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Friday, January 4, 2008

   I could end it tonight...
Post time: 7:04p.m. CT
Music: ¡°Hit the Floor" by Bullet for My Valentine
Mood: Content

I hope everyone had a nice X-mas and New Year! ^-^ My break went well. I¡¯ll talk about my Christmases in this post, and in the next one about my stay in Omaha. Also, you¡¯ll notice that I have a new layout! I decided to go with Cinamoroll, a Sanrio character. He¡¯s such a cute puppy! Yes, puppy, despite looking like a bunny. X3

At Grandpa¡¯s house, I mostly spent the time hanging out with AJ. I got some money from my grandparents. On Sunday night, Santa came early since we would have people staying the night the next night, and since I would be gone after X-mas. I got a pair of knee-high socks that are black with skulls on them, a husky beany baby, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Edward Scissorhands, Final Fantasy XII, Bullet for My Valentine¡¯s latest CD, ¡°The Poison,¡± some thermal sheets with penguins on them, a wooden carved statue of a chihuahua (OMFG!=D), and some other stuff I can¡¯t think of right now. XD On Monday my grandma Thompson, uncle Dean, uncle Rick, aunt Sam, and my cousins DJ, Katie, and Brooke came. Around 6:00, we all went to the big Thompson Christmas with all the cousins and great aunts and uncles. DJ and I watched I Am Legend (*cough*pirated*cough*) with our other cousins Dylan and Erica. I really liked the movie, despite what I¡¯ve heard others say...oh well, to each his own, right? I ended up getting a $15 gift card for iTunes. After everything, we went home and got to sleep. Christmas morning I woke up a little too early and attempted to help my mom with getting ready for the day. My aunt Cindy and cousins Zach and Zoe eventually came . DJ and I watched Ninja Warrior while we ate dinner and such. Grandpa Denny and Grandma Christa surprised us by showing up for lunch since they didn¡¯t have anything to do that day. I got a gift set of Japanese cherry blossom body wash, lotion, and body spray from DJ, and a big husky beany baby, a bottle of Curve: Crush (a perfume I really like), and some other things from my grandma.

So far, that¡¯s it for my Christmases. I actually have one at my grandma Myrna¡¯s house tomorrow, and Kayla, Yumi and I still have to have our¡¯s. I¡¯m sorry I haven¡¯t gotten the chance to comment on your sites, but I didn¡¯t have any computer access while in Omaha, and only now got to get on the Internet here. So, until next time, bai bai! (/^o^)/~¢¾

Sasuke (4)
...and Sasuke, because I can.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

   Tell me you love me before it's too late...
Post time: 8:56p.m. CT
Music: ¡°Teardrops on my Guitar" by Taylor Swift
Mood: Pessimistic

Well, I've had a busy week! Last Saturday I went to the mall with some friends. I got most of my Christmas shopping done since we went to the mall to see the movie. Alvin and the Chipmunks was sooooo cute! I think they did a great job with the movie! And that's coming from someone who watched the old cartoon when she was little. ^o^ I didn't really do anything else exciting Sunday. On Monday, Wendy came to visit us. She came in my 4th period class (photography) and talked about living in Japan and what she does there. She lives outside of the state of Tokyo and teaches English to elementary and sometimes high school kids, and she'salso working with a production company to make a community TV program teaching English to children. After she left to go to another class room, everybody exclaimed how amazed they were that I didn't ask any questions. A lot of the stuff she told us, I pretty much already knew, and I couldn't think of any of the questions I had come up with. Man...I was nervous and I wasn't even the one presenting anything! Though, as I was going to get into the lunch line (I'm in the Renaissance Club, so those students get to go to lunch early), Mr. Walser told me to bring my trey into his office for a "private party." I get really excited and asked if it was okay for Yumi to join us. He said it was okay, so after we got our trays we went into his office. We got settled in our seats then gave me what she had gotten for me in Japan. She said she couldn't find a live DVD for Ayabie, but she did get their latest maxi-single, Rikkaboshi. And the cool part was, the band had an in-store event in the town next to the one she lived in and there was a signed picture in the case! I nearly started crying I was so happy! (TT^TT) We listened to the CD as we ate and asked her questions. Heheheheh...she found out we were otaku, too! XD

Thursday we had our photography X-mas party, and today we got out at 2:30. Though, in the afternoon we watched movies, so all our classes were only 20 minutes long. We didn't really do much in any classes. In the morning, we gave our friends our gifts (or at least those of us who had them. xD). I got a pair of knee-high black and white striped socks and a Gir (from Invader Zim) pen from Jessie. No body else had been able to buy anything, so I didn't get much aside from that and a little flask of Sweet Pea scented spray and candy from Ms. Dreckman, my computer teacher. After lunch we went to the rooms for our specific movies. Nearly all my friends signed up for The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yumi brought in two boxes of chocolate Pocky (OMFG!!!@o@) and we sang along to all the songs. =3 The movie got over early, so we watched the old cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Then we went home. xD

Tomorrow I go to Grandpa Denny's house for my first family X-mas, and I think I might be getting some sort of gift card of Taylor Swift's CD. Yes, an American country singer...you're probably wondering if I'm feeling okay. XD Actually, I love Taylor! She's so pretty, and she has a lovely voice! (^-^) And she's a good girl, unlike half the other young female celebrities! =O In case I don¡¯t post after this, Happy Holidays~! ¢¾¢¾¢¾

Here¡¯s a Sasu/Hina (my favorite Naruto couple) fanvideo set to Taylor Swift¡¯s ¡°Teardrops on my Guitar¡± THERE MAY BE SOME SLIGHT NUDITY!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

   Everything is blue in my heart...
Post time: p.m. CT
Music: “Forever Love" by X Japan
Mood: A little sad

Ne...it's been a while, hasn't it? At least since my last post; I usually get on everyday and check sites and such. Lately, here in good ole' Iowa, it's been snowing. In fact, last Thursday was an interesting school day. Most of my class (I are a Junior) took the ASVAB test. For those who don't know, it's the aptitude test you take to enter the service. Now, I didn’t take it because I want to enter the service (I’m too wimpy to do that sort of thing. DX). I took it, as is the reason for several others, to see what I would be skilled at job-wise. It was an 8-part test, and the most difficult part for me was the Auto-mechanics and Tools section. *shudder* I suck at anything involving cars or other “manly” tools and such. I’m pretty sure I did the worst on that part. XD In a few weeks we should be getting our results back and we’ll get our results discussed to us. The main point is, that the test took up all morning, except for 5th period and lunch. Well, it had started snowing uber-much around the time we got to school (8:20-ish), so by then it was fairly thick on the ground. We went to 5th, which was P.E. for me. We played kick-ball (again... *sigh*), and during the last portion of class, Mr. Walser came over the intercom and announced we would be getting out at 1:30. So yeah...after SSR, we went to lunch, then went home. It was pretty great only having one real class that day, and even then it being Phys. Ed. XD

I’ve decided that since tomorrow is hidemas (hide's B-day), my theme until around this time next January will be hide-sama. So if you could, take some time out of your day and put hide-sama in your thoughts. I know I’ll be lighting the candles at the shrine I set up (consisting of various pink stuffed animals and decor...I feel like one of those birds that collects blue things to attract a mate...xD) and having a moment of silence for this influential man. On MySpace, Yoshiki-sama (drummer of X Japan/S.K.I.N.) has been putting up several pictures, and one of them was one of him sitting during an interview of some sort, and he has a hide-sama plushie sort of on his lap...Yumi had originally told me about it yesterday morning, and that just made me tear up, but when I went to go look at it for myself last night, I started crying. (;__;) Despite my sadness, it was a cute picture. I’m thinking about sending Yoshiki a PM with a picture of my shrine or something...I wonder what he would think about that?

These next couple of weeks are going to be busier than they have been. Aside from tomorrow being hidemas, Ethan is going to be bringing a home-made cheesecake to photography, and this weekend I might be going to go see Alvin and the Chipmunks with some of my friends. Then next week, Wendy (Mr. Walser’s sister) is visiting from Japan on Monday (Mr. Walser said they had good musical news for me, but I have to wait until next week... DX), Wednesday is my photography class X-mas party, and Friday is the last day of school until next year, and we’re watching movies. A bunch of my friends and I signed up to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, so it’ll be tons of fun. ^o^ And then it’s Christmas at Grandpa’s on Saturday, X-mas at Grandma’s on Sunday, Mom’s-side X-mas on Monday, and I spend the rest of vacation at my aunt’s house baby sitting and getting money for AnimeIowa next August. =D

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This is my hide shrine...I actually have a pink candle instead of that white one...the pink is jelly bean scented. =3

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