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Thursday, June 24, 2004

   Me? Happy?
Well, I feel fairly happy...but I'm really sore from alot of things. I wish I had a car, or could drive one. Then I wouldn't have to ride my BIKE to soccer summer school (you read correct, soccer summer school) run for about an hour, then have to dive in the mud (I'm a goalie mind you) THEN have to bike back, this time up the hills instead of down them. And yet I'm happy? (I'm not high) Hmmmm...maybe I'm happy that's it's over? That can't be cause I have to do it tomorrow. And the day after that, and the day after that. (so on and so forth)

But I did watch Good Will Hunting. And got really emotional when Matt Damon started crying. I didn't cry, just got a little emotional, YOU HEAR! Ok.....

I have to admit to something, if I really wanted a Sesshy-sama plushie, then I can just sell my computer, use my friend's computer to search on ebay for one, buy it, then use the leftover money as I will. Maybe a new bike....really worked the shocks while riding over those lawns.

That reminds me, I could have died today. Four times. That's right, I almost got hit by four different cars.....in the same day. (the luck I have) One was backing out of it's driveway, another (and this one was my fault) I was riding with traffic, and a car pops out of one of the roads to the side and I was going way too fast to stop, so I swerve, then alomost hit another car while turning (that wasn't my fault) and the last one was in the parking lot, I'm keeping to the sidewalk, and this lady comes out of nowhere with a freaking shopping cart, I make a sharp turn and nearly ran into this other car. But I hit the brakes and stupid me, I hit the front brakes and I fly over the handlebars, bumping into the cars bumper. *sigh*

But I'm alive, and for now on, I'm wearing a helmet on any and all bikeing/skateing/skateboarding trips. Therefore if I come to a near death expirance again, then I won't have to worry about brain damage. I now know why I'm happy, I'M HAPPY TO BE ALIVE! yeah....

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Friday, June 18, 2004

*jumps for joy* No more finals, no more homework, NO MORE WAKING UP EARLY!!! Today I woke up at 10:00 am. Had a really good night's rest. And now I'm going to a beach party tomorrow!!!

I really need the tan too. XD

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Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Someone commented that I can just get a Fluffy plushie on ebay......well guess what?

I can hardly afford my computer. And I heard Sesshy plushies are on high demand....don't ask me where I heard that...I just did.... XD

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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Maybe if I close my eyes real hard and wish for Sesshomaru plushies the rest of my life....I'll die before I realized I've gone insane...
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Sunday, June 6, 2004

Lifes going good...except for the stupid finals.... >.< Almost all of my finals are projects I have to do. And my least favorite project would have to be BIO! Grrrr....and we have to presentate it. I'm soooooo bad with presentations.....it's like my bio teacher knows this and specifically changed the finals so that we had to do a project. Cause we were suppose to have a test, but NOOOOOOO! She had to get creative....again. And the last time she got creative on me, I had to RAP about natural selection...that's right....rap. >o<

Sometimes I just want to squeeze the living daylights out of her......*evil thoughts* hehehehe....anywho, besides the three projects I'm SUPPOSE to be doing (but instead I'm right here!) life is good....*can't wait for summer break* HOW LONG SHALL THEE TORTURE ME? <-----words of a maniac....at least they ryhme...>O<

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Wednesday, June 2, 2004

I'm sooo happy right now!!! My wallpaper thingy is up and three peeps have looked at it! *squeal* Sorry if I'm overly excited...it's just that it's my first wallpaper I've had the guts to show to people....*sniffle* It's nothing much....but I'm still proud of it. Lots of collected veiws of Sesshomaru....and even a picture of him with black hair (but he's NOT human cause he still has his demonic marks and pointy ears) Also one pic with him at maybe....*thinking hard* fourteen or fifteen years old? Yep...that's about it. He sure had short hair then....XD Go look at it if you like Fluffy...hehehehe
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Monday, May 31, 2004

Hmmm....I just submitted a wallpaper...but I'm not sure I like it. It's my first COMPLETED wallpaper that I've done. A tribute to Sesshomaru. Damn I LOVE that dude! But not much to say...I was planning on making it the BG for another site of mine, but now I'm not so sure....hmmmm....

Well, enough pondering on things. The wallpaper stinks, but that's OK!! All I have is paint...you know the good old paint that comes along with the windows packgage. So there really isn't anything you can do but cut and paste, change colors, add some fonts....But that's about it. I want photoshop! All welz...

English class got interestin...my teacher started complimenting me on my writing, for once. He said that he was impressed for a freshman writer. Does that mean that he thinks that I'm better than the rest of the people in my class? Or does it mean that he thinks my work exceeds that of freshman writing? Cause it sounded either or....but if anyone likes to read any of my writings, then go to the link below

Go here-----> http://www.fictionpress.com/~tasteofrevenge

Just cut and paste the link. Or just go to www.fictionpress.com and look under my sn TasteofRevenge. I have alot more poetry than I do stories, but I encourage you to read my story Guilty. I'm very proud of it, except for the spelling errors....>o<

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

You have an angry soul! Angry Souls arent always
angry, but they cannot easily forgive and hold
grudges. You probably often get in fights with
your friends and family, and its difficult for
you to understand. When someone makes a
mistake, you dont let go easily and hold on to
those memories. Your very stubborn and your
rage is known to everyone. Though you never
actually mean it, you can say mean things in a
fight and go over board. Many people are
sometimes intimidated by your anger. But you
have many redeeming qualities and those are
that you are quite intelligent and smart. You
would make a good businesswoman or lawyer
because you know how to prove your point. You
cherish the ones around you, and appreciate
life, even though you can complain or throw a
tantrum now and then. The good things is, you
keep your emotions very outspoken, and are
normally a very happy person because all your
rage is let on the outside. Anger is simply a
state, but you, yourself as a person, are

What Kind of SOUL do you posses? (For Girls only) Incredible Anime Pictures!
brought to you by Quizilla

I am none of those things!!! It's not true I tell you! Not....TRUE!!! Well, some of it might be true....but whatever. EGADS!!! Me bored. *yawn*

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Geez...my friend came over today and I helped her with her math homework. Except that I haven't done Algerbra in like....forever....so I was haveing a hard time remember enough stuff to help her. I think I just made thigs worse. And then when she had to go, guess what I did....I left my house keys inside the house. Along with all my school books and stuff. So I then had to wait untill my mother comes back from work to be able to do my homework. In fact, I'm still waiting. I also have this project that I was planning on working this entire day,but nooooooo. I had to get locked outside of my house. And my mom doesn't come home till ten. DAMNIT!!! I probably will have to pull an all nighter. *sigh* My father says I'm too young to pull all nighters. I should wait till college. *pulls hair out*
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Saturday, May 15, 2004

   It's a good day
Believe it or not, but I'm having a good weekend. (so far) Cause I have the Samba tournment. (that's soccer) And we've won both games. MUHAHAHA!!! Hopefully my team will win this tournment. We just kept getting silver medals. We have like.....*counts on fingers* seven silver medals, and only four gold medals. GAH!! If I get one more silver medal, I'm gonna kick someone's ass!

Anywho...I am giving up on making wallpapers. I finally finished my Wolf's Rain wallpaper (It was sooooooo beautiful!!!), and I SAVED it. Then I get up to get the phone (cause it was ringing) and when I returned, my computer froze. I was soooooo glad that I had already saved it, but then when I later tried to get it back, ALL of my files on my computer were erased. Even my report for english!!!! So much for my good day. Well...this actually happened two days ago, so I guess I'm still haveing a fairly good day.

I'm also happy cause my friend made me a Shessomaru plushie!! That's right...I got a Shessy plushie!! BWAHAHAHA!!! *hugs plushie* but it kind of sucks cause she made it herself, oh well...it's the heart that counts...right? So now I'm bent on gettin this majorly cute Kibas plushie I saw on someone's xanga site. I've been searching shops windows and auctions. Alas...to no avail. GRRRRR!!! I WILL FIND YOU KIBAS PLUSHIE!!! And lay you next to my other collection of plushies!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! *cough* *choke* hehe...actions are fun...

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