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Friday, December 9, 2005

That whent well last night. We had alot of complaments on the Russan Christmas. It was realy good. I'm hoping that they recorded use that night.
Well, we hae a snow day today. So, I have a three day weekend!!!! If you don't like it deal with it. I like having snow days, its just the driving in it that I hate doing. I have to work tomorrow. One of the frishman that is in the band is just starting to work there too. He's a cool guy, but he needs to think before he speacks. That is one of his down sides.
Well, I have started to draw for my last 6 weeks of art. I'll see if I cant scan them some time today. If any oe nows how to post pics. please help me!!!
See ya later.

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

I will not have any time to night to check my site. I have a band concert at 7:30 tonight. So I will have to check my site in the morning at school. One of the songs we are doing for the night is called Russen Christmas. Its 12 min. long!!!!! It's realy good. If we have a recording of it, I'll see if I can't put it on my site.
Well, now it's 8 days of school, and 18 days till Christmas!!!
See ya later!!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Tomorrow is the band concert. I hate this felling that I have about it. There seems to be too many things going wrong with the High school band. We have more drama in it then anything. We could put on a play and every one would think this is on a script, when in real life its not. We have a new band director, like the day that I left for Germany in June. He is a nice teacher, yet the band thinks they could walk all over him durring marcking season. I hate it. They need to learn that life is not fare. It's most of the senors that are putting on the show. along with both of our drum majors.
Anyways, away from the band. We have a total of 9 days of school and 18 days 'til Christmas!!!!
Well I'll check my site to night when I get home.
See ya later!!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

   Fruits Basket
If you have not read the Fruits Basket manga you should. They are realy good. There is about 11 or more books in the manga. I have read the first four so far. I am on the 5th one right now.
I hate today. For some reason, the snow is the only thing that makes me happy at this point. (Yes, I know for the past some odd post I said I hated it!!! But with a snow day in sight, I want the snow!!) We have about a total of 6 to 8 in on snow here. So if you want any, just come to MI and get you share of the snow. They were predicting more snow this week but, now they are not the positive that we will have any more snow until' next week.
Let's see here, today is the 6th so...we...have.....19 more days until' Christmas!!!!!!! The hours aand all that other good stuff... I'm not that good at keeping. So, I'm leaving it only to the days.
So, I' check my site again at home and add another post if needed.
See ya later!!

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Monday, December 5, 2005

Saterday was a great day for shopping. This has t be a world record. It only took me an hour to spend at least $100. But a go 60 was spent on myself. I could not help my self. I got my brother a christmas presant, and two of my friends something, and my mom's is being ordered. I'm hoping that it comes in before Christmas. And those of you that want to know how long until Christmas it's 20 more days!!!! For me I have 12 more days of school. O, joy. I hate this place. But the one thought that keeps coming to me is one more year. I have to do this for my brother Mike. He would kill me if I droped out now. I came this far, and I can't quit.
Anyways, got to run. I'll check my site when I get home.
See ya later!!!

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Yes I know it has been a long time scence I updated my life. But things were going wrong with the computer. So, I could not post. I got a new game yesterday. It's .hack// infected. I'm already stuck in the game. Not cool.
21 more days til christmas
See ya soon.

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Friday, December 2, 2005

I hate my job!!!! It's not the greatest job in the world, but it pays me. I wash the big riges for a local trucking com. It's family owned and opparated. So they treat you as part of the family. I like it there. But when it gets cold like it is, it's freezing cold in the wash bay. That is why I ike working in the shop. Yet, it is almost like a cartoon going on in there. My brother was the one that got me the job there a few years ago. That was to pay for my trip to Germany. Well, see ya later.
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   School 5
*Youn* Why too early in the morning for me. But I had no choces but to get up this early. I got up at 5:30 this morning. However, sceance there is lake effect snow( I HATE THE SNOW!!!) I had to leave the house at 5:50. I still got to school at 6:30. So, with it being this early in the morning, I thought of all of you first. ( Is in't that sweet!!)
Ok, no more sweet moments, I'm starting to creap me out. * Shivers* Last night was not bad on the snow factor. But this morning, GET OFF THE ROAD!!! My truck is not the greatist when it comes to winter driving. Let's see here....I think I almost crashed it ...2 or maybe 3 times. That is not fun. Roads were in poor conditions this morning. Well, got to run. Some of my friends are here. I'll add more at lunch.
See ya later.
11:04 AM
Lets see how long the internet lasts here. There is a little problem with the internet at the school. I was trying to get on some sites this morning and it would crash on me. So I was on my site the whole time. That bits. Any ways, the high school band will be playing next week Thursday at 7:30 P.M. So wish use the best of luck. I hope I don't have homework this weekend. some time I do, others I don't. Lets hope this is one of the times I don't. I need to go out shopping this weekend!!! Hopfuly the snow is not that bad tomorrow night. I'll be going up to Grand Raipeds to do my shoping. Holland is not the best place to go for shoping. (Even though they have a mall!!!)
Well got to fly.
See ya later!!

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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Well, now that Im home there is not much to say. I have to work tomorrow, so that is going to be fun. (Not!!!) I only work for two to three hours so it will not be that long. Saterday, I have to work and then go out shopping. Ya, shopping!!! I need to buy mom family some thing for christmas. Last year I could not. I had to save my money for the trip to Germany. So this year I can go all out. My brother and myself, both got my mom done. We are spliting the cost of the iteam. Now I have one of y friends to shop for, my brother m step dad, my dad, and my step mom. I have some ideas for them, but I'll just lay it by ear.
See ya soon.

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   school 4
Some of you right now might be thinking that I have no life. With writing at school durring lunch you have a point. That however, is not true. I have friends that help me in the time of need. Yet, there are the times where they can get on my bad side. That is only when it comes to my love life. Most, if not all, of my friends have been in a relashionship. Me on the other hand have not. There are some guys that I want to ask out, but I don't know. It seems crazy that a girl would ask out a guy. So I'm on the edge right now. Yet, there is the one that does not make fun of me when I tell her all of this. It realy helps me on geting all mad. Lets put it this way, you don't want to get me mad. There is no telling what I can do when when I'm mad.
So see ya later.

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