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Monday, May 1, 2006

0=] guess wah guess wah guess wah???????
........i'm bored so i decided to make n change layout, keep my retro chic look on myO lol!! (who needs all high tech codes!!) n post =] i added a poem for cristal over where ice's poem was afore n yaaa.. i have no idea if i'm gonna be back so i can't really say anything except yaaa. so how was everyones weekend n everything????

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

..::Quote "500, 025, 600 minutes ( 600min. laughing, 5,000min. going CR-A-ZY, 20,000min. on the phone, 500,000,000min. and more being BEST.FRIENDS )" this quote was used on one of my e-cards =]

i'm not all that sure of using this site except for making e-cards...i've put up 3 already take a look please =] tell me whatcha think...so how are you all? i hope ur all doing good =] well...til...whenever. ally bye bye

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Friday, March 31, 2006

i was just wondering...whats worse... having someone telling you they're leaving or them disappearing without saying a thing? which would you rather do? (if u had to)

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

nothing really happened we stayed inside yesterday for lunch and everyone went crazy XD lol!! some of my friends started doing some make over show righ in the classroom LOL it was soooooo funny! =]

oh ya, my private message thingy isn't working -.- so if u send me a message i may not answer so feel free to email me @ silverdreamer342 or swtswtcrazziness, either one kay (they both are at aol but that doesn't mean u hafta have aol to email me)

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

guess who got sick? over the weekend...and still is...and is staying home... *mutters* for a week... KIDDING about the last part anyway ^-^' ya i'm sick and ya i'm staying home though. i had a fever until late yesterday and now its just coughing. (had to go to doctor too) and everything i eat or drink tastes weird -.- it suuckks... i hope u all are better than i am ...was...whatever u get my meaning okay bye!!!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

i'm adding the new layout, yup it's DN ANgel and ya i made the bg n all. the bg is hella simple though i had to fill up the space n since i'm not that good at real backgrounds i jus put in a poem lol. the poem is in Daisuke's POV kinda towards Riku. not much else to say but lataz!! I'll try commenting everyone today!

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

lol my guy friend daniel has a stalker XDDDD she comes outta no where and just walks up to our group at first i thought she was new part of the group but...she never said anything... then later i find out shes the stalker... so my friends had played a fake relationship thing with daniel and jessica...didn't work (she kept going back to our group) so my friends just told her off..i didn't want any part of it since i don't like yelling at people... unless i really hate them or sumthin

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

thanx so much for those who went and visited Kina for me =] lol well i'm not really doing anything just listening to music. exactly lol omg my math teacher was saying what is worse is have u name a kid with the first letter in their name, the same letter as the first one in their last name (confusing? kinda..lol) since my last name starts with B he thought of bertha -.- and now my friends are calling me that.... EVIL MATH TEACHER!!

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Monday, March 6, 2006

not much to say righ now figured out how to get a i-frame box up (without askin lol) but now i hafta make graphics for it long with a new lay. do me a favor though and visit my new friend White Angel Kina shes new here so please go and welcome her for me will ya? thanx a bunch =]

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

audition went well but that doesn't exactly matter right now....lol.... hernandezcristal, my lovely soul sister posted...lol...on the 21st too n i didn't know until jus now...i don't know if i posted this or not...i jus want to...because... this poem is for her... this poems for Cristal, i luv u sista fishy ^-^ i know its long but please read

If someone who was so close to you
Forgot you, would you believe it’s true?
If someone who was so close to you
Forgot you right out of the blue?
Would you think things would be the same?
Would you think this is just a part of life’s game?
If someone so close to you, who was so kind
Became so far apart from you in so little time
What would you do?
What decision would you choose?
Would you go out in the rain?
And release all the aching pain…
Or would you wait for the storm to pass
The memories don’t always last
Even though I can still remember mine
The hours we’d spend wasting time
We would always have fun
Our laughs were the sun
Shining brighter than the sky
Remembering when we said goodbye
That there would come another time
Where we would see each other again
And let the sun shine again…
Think memories are enough for you to go on?
The good times are there and gone
Just tell them before you say so long
Tell them you’re there and you always will be
Say this was one of the greatest friendships for me
Say that before they fade away
Say that before the end of the day
Say that before they disappear
Soon it’ll be too late, you hear?

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