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Saturday, December 31, 2005

   100 in my gb!!!!!
Ya, thank you all for signing my gb!!! So with that I will post a new pic for all of you!!!

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Which Fruits Basket Guy Loves You? (girls only) by animegirl529
Zodiac Sign
Hair Color
Eye Color
Favorite Color
Your guy is...Yuki
Who is jealous...Akito
How you met...In your room
Why he loves you...Youíre just like him
Your relationship will last...A few years
How much he loves you...100% (Wow thatís good)
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   New Years Eve!!
Well, I think tonight I'm going to stay home and spend time with my brother. We are going to play video games all night. We have fight when ever we play. I play dirty in racing games!! Thats why he gets mad. I do have to baby sit tonight. Then Monday and Tuesday I have to work. O well, I need the money any way. I have to help with the invantory for the shop. I hope that is the only thing that has to be done there.
2006 is the year of the dog. So any of you born in 1994 this is your year to shine.
I'm some what bord and I fell like drawing. The only thing is, I have nothing to draw. So if any of you want to see how well I can draw your fav. charactor send me a pic. of it.
See ya later.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Well, at noon I have to work. Then, I have to work tomorrow. Yet to night I have to be at one of my friends to play D&D. So that is a +. Tomorrow I have to baby sit. But that is only an hour and a 1/2. So its not all bad. Then again, Sagman's are having their Christmas party tomorrow as well. Yes, I know that it is New Years eve tomorrow. But most of the family was gone for Christmas. So we had no chose but to put their Christmas on hold.
See ya soon

Heres another pic. of Vash!!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

   U.S. Army
I was at the recruting office for the army, I scored a 35 on the test. So now all I have to do is loss the wieght. I'm looking into the translating field. If not that, I'll be going into the Army band. Mom doesn't want to say any thing to go agenst it. She is all for what I want to do with my life. I'm not sure about my dad though.
See ya later.

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   Sorry for the wait
Yes, it's been a week, I know. But the only computer with internet serves was the lap top thats my aunts. So, can you feel my pain?
Anyways, Christmas was great. There was a few things that I got I will not be able to use untill I get my 4-H projects. The things that I got are this:
Show stick
show halter
horse ordiments
horse lamp
horse sil.
horse calander
wolf blanket
cd carry case
Pirates of the Carribbean sound track
Pirates of the Carribbean movie
Lord of the Rings Retern of the King sound track
Lord of the Rings Retern of the Kind exstended
CowboyBebop the Movie
Jak 3 PS2
Fullmetal Alchamist-PS2
Fullmetal Alchamist 2-PS2
Dream catcher
Wolf cross stiching
Wizard cross stiching
Harry Potter and the 1/2 blood prince

Anyways, my friends and I got together Tuesday and played D&D we had a blast. I am a 1/2 dragon. Whats the worse that can happen?? We were to met to day but some how I got sick that Tuseday night so I'm just getting over the flu. We met tomorrow to. I'm going to make that one after work.

Here's a pic. that all of use that watch Inuyasha would never happen.
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Heres some Christmas cards that I have gotten.

From moonlessdeamon

from FallingTears27

from lordsesshomaru

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Christmas with the Spirit Detectives! (Yu yu Hakusho with pictures) by Starzie
Where you all spend Christmas:
Your Christmas wish?
You:Decorate the tree with Botan and Yukina. You really have fun with it because you steal Botan's oar and use it to get the really high parts of the tree. (Not to mention you buzz unsuspecting people below! XD)
Yusuke:Tries to open his presents early, only to get chewed out by the girls present.
Hiei:Secretly plots everyone's (except Yukina's) death for dragging him into this meaningless holiday.
Kurama:Has you taste test all the wonderful goodies he's making and generally chitchatting with you while he cooks.
Kuwabara:Constantly coo's over Yukina and yabbers on about how they were meant to be. (Much to Hiei's great annoyance.)
Your very special gift:
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No more school!!!! I was just watching the Trigun serices. I love Trigun. Its one on the best animes that is out there. I did not go to the game last night. I was having way too much fun with my friend that I lost track of time. We was watching the DNAngel anime that we did not watch the clock what so ever. O well, I did not need to go anyways. It's not mandatory for me anyways.We prob. had only one tuba player show up for the game last night then. That would be the freshman tuba player. There is only two upper classman that play tuba. A senior and myself.
Well, I'll see how the fan art is working today. I'll post my art work if it is.
Right now its 4 more days till Christmas!!!!!
Heres Vash!!!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

   Pep band
I'm thinking I will not go to the game tonight. I hate basketball. Yet, I do want to see Wes that is back from Florida. But I want to spend time with one of my friends that I don't see much in school. So, I might go for a few min. and talk to him and then go home.
Last day of school!!!!!!!!!!!! So far no homework. 3 more classes to go to. Then I am some what home free.
Now there is 5 more days till Christmas!!!!!!!!
See ya later.
P.S. This is another of my art work.
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Monday, December 19, 2005

D And D
O.k, one thing that I have not told you about my self is this. I paly a role playing game calle Dongens and Dragons ( or how ever ya spell it.) Before you go on that its the divels game, its not. It's how far you want to take it. I see it as a role playing game and so does my friends that I play with. So I now what I got myself into. There is nothing to fear about that.
Well I'm sad yet happy at the same time. One of my friends brothers is back from College from Florida. Yet the person that I wanted to see home for Christmas is on the ocean in the ship. He is in the Navy and he will not be back till April. But his brother will be home from New York some time this week. His brother is in the Army. How I know this two that are in the military is that another one of my friends, the two are her brothers. So, I'll be late posting the second post. I'll be stoping over there for a few hours before the pep band. I hate doing the games. I leave right after 1/2 time.
I might be posting eather early or late on Wendsday. For Wendsday I have no school and I have to do some cooking for the buyers that bought my lambs last year. It's realy a gift from the whole 4-H but I have to get the ones that bught my lambs.
I;m running on. I must be getting on your nerves by now.
Well, see ya later.
Here is one of the picts that I have done for my art class.
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