. Thank god she's not making me move out there with her. Though she wants me too. But I can't handle moving to another school. I just got used to switching to my High School. I'll die if I have to go through another new school experiance. Me and my adult phobia. Stupid adults. I hope I die at age twenty-one in a tragic car aciddent so I don't have to live such a pathetic life. Seems kind of selfish I know, and I may be taking the easy way out, but at least it was the car that killed me and not a razor blade.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

   Me tired
Been working on a KH fic of mine. I think it's coming along well. Only have two chapters up on Fanfiction.net, but I already know everything that's gonna happen. It's all in here *points to head* But I better write it down before I forget. Cause of my bad memory, it gets me in a heap of trouble. Homework, schoolwork, phone numbers, things to do, eating regulary, spelling.... that sort of stuff. I'm horrible when it comes to spelling, so I need my friend to help me revise my writings before I post them. But now that school's out, I don't see her as much and I need to make my own corrections. *sob*

I have so many ideas for fanfics, and original fics, that I'm probably going to just be writing all summer. Soooo.....

Goal for the summer: Finish whatever stories I start.

I have a tendency to blow off everything I begin. -__- and I've officially become nocturnal. I sleep durng the day, and am wide awake at night. That's my summer routine. I'm an owl!!! HOO HOO!!!

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Friday, June 25, 2004

   Happy levels at maxmium!!
Today my mommy came back from Vegas and she bought me things! Most of it was clothes, and I already have a ton of dresses and skirts that I don't wear. I don't like my legs. XD

But we went out to lunch with my Aunt, and then went BOOK SHOPPING! Yeah! I bought two Calvin and Hobbes books, a guide to voodoo, and three mangas!!! *jumps up and down*

I bought this one manga, Tsubasa. It has cardcaptor, X/1999, xxxHolic, RG Veda, and Chobit characters mixed into a whole new plot. It's kind of a crossover with xxxHolic, but not really. You get different perspectives if you read both though! The drawings aren't that impressive, but if you like CarCaptor Sakura, then I'm sure you'll like this manga. I also bought FLCL! I loved the anime soooo much, that I knew I would absolutely love the manga. It's sooo funny, I have to read it over and over and over. The same can be said for DEMON DIARY!!! I bought that too! Raenef is soooo cute and innocent. Tell me how a cute and innocent boy can become a Demon Lord? I don't know, and I don't know how Eclipse does. Demon Diary is what got me into the love of manga. I've read it three times, but now I have it in my possesion and I don't have to go to a store to read it more! (and I can gloat to all my friends who've wanted to read it) HEHEHE!!!

But Vol. 1 also has two short stories in the back, Crystal Heart and Terra. They are really sad stories, but I absolutely love the drawings They are soo beautiful. Even though they make the guys look like girls. XD Kara does such pretty eyes. I can't wait to buy the second Vol so I can read that over and over and over, laugh alot, then read it over again! *insert evil laugh here*

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